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May, 2012




Gator Award

Gianni Toce, a sixth grade student at Tchefuncte Middle School, is the winner of the TMS Gator Award. This award is presented each year to a student who displays a positive attitude in every aspect of his/her life. Pictured with Gianni is Assistant Principal, Tom Heier.


Principal's Award

Tchefuncte Middle School is proud to present the Principal's Award to Savannah Needham for displaying excellent leadership qualities and serving as a role model throughout her years at TMS. Pictured with Savannah is Assistant Principal, Tom Heier.




Science Award

The Tchefuncte Middle School Carol Meyer Award was awarded to Scott Sonnier, a 4th grader at Tchefuncte Middle School. Scott was selected for this award because of his accomplishments and avid interest in science. Pictured from left to right is: Bill Brugmann, former principal at TMS, Scott Sonnier, and Ed Meyer.



Art Award

Sydney Walker was the recipient of the George Durrett Art Award at Tchefuncte Middle School. She was chosen for this award for her talent and dedication to art. Pictured with Sydney is Talented Art Teacher, Gay Gladney.


DAR Award

Savannah Needham is the winner of the Daughters of the American Revolution Award for Tchefuncte Middle School. She was selected based on her leadership roles and involvement in her school and community. Presenting the award to Savannah is Lucinda Manint, a member of the DAR.


Reader's Circle Meets

Tchefuncte Middle School students and their parents in Gina Loomis’s Reading classes met for the annual Readers’ Circle Book Club. Discussion topics included identifying the conflict, author’s purpose, and point of view. Additionally, students noted examples of flashback, foreshadowing, and character development. Pictured left to right are Caroline Langdon, Porter Langdon, John Landry, Charlotte Landry, Anna Landry, Alexis Campbell, Catherine Campbell, Jud Dodick, Anissa Dodick, Noah Saacks, Beth Saacks.


Continental Mathematics League Wizards Proclaimed

Since November, the mathematicians at Tchefuncte Middle School have been demonstrating their brain power by solving word problems as quickly as they can. Why? The students participated in the 2011-12 Continental Mathematics League, an international and well-renowned math contest that challenges students to utilize their analytical and math reasoning skills. The goal is to promote problem solving skills. Each meet held once a month, students are posed with six higher-level thinking mathematical word problems in which they have 30 minutes to solve. There is a total of five meets, culminating in the spring when students with the highest cumulative scores are proclaimed the school winners.

Tchefuncte Middle student winners in the 2011-12 Continental Mathematics League are (sitting from left): Jeff Deng, first place fourth grade; Matthew Larson, second place fourth grade; Molly Levert and Parker Simpson, tied for third place fourth grade; (middle row from left): Ella Jourdan and JacksonTournillo, tied for first place fifth grade; Jackson Tweedel, Stephen Millet, and Ainsley Reardon, tied for second; Brianna Li, third place fifth grade; (standing) Anna Landry, first place sixth grade; Grace Dragna, Sean Colin Moser, Sydney Walker, tied for second place 6th grade; Erik Thompson, third place 6th grade.



4-H Achievement

Savannah Needham, a 6th grader and president of the 4H Club at Tchefuncte Middle School, displays the awards she won at  the 4H Achievement Day in Folsom.




Best in Show

At the George Durrett Arts Showcase at Tchefuncte Middle School Sam Brooks, a 6th  grader, won best in show. Sam is a student in Mrs. Gay Gladney's art class. She is pictured with Madeline Gill, a 4th grade teacher who organized the show.



April, 2012


April Golden Gators

Tchefuncte Middle School proudly announces its April Golden Gators.

4th Grade: Bottom row (left to right) Carissa Heston, Ella Millet, and Evan Lombas. Middle row (left to right) Cici Cahill, Jacob Satterlee, Andrew Williams, Victoria Jurenka, and Vivian Bloodworth. Top row (left to right) Denae Crawford, Michael Murzi, Nicolas Cooper, Julia Lombardo, and Cole Bailey

5th Grade: Bottom row (left to right) Jessica Capes, Zackery Bulovas, Ashlie Byrnes, and Zachary Judson. Middle row (left to right) Luke Smithson, Lauren Taylor, Brianna Li, Camille Villanueva, and Beau Taranto. Top row (left to right) Nicole Welch, Nicole Frechou, Emma Mitchell, Mason Martinez, Tino Stogner, and Justin Bonnet. Not pictured: Derek Allen

