Thinking of Becoming A Teacher?

Get a glimpse into the education profession and try out teaching
first-hand through the STAR Academy.

Reasons to Enroll in STAR Academy Courses

Explore Teaching as a Career
Get Experience in Community Schools
Earn Articulated College Credit
Earn Industry-Based Certification
Receive a Diploma Endorsement
Develop Leadership Skills
Work with Children
Learn More About Yourself
Earn Dual Enrollment College Credit (Participating Schools)

About STAR Academy

The STAR Academy provides high school juniors and/or seniors an opportunity to learn about teaching as a career through one-credit courses offered at their high school. The courses give students a glimpse into the teaching profession and provide an opportunity for hands-on experience in classrooms. Students are provided the means and guidance for self-assessment, learning about others, and diversity in the classroom. Students learn about the history and foundations of education and are given the tools to help pursue a career in education.


There are no course requirements prior to enrolling in the STAR Program. However, students applying to participate in the STAR Program must:

Be a junior or senior in high school

Have a GPA/GPR of at least 2.5 on a 4.0 scale. In the case of an applicant whose GPA closely approximates 2.5 and who meets all other requirements, a STAR Review Panel may recommend acceptance based upon consideration of the student’s application.

Submit a completed application packet, including parent/guardian approval, three teacher recommendations, and an essay explaining the reason for choosing to participate in the program


For more information, ask your guidance counselor, or contact the STAR Coordinator or School to Work Coordinator at your school.