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June, 2013


New Principal Appointed


Tchefuncte Middle School welcomes its new principal, Mitch Stubbs, on the right, who was appointed at the School Board meeting on June 13, 20013. Mr. Stubbs is pictured with Tom Heier, assistant principal, at left.



May, 2013


 Gator Award


Tchefuncte Middle School has chosen Sarah Landry as its Gator Award winner for 2013. Sarah was chosen for her positive attitude, spirit and pride in her school. Pictured is Sarah Landry and Principal Laura Norsworthy. 


Principal's Award


Tchefuncte Middle School is proud to announce the winner of the Principal's Award for 2013. The Principal's Award is given to a student who inspires the principal by exemplifying the "Fish Philosophy", which includes the expectations to "Be There", "Make Their Day", "Choose Your Attitude", and "Have Fun". This year's recipient is Jonathon Hildago. Pictured are Jonathon Hildago and Principal Laura Norsworthy.


Science Award


Tchefuncte Middle School recognizes one fourth grade student each year who excels in science. This student is awarded the Carol Meyer Science Award in memory of a fourth-grade teacher who taught kids to love and discover science. This year's winner is Vani Pandian. She is pictured with Ed Meyer and former Principal, Bill Brugmann.


DAR Good Citizenship Award


Liam Andrews, a sixth-grader at Tchefuncte Middle School, is the winner of the Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizenship Award for TMS. Liam was chosen for his positive attitude and willingness to always help others. Pictured with Liam is DAR representative, Lucinda Manint.



District Attorney Awards

Tchefuncte Middle School is proud to announce its District Attorney Award winners for each grade level. These students are chosen for their outstanding character, leadership, and service to the school and community.


4th grade: Raeden Stephens, right, and DA representative Justin Marquez


5th grade: Madison Antrainer, left, and DA representative Nick Noriea


6th grade: Logan Andrews, right, and DA representative Justin Marquez


First Mates

Tchefuncte Middle's First Mates for April are pictured below:


4th grade First Mates

Bottom row (left to right) Georgia Jones, Kristen Campbell, Gabby Gary, and Sophia Maranto; middle row (left to right) Jeremy Saacks, Sam Tullier, Troy Gonzales, Drew Woods, Kyle Hooter, and Ben MacKay; and top row (left to right) Seth Pagart, Mathieu Rodenkirch, Brayden Loyd, Will Bowman, Jayden Dorsett


5th grade First Mates

Bottom row (left to right) Ridge Berard, Isabella Reynaud, and Ella Millet;middle row (left to right) Katherine Vice, Dabney Howard, Lauren Carrington, Noelle Bordelon, Cici Cahill, and Shannon Tweedy; and top row (left to right) Gentry Spinks, Helaina Alexander, Gracie Johnson, and Alyssa Acosta.


6th grade First Mates

Bottom row (left to right) Skylar Morris, Zowie Luna, Natalie Wong, and Hunter LeBlanc; middle row (left to right) Rebecca Tracey, Chloe Harless, Nicholas Montalbano, Caroline Budd, and Nicholas Marcombe; and top row (left to right) Nathan Leggio, Evan Rowland, Mia Malik, Ella Jourdan, and Sydney Allen.


Artists in the Capitol


Tchefuncte Middle 4th and 6th grade Talented Art students exhibited their art in the May 6, 2013 Artists in the Capitol event. These talented young artists designed a youth flag for Louisiana with the theme "Art Shapes the World". Their teacher is Ms. Gladney.
The following students had their Youth Louisiana flag art at the Artist’s in the Capitol event in Baton Rouge: on the bottom row, left to right, are Alex Chelmis, Mary Paretti, Georgia Jones, Kate Dalton, and Daniel Lelorier. On the top row, left to right, are
Olivia Christopher, Megan Butler, Michelle Foto, Hayley Roberts, and John Colgan.


Continental Mathematics League Winners Proclaimed

Since November, Tchefuncte Middle School’s Gifted Math students have been utilizing their analytical reasoning capabilities by competing in the renowned Continental Mathematics League. A monthly challenge experience, designed to maximize young mathematicians’ opportunities to advance their problem solving capabilities, posed students with 30 minutes to solve six complex, higher-level problems.