6th Grade: Bottom row (left to right) Nathaniel Frosch, Tyler Loop, Laura Nunez, and Ethan Morales. Middle row (left to right) Abigal Boeneman, Claire Davis, Ali Leblanc, Jack Nunez, and Amelia Taranto. Top row (left to right) Dustin Robinson, Jonathan Walker, Matthew Hurst, Dominic Rowan, and Dominic Ducre. Not pictured: Hanzala Hussain, Greta Booth



State Social Studies Fair

Tchefuncte Middle School recently sent seven students to the State Social Studies Fair in Lake Charles, LA. Pictured is Matthew Larsen, a fourth grader in Mrs. Bonnie Stokes' class, who won 2nd place for his project on Origami.


National Geographic Bee

William Dunford, a sixth-grader at Tchefuncte Middle School, competed as a Louisiana finalist in the National Geographic Bee on March 30.  Approximately 100 students throughout Louisiana qualified as finalists, and all competed on March 30 for the opportunity to represent our state in the National Geographic Bee, held in Washington, D.C.  This was William's second time as a Louisiana finalist.  The students and staff of Tchefuncte Middle School are extremely proud of his accomplishments.  

Global Wildlife

Mrs. Tiffany Hewson and Mrs. Donna Kastava's ELA and Science classes from TMS attended a field trip to Global Wildlife on March 28th. The children had a great opportunity to reflect on their "up close and personal" visits with several types of animals. Pictured is Gianni Toce.


March, 2012

Woodworker Project

Students in Tchefuncte Middle School's Woodshop Community Ed class, led by Mrs. Michele Margavio and a local woodworker, completed their very own gumball machine as their final semester project. 

Featured from left to right are Jeremy Gougneau, Ben Walker, Zachary Lebreiro, and Matthew Deason.



Golden Gators

4th grade: Top (left to right) Kinsley Poole, Hannah Spitchley, Kennedi Darr, Sarah Marino, Jessica Foster, and Charlie Crutcher. Bottom: Ashanti Collins, Taylor Gauley, Tela Fowler, Jack Harvey, Jackson Bein, and Brian Miner. Not pictured: Emily Smith

5th grade: Top: Jeremy Gougneau, Tyler Smith, Evan Hendry, Ainsley Reardon, Dylan Hooter, and Reagan Fogarty. Middle: Ian Harris, Megan Butler, Nathan Fossier, Kelsey Higdon, Braeden Bertucci, and Lauren Benson. Bottom: Thomas Calongne, Jonathan Bertuccci, and Rodney Keys. Not pictured: Mary Claire Diamond and Jack Juul.

6th grade: Top: Mattie Napier, Ensley Nunes, Courtney Teas, Attallah Harper, and Ryan Stephens. Middle: Chloe Stowe, Lili Hansen, Allyson alexander, Henrik Laedre, Antonio Cacho, and Sal Orlando. Bottom: William Dunford, Charlie Mazzetti, Matthew Yeung, and Richard Deidrich. Not pictured: Ross Wild


Social Studies Fair

Pictured above are the 1st place winners of Tchefuncte Middle School's Social Studies Fair. They went to the Regional Social Studies Fair on March 7th, where several won further awards. Third place winners at the Regional Fair were Misha Pettigrew, William Tusa, and Olivia Christopher. Second place winners were Manal Malik, Caleb McKay, and Ellen Breaux. First place winners were Hanzala Hussain, Catherine Rockwell, Andrew Ward, Matthew Larsen, Lucas Lawlor, and Christina Braun. Lucas Lawlor also received Grand Prize Runner Up, and Christina Braun received Grand Prize. Identified left to right are (Back row) Kayla Martinez, Carsyn Poole, Carrie Beth Lloyd, Paul Autin, Grace Dragna, Ella Jourdan, and William Tusa. (Middle row) Christina Braun, Catherine Rockwell, Olivia Christopher, Manal Malik, and Misha Pettigrew. (Bottom row) Hanzala Hussain, Ellen Breaux, Elena Endriss, Caleb McKay, and Andrew Ward.


February, 2012


Jerseys for Jeremy

Golden Gators

Tchefuncte Middle Schoool is proud of their February Golden Gators
chosen from each class.

