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  • Open to all students in grades K-12 who live in St. Tammany Parish
  • Instruction is provided through an online learning platform
  • Louisiana certified teachers, counselors and administrators provide online and support
  • Curriculum aligned to Louisiana state standards
  • Students enrolled will be required to take state-mandated assessments
  • Students will be expected to follow attendance requirements and work a minimum number of hours each day/week
  • Students will be expected to remain enrolled in the STPPS Virtual School for a minimum of one semester
  • Limited extracurricular activities and clubs may be offered
  • Sports will not be offered
  • Students must withdraw from their currently enrolled school to enroll in the virtual school
  • Technology requirements include a computer or tablet and reliable internet access


  • Instruction through the STPPS Virtual School is primarily through an online learning platform which allows students to work independently. Each school day, teachers will be available for tutoring and assistance.
  • Students will work a minimum of four hours each day. This time can be spread throughout the day or spaced apart with breaks.
  • Students in grades K-5 will receive a workbook containing screen-free activities that will be completed and uploaded, so they are not working on the computer for all of their required school work.
  • Edgenuity developed in partnership with Accelerate Education is the platform for grades K-5. Edgenuity is the platform for grades 6-12. This is where the courses are located and where parents and students can also locate due dates and read class announcements.
  • View a video example of how the online learning platform works.


To view a list of course offerings, click here.

tips for virtual learning

  1. Set up an Effective Learning Environment Establish a quiet and organized place to do your schoolwork, free from distractions and equipped with good lighting and a comfortable chair. Pencils, paper, etc. should be easily accessible in your work area.
  2. Get and Stay Organized Prepare a desk calendar to highlight dates for major tests, projects, and other important dates. In addition, list teachers’ office hours for reference when help is needed.
  3. Ask for Help Online learning requires a high level of effort, commitment, and discipline. You have a built-in support system that includes your parents, teachers, administrator, and your school counselor. Depending on the question you may have, contact the appropriate person as soon as possible. Students should take advantage of teachers’ online office hours for help in a particular class and attend any review sessions that may be offered.
  4. Manage Your Time Prepare to spend at least one hour for each class you are enrolled in. Check each course for important daily and weekly announcements to identify what assignments are due and when. As you are working on your lessons, train yourself to resist looking at social media—save that for break time!
  5. Use Smart Study Skills Take notes on student guides while you are working through lessons—it's a great way to help commit the material to memory. Complete the entire assignment and get all questions answered before taking the quiz or test.
  6. Take a Break! If you find that you are not being productive, it's probably time for a short break. Get up and stretch. Read a book for 15 minutes. Go outside for a jog. Whatever it is, give yourself permission to take a short break, then come back fresh and ready to work.
  7. Have a Plan B More than likely, you will experience technical difficulties at some point. Losing your internet connection or getting a computer virus can be very frustrating. Prepare for contingencies now— ask friends or relatives if you can use their computer in case of an emergency, find a library with computers, or if you have access to a laptop, find a bookstore or coffee shop in your area that has internet access. Remember, loss of internet services is not an excused absence.
  8. Attend and Participate in Tutoring Sessions The sessions provide an opportunity to ask questions and review lessons or concepts that you might be struggling with. Be prepared with paper, pencil, etc. to take notes.
  9. Connect with Other Students There are plenty of ways for you to connect with your local and school community. Get involved with a local youth organization.
  10. Work in Every Course Every School Day Strive to complete all work on the days that your teacher has assigned. With online learning, it's really hard to catch up if you fall behind—and that can lead to failing a course. It is very important to work at least five days a week in every course.