They participated with other students from schools all over the United States. Manal Malik, a two-year winner, states, “CML was a great and competitive way for me to grow in critical thinking skills. It taught us ways of math and real life.” Cumulative scores were tallied and winners for the year are proclaimed: Fourth grade (seated from left), Yusuf Malik, first place; Mackenzie Harless, second place; Axel Henderson, third place. Fifth grade (kneeling from left), Erica Li, first place and a National student winner; Matthew Larson, second place; Hufsa Arain, Cooper Ferguson, and Grace Johnson, tied for third place; Sixth grade (standing from left), William Rotondo-McCord, first place; Eli Applebaum and Brianna Li, second place tie; Manal Malik, third place. Congratulations to these outstanding competitors.


Environmental Science Labs


Stephanie Rousseau’s 4th grade science class at Tchefuncte Middle School in Mandeville enjoyed two environmental science labs conducted by Clara Wilson, Environmental Science teacher at Mandeville High School. Pictured are from left, top row: Cameron Wilson, Jacques Boudreaux, Mackenzie Camp, Logan Langdon, Drew Woods, Branden Richards, Peyton Burkhalter, Emily Agnelly. Middle row: Clara Wilson, Caleb Caton, Adam Cuevas, Thomas Howell, Erin Carcabasis, Madelyn Greene, Paris Asher, Taylor Agnelly, Hannah Daussat, Chloe Asher, Gage Tybussek and Stephanie Rousseau. Bottom Row: Nadia Deroche, Jacob Klein, Alainna Roundtree, William Kenley and Serina Bezi.


Class Bike Ride


Students and parents of Bonnie Stokes's fourth grade class at Tchefuncte Middle took a class bike ride on the St. Tammany Trace. Pictured here are, from left to right, Tom Heier (assistant principal), Peter Schwartz, August Bailiey, Ashton Mouton, Craig Paretti, Caden Costa, Gabe Gros, Bonnie Stokes, Adelyn Bailey, Mary Paretti, Lindsey Carrick, Georgia Jones, Owen Verges, Jason Molaison, Alex Molaison, Raedan Stephens, and Joshua Costa.


Arts Showcase Winners

Tchefuncte Middle School recently held its annual George Durrett Arts Showcase. Winners were chosen from a wide variety of entries.

 Best in show winners were, from left to right, 4th grade - Brooks Creed; 5th grade - Umika Kuroda; and 6th grade -Sergei McKinney.

2nd place winners were (left to right) Matthew Larsen, Mary Paretti, Haley T. Roberts, and Alex Chelmis.



Bike Safety Rules

Graham Erikson from The Bike Path visits Ms. Bonnie Stokes's fourth grade class at Tchefuncte Middle School to talk about bike safety rules. The students were preparing for their bike ride on the St. Tammany Trace. Pictured are (kneeling, left to right) Caroline Masson, Georgia Jones, and Charlotte Richardson. Standing (left to right) Gabe Gros, Lindsey Carrick, Graham Erickson, Alex Molaison, Vani Pandian, Ashton Mouton, C.J. Paretti, Aidan Brown, Raedan Stephens, Peter Schwartz, Avni Jain, and Caden Costa.



April, 2013


Field Trip to the Zoo

Ms. Lisa DePoy's and Mrs. Sandra Jourdan's 6th grade classes, from Tchefuncte Middle School, recently visited  Audubon Zoo for a field trip. Animal favorites were the giraffes, the primates, and the elephants, who were all putting on a show for the students to enjoy.

Ms. Jourdan's Class

Ms. DePoy's Class


March, 2013


First Mates for March


Tchefuncte Middle School's First Mates for March are:

4th Grade: Top row (left to right): Caroline Wollfarth, Meagan Bubeck, Sidney Russell, Emma Pearson, and Sarah Hawxhurst.  Middle row -  Abby Gillis, Charlotte Richardson, Alysia Boudreaux, Cameron Juno, Patrick Rowan, and Noah Nebeker. Bottom row -Emily Agnelly and Alexa Dunlap. Not pictured is Sam Tullier.

5th Grade: Top row (left to right): Meg Wike, Lizzie Knight, Hannah Spitchley, Katelyn Allen, and Scott Capace. Middle row - Patrick Rauch, Alexa Volk, Erica Li, Sammy Jarrett, and Connor Martin. Bottom row: Reagan Bundy and Rosalie Markezich. Not pictured are Alyssa Acosta and Julianne Robertson.