4th Grade
Top(left to right): Andrew Baynham, Jada Wall, Katelyn Boeneman, and Tedie Cahill. Middle(left to right): Jessica Hile, Scotty Sonnier, Grant Wood, Dante Moley, and Jonah Carcabasis. Bottom(left to right): Alexander Babineaux and Isabel Esquerre. Not pictured is Maggie Babin.

5th Grade
Top(left to right): Ellie Dunlap, Jack Juul, Ella Jourdan, Lucas Colegrove, and Nicholas Vitale. Middle (left to right): Cole Cantrell, Yna Ibong, Alexis Russell, Bryce Russell, Charlotte Butler, Sarah Landry, and Brooke Andonie. Bottom (left to right): Jarett Eckel, Antione Blanchat, Jenna Stiles, Sidney Hooper, and Ashley Sidaway.

6th Grade
Top(left to right): John Landry, Joshua Bryson, Ryan Cook, Parker Edwards, and Ann Byerley. Middle (left to right): Matthew Hurst, Samantha Borgstede, Jordan Edney, Sabyn Hazlett, Kayla Martinez, and Haley Ross. Bottom (left to right): Carlton Stewart, Chris Dalton, Taylor Tate, Stone Dillon, and Christina Kirby. Not pictured is Dean Sanzone and Lauren Fayard.


Animal Adaptations

Students from Mrs. Madeline Gill and Ms.  Bonnie Stokes's 4th grade classes at Tchefuncte Middle School are not monkeying around.  Michelle  Weedman, a guest speaker from the Tulane Primate Center talked to the students about animal adaptations.  Pictured with her from left to right are Ethan Tardy, Nina Colegrove, Cooper Ferguson, presenter Michelle Weedman, Ella Kutner, Cole Bailey, and Hufsa Arain. 


Skyscrapers Constructed

Students in Mrs. Rhonda Estes' class designed and constructed freestanding skyscrapers using newspaper tape and string, then tested the strength of their structure against weight and wind. Pictured from left to right are Isabella Herbert, Victoria Jurenka, Kaitlynn Margavio, and Isabella Kerth.



January, 2012


New Playground


Tchefuncte Middle School has a new shade structure and new equipment on its playground thanks to the effort of its PTA. The dedication and ribbon cutting of Allie Gator’s Pavilion and Playground was held Tuesday, January 31, 2012. Mrs. Laura Norsworthy, Principal of TMS, gave a speech at the ribbon cutting ceremony. Mayor Donald Villere, Mr. Trey Folse, the Superintendent of St. Tammany Parish Schools, and other special guests attended. Savanah Needham, S.G.A. President, cut the ribbon at the dedication. Pictured from left to right are Michaelle Scelfo, PTA President, Cheryl Arabie, Assistant Superintendent, Mayor Donald Villere, Savannah Needham, Laura Norsworthy, Trey Folse, and Tom Heier, Assistant Principal.


The ribbon was cut for the new playground on January 31, with special guests Superintendent Folse, Mayor Don Villere, and Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction Cheryl Arabie. For more photos of the event, click here.

For an audio MP3 file of Principal Norsworthy's comments
at the ceremony program, click here.

Manny Quinn

Students in Ms. Bonnie Stokes' class at Tchefuncte Middle School have been working with oragami all year, but when they began the TMS paper recycling program, they began building a bigger project.  This is their new student: Manny Quinn.  Manny's peers (pictured from left to right) are Matthew Larsen, Mason Bray, Drew Putfark, and Umika Kuroda.


Fractions Connect

The students in Mrs.Michele Margavio's sixth grade class at Tchefuncte Middle School connect what they learned about fractions with a Kinex work station. After designing and building their structures, students shared the fractional components and equations with the class. Pictured from left to right are Matthew Adams and Caleb Pipes.



December, 2011

Golden Gators

Tchefuncte Middle School chose its "Golden Gators" for the month of December. These students are chosen for being exemplary role models  and their outstanding character.

4th grade: Top row (left to right) Nina Colegrove, Precious Amiewalan,
Olivia Minkin, Isabella Hebert, and Dylan Dimitrois. Middle row (left to right) Parker Simpson, Aja Cousin, Natella McKinney, Jacqueline Butcher, Kay Gruntz, and Coco Olinde. Bottom row (left to right) Sean Noel and Tyler Pierce.