6th Grade: Top row (left to right): Nolan Bell, Ben Janney, Lindsey Lorio, Cole Cantrell, and Mason Martinez. Middle row - Evan Hendry, Seth Spears, Mary Francis Elliott, Meredith Davis, Kaleb Newton, and Ben Walker. Bottom row - Emma Cook, Savannah Glavin, Gage Riggs, Zackery Bulovas, and Megan Butler. Not pictured is Nathan Leggio.



Visit to Tchefuncte

Mandeville Junior High Dance Team and Cheerleaders visited Tchefuncte Middle School to perform and give information about upcoming tryouts. Pictured are Madelyn Johnson, Stella Miller, Ms. Laura Norsworthy, TMS Principal, Kate Treuting, Madison Tripp and Kaylee Johnson. The Mandeville Jr. High dance team's faculty sponsor is Kari Hart and the cheerleader sponsor is Natalie Scalia.


February, 2013



Substitute Appreciation Day

Tchefuncte Middle School showed their appreciation for their substitutes with a free lunch from the cafeteria, goodie bags, student-made cards, and banners. Pictured are three of our wonderful substitutes with students from the classes where they were substituting. In the first picture is Carolyn Brugmann - Tchefuncte Middle's Substitute of the Year.




Museum Field Trip

Students in Karla Vicknair’s and Stephanie Rousseau’s fourth grade classes at Tchefuncte Middle School had a great time visiting the Louisiana Children’s Museum in New Orleans. The field trip was primarily funded through a field trip grant from Target. Pictured enjoying the Kid’s Café Exhibit are from left: Hannah Daussat, Mackenzie Camp, Karla Vicknair, Taylor Agnelly, Paris Asher, Chloe Asher, Madelyn Greene and Stephanie Rousseau.




Greek Costume Contest

The sixth grade at Tchefuncte Middle School held a costume contest to celebrate the culmination of their Greek mythology unit. One winner was selected from each class, then the top winners were chosen at lunchtime. Pictured left to right are 3rd place winner Corinne Batiquin; 1st place winner RJ Murphy, and a tie for second place went to Alexandra Wood and Manal Malik.



Hamlet Field Trip

The 6th grade Talented Theater students at Tchefuncte Middle recently attended "Hamlet" at Tulane University.

Pictured from left to right are Garret Johnson, Caleb McKay, Shawn Naquin, Ms. Long, Ashleigh Touchard, Trent Hernadez, Ainsely Reardon, Carlin Beal, Kate Butler, Lauren Benson, Kaleb Newton, Natailie Wong, Taylor Ice, Ashley Johnson, Colston Burkett, Hamlet, Gabe Rhinehart, Emma Mitchell, Trevor Miller, Bailey Smoorenburg, Hayley Roberts, Analene McCullough, Ella Jourdan, and Elsa Dunlap.



First Mates

Tchefuncte Middle School selected its First Mates for January
based on their excellent behavior.

Fourth Grade: Kneeling (left to right): Hannah Serigne, Sarah-Jules Rooney, and Geoffrey Mast-Belco. Middle row: Caroline Aertker, Hannah Dausset, Logan Thibodeaux, Peter Schwartz, and Amelie Ehrhardt. Top row: Chase Bermudez, Hunter Degionni, Rex Kilpatrick, Jessica Burrel, and Caroline Ybos.

Fifth Grade: Kneeling (left to right): Katelyn Bouey, Lindsey Benson, and Skylar Salem.                   Middle row: Angel Hernandez, Ethan Hedgepeth, Alex Baker, Grace Newman, and Tori McPherson. Top row: Nina Colegrove, Natella McKinney, Isabella Hebert, Skylar Theriot, and Tela Fowler. Absent: Katy Guidry, Erick Ponthieux

Sixth Grade: Kneeling (left to right): Jack Riedel, Jenna Stiles, Carlin Beal, Jack Schwartz, and Lewis Heston. Middle row: Zackery Bulovas, Valentino Stogner, Peyton Burke, Braeden Townsend, R.J. Murphy, Katherine Unkauf, and Tyler Smith. Top row: Charles Quinn, Davis Holt, Caleigh Marek, Maggie Rosser, and Zack Farr. Absent: Jillian Woods


January, 2013


Learning about Ports

Stephanie Rousseau’s fourth grade class at Tchefuncte Middle School enjoyed learning about world trade and ports. Deborah Keller, Chief Engineer at the Port of New Orleans, gave a presentation on the Port of New Orleans and how vital ports are for global trade and the economy.