5th grade: Top row (left to right) Josh Ball, Allison Matherne, Jonathon Hidalgo, Kaleb Newton, and Noah Baek. Middle row (left to right) Emma Cook, Sydney Allen, Juliet Winters, Charlotte Butler, and Logan Cundiff. Bottom row (left to right) Ashleigh Touchard and Ellen Breaux. Not pictured are Elaina Hulin, Jourdon Pierce, Alex Hake

6th grade: Top row (left to right) Ian Westenberger, Grace Cassie, Jaz'mine Green, Cordelia Dotson, Chris Jambois, and Trey Fanguy. Middle row (left to right) Margaret Price, Lily Livaudais, Matthew Marion, Eureka Johnson, and Carsyn Poole. Bottom row (left to right) Bradley Bouton, Matthew Adams, John Goss, and Gianni Toce. Not pictured are Tre-Vell Hills and Noah Custer.


Gifts for Hospital

In lieu of exchanging gifts this year, Mrs. Karla Vicknair's and Mrs. Tammy Jennings's 5th grade classes at Tchefuncte Middle School brought in gifts for the children of St. Jude's Hospital in Tennessee. It was a great way to show the true spirit of Christmas. A special thanks to the Pack and Ship on Hwy 59 for mailing the items as their donation.

Kneeling are Hayley T. Roberts, Caroline Parauka, Jack Bidleman, Carlin Beal, Natalie Wong, Billy Kirk, Jarret Eckel, and Chloe Harless. Standing are Maggie Rosser, Mia Malik, Jordon Pierce, Joshua Couture, Maleah Hayley, Mason Martinez, Blair Lipps, and Autumn Speshock.


Star Reader Shares

Each month, Mrs. Theresa Currie, the Librarian at Tchefuncte Middle School, invites a "STAR READER" to share their talent or profession with students, during their recesses. In December, Mrs. Nicole Smith, from Young Chef’s Academy, taught students how to dip white chocolate pretzels and decorate them for the holidays.  It was a delicious lesson. Pictured are Nicole Smith, Theresa Currie, and library para professional Chris Casale.


Heart Rates

Science Lab teacher Rhonda Estes jumps right into lessons on the heart with her students at Tchefuncte Middle School. The students are learning how to calculate their heart rates after jumping and at rest. Pictured with Mrs. Estes are fifth graders Trevor Miller, Andrew Brister and George Smith.



November, 2011


Video Games Collected

Tchefuncte Middle School’s 4H held a video game drive for troops overseas. They collected 152 video games, 6 Nintendo DS handhelds, 1 Playstation, and 3 controllers. By donating, students were entered into a drawing for a $50 GameStop gift card, which was won by Ryan Rumsey. Pictured here are 4H President, Savannah Needham, and Vice-President, and Sarah Hooper.


AR Awards

Students in Mrs. Michele Cassidy’s 6 th Grade Class at Tchefuncte Middle School are shown with their award certificate for highest points earned by a class in Accelerated Reading for the 1 st nine weeks of the 2011-2012 school year. The class earned a total of 767 points. Holding the certificate is William Dunford. William earned 135 points, making him the highest scorer in the class. Front Row: Kylie Ferguson, Alexa Campbell, Jack Nunez, Brooke Robicheaux, Sydney Walker, and Erik Thompson. 2nd Row: Lauren Meyer, Alysia Spedale, Grace Dragna, Jud Dodick, Will James, Catherine Rockwell, and Noah Saacks. Back Row: Colin Moser, Ryan Rumsey, Matthew Marion, Jordan Edney, Rachel Butz, William Dunford, and Mrs. Cassidy.


Sailboat Pastels

Tchefuncte Middle School Cultural Arts Teacher, Mrs. Brigitte Murchison, stands with 5th grade students who completed an art project with chalk pastels from their study of classic artist, Edouard Manet and his painting of sailboats titled: View In Holland, completed in 1872. Back row (left to right): Sara Trapen, Zachary Dugas, Alexis Russell, Antoine Blanchat, and Mrs. Brigitte Murchison. Front row (left to right): Collin Craddock, Braeden Hernandez, William Tusa, Lydia Orzo-Zorita, Isabella Bolden, Haley Roberts, Ashlyn French


Watercolor Lesson

Tchefuncte Middle School Cultural Art teacher Mrs. Murchison works with 6th grade student Gianni Toce on a watercolor lesson learning about Gulf Coast artist, Walter Anderson. Mrs. Murchison created a way for visually impaired students to participate in art class by outlining the drawing with school glue and letting it dry prior to painting. She then helps guide Gianni's fingers over the raised glue lines so he knows where to apply the paint. He has a previous visual reference, so he knows what colors look like and he can decide what colors he uses in his artwork. Gianni is painting a sea turtle green with blue ocean waves in the background. Music stimulates the students creativity so Mrs. Murchison incorporates music into her lessons . While Gianni was painting he enjoyed listening to instrumental music that included sounds of the beach and waves crashing in the background. This added audio stimulation to all of the student's art experience as well. Pictured is Mrs. Brigitte Murchison with Gianni Toce.