French Club Guest Readers

Tchefuncte Middle School hosted The Mandeville Junior High French Club as December's Star Reader. Each month guests are invited to the TMS library to share their unique talents, jobs, or hobbies. The MJH French Club performed a French play and sang carols. Pictured are (back row) Mia Malik, Charlotte Butler, Anne Blundell, Julia James, Gabe Ellis, Seth Spears, Kayley Van Halen, and Kate Butler. On the front row are Elizabeth Flauss, Carlin Beal, Sydney Tardy, and Isabel Baird.


Student of the Year

5th grader Emily Sherman was chosen as Tchefuncte Middle School's Student of the Year. She was chosen based on her outstanding academic record, leadership skills, and involvement in her school and community. Emily is pictured with her parents, Julie and Larry Sherman.


SGA Officers

S.G.A. officers for the 2012-13 school year at Tchefuncte Middle School are
(kneeling) President Jack Bidleman and Vice President Olivia Christopher. Standing are Yusuf Malik, Parliamentarian; Meghan Drane, Historian; Hannah Bordelon, Recording Secretary; and Jordan Williams, Corresponding Secretary.


December, 2012



First Mates

Tchefuncte Middle School's First Mates for December are pictured below.

4th Grade: Bottom row left to right: Mason Friend, Gavin Saacks, and Hannah Thomas; Middle row- Emily Padilla, Brendan Bertucci, Madelyn Green, Meghan King, Celeste Allen, and Mauricio Bautista, and top row- Collin Nelson, Paul Bennett, Claire Dunbar, Mary Paretti, Emily Sacks, and Christian Ross. Not pictured is Annabelle Calvanese

5th Grade: On the bottom row are Cooper Ferguson, Lily Ober, and Luke Acosta. Middle row -Parker Simpson, Victoria Jurenka, Isabella Ragusa, Kaitlynn Margavio, and Ebisha Lawrance. Top row - Callie Freshley, Jacqueline Butcher, Sarah Marino, Baleigh Hollowell, amd Tedie Cahill. Not pictured is Dylan Dimitrois.

6th Grade: Bottom row - Yna Ibong, Lauren Benson, Manal Malik, Jack Schwartz, and Connor Walmsley. Middle row - Cole Cantrell, George Smith, Olivia Sacks, Kate Butler, Elaina Hulin, and Rachel Fontan. Top row - Jeremy Gougneau, Jake Laws, Maleah Haley, Christian Rossi, and Brandon Janes. Not pictured is Ellen Breaux.





Go Green

Tchefuncte Middle School's Gators Go Green team representatives are Brooks Creed, Olivia Christopher, and Gus Kitchens. These students work with the S.G.A. representatives to promote recycling around campus.


Treasure Island

The After School Drama Club of Tchefuncte Middle School recently performed "Treasure Island" for students, family, and friends. The group was led by Mrs. Meredith Long and Mrs. Joanna Roy. Pictured is the entire cast of "Treasure Island".



Train of Hope

The SGA at Tchefuncte Middle School, led by Mrs. Darla Foley, collected toys for the "Train of Hope", which will deliver toys to children who were affected by Hurricane Sandy. Pictured are some of the "elves" from the SGA displaying a few of the toys that were collected. On the bottom row, left to right, are Charlotte Butler and Daisy Maher. On the middle row are Sam Englehart, Maddie Dejean, and Haley Lonegrass. On the top row are Jack Bidleman and Dylan Hooter.



Immigration Study

Students in two fourth grade classes at Tchefuncte Middle School were recently treated to a visit by Brigitta Malm, a German immigrant. Her remarks supplemented a unit study on immigration by Mrs. Peacock and Mrs. Granier's reading students. Mrs. Malm shared her accounts about moving to the New Orleans area, learning a new language, and experiencing local culture and customs. Pictured left to right are Mathieu Rodenkirch, Chloe McGuckin, Brigitta Malm (speaker), Taylor Dunbar, Kati Robertson, Georgia Grover, and Gabe Hunt.