Soles 4 Souls

Elaina Huber, a 5th grade student at Tchefuncte Middle School, recently collected 130 pairs of shoes for the "Soles4Souls" shoe drive sponsored by the Builder's Club. These shoes will be recycled to help people in need in the United States and abroad.


Three Rivers Art Festival

Tchefuncte  Middle School Talented Art program taught by Ms. Gay Gladney is pleased to announce the following students who placed at the juried Three-Rivers  Student Art Exhibit  in Covington, Nov. 12,13, 2011: Sadie Gomez, 4th grade, 1st place, and Michelango Award (4th-6th grade); Carissa Heston, 4th grade, 3rd place; Ella Jourdan, 5th grade, 3rd place; and Sam Brooks, 6th grade, 3rd place. Hayley Roberts, 5th grade, received an Honorable Mention for her black and white still-life collage.


Egypt Studies

Students in Mrs. Carolyn Carney’s, Mrs. Gina Loomis’, and Mrs. Michele Cassidy’s sixth grade Social Studies classes at Tchefuncte Middle School recently celebrated the culmination of their Egypt studies. Our unit included an Egyptian sarcophagus, cartouches, canopic jars, poems, and artwork.  Fourth grade students from Mrs. Madeline Gill’s also added a beautiful pyramid. Pictured are, Front Row: James Simpson, Lauren Fayard, Quinton Sanders, Carsyn Poole, Sydney Walker, Justin Sandoz   Second Row: Grace Newman, Jill Meyer, Lauren Meyer, and Sabyn Hazlett.     Back Row: Ryan Rumsey, Vivienne Cookmeyer, Grant Robicheaux, and Claire Davis.

Ancient Wonders

Students in Mrs. Madeline Gill’s 4th grade class at Tchefuncte Middle School recently studied the Ancient Wonders of the World. Pictured are (Left to Right) Jack Harvey, Grace Newman, and Jill Meyer with their poster of The Great Pyramid of GIZA.


Plaque Presented

Superintendent W. L. "Trey" Folse, III, left, and Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction Cheryl Arabie, right, attended our faculty meeting recently. They presented a plaque to the school recognizing our School Performance Score achievement.

Walk of Fame

They were each presented with a STAR on the TMS Walk of Fame!


October, 2011

Walmart Rewards Teachers

     Walmart is helping 10 educators at Tchefuncte Middle School start the School Year right through its Teacher Rewards Program. Teachers were honored and received Teacher Reward Cards during an Award Presentation Ceremony at Tchefuncte Middle School in early October.
     Through its Teacher Rewards program, Walmart helps teachers purchase much-needed classroom supplies this back-to-school season. Teachers across the country spent more than $1.33 billion out of pocket collectively on school supplies, snacks and instructional materials during the 2009 to 2010 school year, according to the National School Supply and Equipment Association (NSSEA), a trade association for educational product companies. Walmart and Sam’s Club locations nationwide are investing $4.5 million in America’s teachers, providing 45,000 educators gift cards to help teachers offset the cost of classroom expenses.
      “Walmart appreciates the impact teachers continue to make in our community,” said Stephen LeBlanc. “We know our educators contribute not only their time, but also the money to ensure our students have a successful school year. The Teacher Rewards program is our way of saying thank you.”
     Laura Norsworthy, Principal of Tchefuncte Middle, said, “We appreciate so much that Walmart is recognizing our teachers’ dedication in such a generous tangible way. The Teacher Rewards Program was definitely a morale booster for the entire school. Even the teachers who did not receive gift cards felt encouraged that their hard work had been recognized and appreciated by Walmart.”
     Through the Teacher Reward program, local Walmart stores, Distribution Centers and Sam’s Club locations across the U.S. are eligible to select one local kindergarten through eighth grade public school and provide $100 reward cards to 10 teachers from the selected school. Winning teachers are able to use the funds to purchase essential items for their classrooms such as paper, folders, binders, clipboards, pens, pencils, crayons and markers.