Egyptian Theme Poetry

Mrs. Carolyn Carney’s sixth graders at Tchefuncte Middle School recently displayed their excellent poetry and artistic skills with an Egyptian theme. Pictured are (Front Row) Zach Whitley, Aubri Miller, Barrett Champagne, Jackson Tournillon, Jenna Stiles, Ellen Breaux, Hunter LeBlanc, and Trevor Achee; and (Back Row) Melissa Desroche, Breanna Allison, Jonathan Bertucci, Joey McGraw, Jack Mashburn, Jacob Morgan, Trent Hernandez, and Ella Jourdan.



November, 2012


Art Exhibit Awards

Tchefuncte Middle talented art students taught by Gay Gladney received awards at the 3-Rivers Student Art Exhibit in Covington. From left to right are Lizzie Taylor, 5th grade; Gavin Bardwell, 4th grade, Alex Chelmis, 4th grade, and Georgia Jones, 4th grade.



First Mates

First Mates were chosen at Tchefuncte Middle School for November for their outstanding character and behavior.

Fourth Grade: Front row (left to right): Garrett Heston, Haley Lonegrass, and C. J. Paretti. Middle row: Kaitlyn Corales, Lily Carlson, Keliah Kline, Crawford Stewart, and Brandon Fowler. Top row: Jackson Rousseau, Gage Tybussek, Chris Brossette, Nicholas Reardon, Chloe McGuckin and Brendan Williams

Fifth Grade: Front row: Joseph Jones, Olivia Russell, Garrett Gros, Evan Lombas, Hunter Burke, and Brian Miner. Middle row: Cole Geigerman, Emily Pinson, Maggie Babin, Umika Kuroda, Jeremiah Duhe, and Alex Vanhalen. Top row: Damin Strydom, Katelyn Allen, Emily Sherman, Alexis Pike, and Ryan Martinez

Sixth Grade: Front row: Nathan Fossier, Nathan Montalbano, and Louis Butler. Middle row: Blake Gonzales, Ben Bonner, Haley T. Roberts, Ashlie Byrnes, and Caroline Parauka. Top row: Abby Sisung, Joey McGraw, William Rotondo-McCord, Charles Murphy, Dylan Hooter, and Autumn Speshock. Absent: Connor Walmsley


Mapping Key Locations

Kristen Campbell, Meghan Drane, Charles Dalton, Garrett Lauterbach, Geoffrey Mast-Belko, and Austin Peak in Mrs. Michele Cassidy's 4th grade  class at Tchefunte Middle School enjoyed a visit from Mr. Collin Makasom of the Red Ball Express at the National WWII Museum. Students used map and decoding skills to identify important locations around the globe during World War II with a 6 foot inflatable globe, pictures from the sites, and Morse Code.




October, 2012


First Mates

Tchefuncte Middle School's First Mates for October were chosen for their outstanding behavior and good citizenship qualities.

Fourth grade: Front row left to right: Garett Valley, Nick Barreto, Carter Raymond, and Payton Burkhalter. Middle row: Gabe Hunt, William Bules, Akasha Watts, Braeden Sullivan, Rachel Rosser, and Brandon Fowler. Back row: Katie Colgan, Vani Pandian, Jack Autin, Jacob Ehrlicher, and Connor Murphy. Not pictured: Anthony Uli

Fifth grade: Front row, left to right, Tyler James, and Harrison Gerber. Middle row: Julia Lombardo, Jadine Ehlert, Lauren Carrington, Tyler Pierce, and Charlie Crutcher. Back row: Andrew Baynham, Shane Kenny, Hannah Bordelon, Easton Baird, and Sam Rosenau .

Sixth grade: Front row, left to right: Tyler Smith, Nina Brown, Allison Matherne, Sara Adams, Barrett Champagne, and Kumar  Patel. Middle row: Jack Bidleman, Carson Andries, Trey Dorsett, Haley Roberts, Essence Dykes, Liam Andrews, and Mason Bray. Back row: Camille Villanueva, Henri Blanchat, Lucas Colegrove, Ainsley Reardon, and Ellie Dunlap.





District Honor Choir Auditions

Fifth and sixth grade chorus students in St. Tammany Parish auditioned for the District IX Elementary Honor Choir on Saturday, October 20th at FJHS. Students chosen will perform at Ponchatoula High School in January, 2013. Tchefuncte Middle School will be represented by Hope Cassady (6), Caleigh Marek (6), Charlotte Butler (6), Grace Johnson (5), and Chloe Harless (6). Mrs. Claydene Glynn, chorus teacher, will work with these students to prepare for the January performance. Pictured from left to right: Claydene Glynn, Hope Cassady, Caleigh Marek, Charlotte Butler, Grace Johnson, and Chloe Harless


Fall Stations

Sandra Jourdan's 6th grade class at Tchefuncte Middle School had Fall workstations on October 31st. The students are seen predicting, measuring, and weighing pumpkins. They also decorated pumpkins for "Harvest Pets". The stations focused on Fall activities that tied into the curriculum.

Pictured measuring pumpkins are (from left) Brian Perret, Yna Ibong, and Allie Hood.

Pictured holding "harvest pets" are (from left) Alexandra Wood, Lydia Smith, Ashton French, Braeden Townsend, Logan Andrews, and Austyn Crawford.



Swimmer Winner

Katherine UnKauf, a student at Tchefuncte Middle School, recently competed at the regional meet for Special Olympics in Lafayette where she won gold in freestyle, butterfly, and freestyle relay, and silver in backstroke. She swims with JoJo's Hope, a swim program for individuals with disabilites. She is also a member of USA Swimming. Pictured with Katherine is her coach, Joan Rizzuto.



Pink Ribbons

Tchefuncte Middle School's Student Government Association worked to raise Breast Cancer Awareness on campus by placing pink ribbons at all the classroom doors and entrances. Pictured are Julia Lombardo and Cameron Doyle.



Gator Gathering

The 2012-2013 Pep Club at Tchefuncte Middle School had a successful first performance at the Gator Gathering on October 11th. The new pom-poms were a hit! Members this year include Hailey Bankosh, Kate Bearden, Lauren Benson, Jerianne Busby, Hope Cassady, Seleny Chelmis, Olivia Christopher, Emma Cook, Meredith Davis, Ellie Dunlap, Essence Dykes, Molly Ehrhardt, Reagan Fogarty, Nicole Frechou, Anna Hannan, Chloe Harless, Kelsey Higdon, Sarah Landry, Blair Lipps, Zowie Luna, Mia Malik, Kailyn McWilliams, Emma Mitchell, Lydia Orozco, Maddie Reese, Emily Richardson, Hayley Roberts, Alexa Rouquette, Olivia Sacks, Heather Scott, Abby Sisung, Addy Sollberger, Autumn Speshock, Jenna Stiles, Kyla Stillman, Kaylee Taylor, Rebecca Tracey, Georgia Ward, and Nicole Welch.



Social Studies Project

Stephanie Rousseau's fourth-grade class studied various types of landforms and water features as part of the Social Studies curriculum at Tchefuncte Middle School in Mandeville. Students selected which type of project they wanted to create to demonstrate their knowledge and participated in a project walk to learn from their classmates' projects.



Walk-A-Thon Fashions

Tchefuncte Middle School students in Mrs. Sandra Jourdan's 6th grade class put on a fashion show during lunch to model all of Tchefuncte's past Walk-a-Thon t-shirts. The purpose was to promote the Walk-a-Thon, which will be held Saturday, Oct. 20th at Mandeville High School.  Everyone is welcome to come out for a good time.

Pictured on bottom row left to right: Tyler Smith, Braeden Townsend, James O’linde, and Ashtyn French. Middle row: Allie Hood, Susan Riche, Zach Dugas, Logan Andrews, Ben Bonner, Brian Perret, Sandra Jourdan, and Sara Adams. Back row: Ian Harris, Austyn Crawford, Alexandra Wood, Kaleb Newton, and Keith Bagent.



Code of Hammurabi

The Code of Hammurabi came alive in Mrs. Carolyn Carney's sixth grade Social Studies classes at Tchefuncte Middle School. Students rewrote and performed a play entitled "The Code of Hammurabi," which showed the creation and implementation of the Babylonian code in Mesopotamia.

Front row (left to right): Justin Trammell, Analene McCullough, Jacob Lauterbach, Megan Butler, Sydney Allen, and Geoffrey Angelle. Back row (left to right): Rory Tiller, Savannah Cutliff, Stephen Millet, Caleigh Marek, Ian Varney, William Rotondo-McCord, Eli Applebaum, Jack Schwartz, William Tusa, Brianna Li, Martha Clark, and Lucas Colegrove.



September, 2012



First Mates Chosen

Tchefuncte Middle School's September "First Mates" have been chosen for their outstanding leadership characteristics. They are leading the way in "Sailing for Success at TMS".

4th grade: Bottom row left to right: Morgan Miller, Ava Yoli, Yusuf Malik, and Thomas Howell. Middle row left to right: A'rianna Buckhanan, Lauren Amberge, Meghan Drane, Raedan Stephens, and Cameron Chauvin. Top row left to right: Hannah Alexander, Anthony Uli, Nich Traylor, Cameron Pike, Georgia Grover, and Grace Hitchcock.

5th grade: Bottom row left to right: Abigail Bouza, and Elena Endriss. Middle row left to right: Isabella Kerth, Caroline Bonner, Mary Beth Viener, Andrew Williams, and Christian Faler . Top row left to right: Olivia Buise, Carson Wollfarth, Virginia Patterson, Sadie Gomez, and Angelina Chauvin. Not pictured: Grace Billingsley, Nicolas Cooper

6th grade: Bottom row left to right: Jonathon Hidalgo, Mason McNeely, Ashleigh Touchard, Martha Clark, and Jourdan Pierce. Middle row left to right: Logan Andrews, Trevor Achee, Beau Neelis, Joshua Hasselbeck, Evan Johnson, Luke Smithson, and Jonnie Tinker. Bottom row left to right: Katie Burgan, Timothy Gomes, Jack Weese, Olivia Christopher, and Drew Thompson. Not pictured: Ian Harris and Jack Weese




Money Lesson

Ms. Shannon Serigne, a banker with Iberia Bank, visited the Tchefuncte Middle School 4th grade classroom of Mrs. Heidi Rhea, to teach a lesson about money to coincide with their current lessons in math. Students from left to right are Grace Hitchcock, Gavin Faure, Shana Clark, Hannah Serigne, Garrett Heston, Sarah Hawxhurst, Aubrey Blake, Emma Mier, and Sarah Kate Hendry.



Builders Club

Builders Club at Tchefuncte Middle School has started up again! Last week we had our first meeting to elect officers. Our 2012-2013 Builders Club officers are Ella Jourdan as president, Brett Scelfo as vice president, Kate Butler as second vice president, Grace Lagalante as reporting secretary, and Manal Malik as treasurer. On September 15th we had our first big event, “Keep Mandeville Beautiful” clean up. The clean up was a huge success! We cleaned up from Mandeville High School to Sonic. We have many more fun filled events coming up throughout the year, and it’s going to be another great Builders Club year!

Pictured in KMB group are left to right (bottom row) Justin Trammell, Dylan Hooter, Ashleigh Touchard, and Lauren Benson. On the Top row left to right are Mrs. Tiffany Hewson (advisor), Brent Scelfo, Lucy Edwards,Caroline Budd, Mason Martinez, Michelle Foto, Bailey Smoorenburg, Isaac Kusiw, and Beau Neelis.

Pictured officers left to right are Ella Jourdan, Kate Butler, Mana Malik, Grace Lagalante and Brent Scelfo (kneeling in front).


A New Beginning

Students at Tchefuncte Middle School celebrated the beginning of a new school year at the Social held for the 6th grade class.

Pictured from left to right are Mary Frances Elliott, Rachel Fontan, and Ashleigh Touchard.



Measuring Volumes

 Students in Mrs. Michelle Lavergne's 6th grade class at Tchefuncte Middle School experimented with measuring  the volume of irregular objects. Pictured clockwise from the left are Tara Cousin, Nicholas Cullen, Dash Collier, Mrs. Lavergne, and Jackson Rhodes.



Setting Sail at Open House

Brandon Janes, a 6th grader in Lisa DePoy's class, and his mother, Jennifer Janes, attended Open House at Tchefuncte Middle School to "Set Sail" for a successful year.


August, 2012

Setting Sail for Success

Tchefuncte Middle School teachers get ready to "Set Sail for Success" at their retreat held July 24th at the Pontchartrain Yacht Club.

Pictured bottom row left to right: Elizabeth Sullivan, Ellen Gonzales, Mimi Marino, and Stephanie Long.  Top row left to right: Tara Conner, Ashleigh Dietrich, Joanna Roy, and Jan Mistich.





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