In its third year, the Teacher Rewards program is an extension of Walmart’s ongoing support of education and local community involvement. Pictured front row left to right: Lori Shaw, Patricia Gordon, Mimi Marino, Dione Yager, Charlotte Couvillion, Susan Riche, and Claydene Glynn. On the back row are Tara Conner and Mr. LeBlanc. Not pictured are Sheila Nolinske and Tammy Gendusa.

Science is Sublime!

  Mrs. Carolyn Carney’s science class recently had a close up look at the process of sublimation.  The students observed solid carbon dioxide or dry ice change from a solid to a gas and recorded their observations regarding sublimation and condensation.  Pictured are Jordan Edney, Erik Thompson, and Alexis Campbell.


Golden Gators

Tchefuncte Middle School recently awarded their October “Golden Gators” for their excellent behavior and attitude.

4th Grade: Top row (left to right): Ethan Garnett, Isabella Kerth, Thomas Bourgeois, Indy Nebeker, and Lucas Lawlor. Middle row (left to right): Angel Hernandez, John Paul LeBlanc, Alex Legnon, and Ryan Martinez. Bottom row (left to right): Alexa Volk, and Christine Gomes. Not pictured: Wynona Arnold

5th Grade: Top row (left to right): Autumn Speshock, Rebecca Tracey, John Colgan, Nathan Leggio, Grace Lagalante, and Braeden Hernandez. Middle row (left to right): Kumar Patel, Kyla Stillman, Mary Frances Elliott, Logan Andrews, Emily Sonnier, and Cole Cantrell. Bottom row (left to right): Barrett Champagne, Sara Trapen, Hayley Roberts, Liam Andrews, and Sarah Trahant.

6th Grade: Top row (left to right): Trey Fanguy, Anna Landry, Madeline Anderson, Angel Bagent, Quinton Sanders, and Camille Dedeaux. Middle row (left to right): Daniel Bules, Georgia Trist, Skylar Schoen, Alexandra Fites, Kylie Ferguson, and Piper Dunbar. Bottom row (left to right): Zach Russ, Ethan Vail, Emily Gerber, Casey Anderson, and Reid French. Not pictured isJaden Ball.

Student Officers

At the S.G.A. meeting on October 4, 2011, the Tchefuncte Middle School S.G.A. elected this year's officers. Front (kneeling): Savanah Needham, President. Back: (left to right) - Hannah Bordelon, Parliamentarian; Kayla Martinez, Vice President; Isabelle Bolden, Corresponding Secretary; Jack Bidleman, Recording Secretary; and Kaitlynn Margavio, Historian.


Pumpkin Palooza

Tchefuncte Middle School 6th graders helped with Pumpkin Palooza at Pontchartrain Elementary School.  Sandra Jourdan’s sixth graders are buddies with Catherine Kinabrew’s first grade class, and on October 21, they helped with “Pumpkin Palooza”.   Pumpkin Palooza was set up in Pontchatrain’s gym where the class participated in 16 different learning activities geared around pumpkins.  Sixth graders worked the different centers and helped the teachers and parents that organized the fun day.  Pictured left to right are sixth graders Hunter Menendez and Devin Reynolds, with first grader Reid Jourdan.


Fall Learning Center

Students in Ms. Lisa DePoy's and Mrs. Sandra Jourdan's 6th grade classes at Tchefuncte Middle enjoyed fall learning centers on Monday, October 31st. Students rotated through eight different learning stations learning about human skeletons, measuring pumpkins, writing Halloween poems, and much more. Here, students pose with their "Harvest Pets" created in the art center. Pictured are: front row - Louie Knights, Seth Easterling, Brandon Gilbert, and Trey Fanguy. Back row - Shane Storey, Malorie McIntyre, Cameron Cook, and Hannah Bossenmeyer.


Mesopotamia Studied

Tchefuncte Middle School 6th grade students from Sandra Jourdan’s classroom recently studied ancient Mesopotamia in Social Studies. Students learned about the Cuneiform, which was an early form of writing invented by the Sumerians. Students then created “modern day” Cuneiforms using clay and some of the symbols learned from the Sumerians. Pictured holding their Cuneiforms are
Malcolm Johnson, Matthew Hurst, and Ensley Nunes.

Civil Air Patrol
Teacher of the Year

At a recent Gator Gathering at Tchefuncte Middle School, Heidi Rhea, a fifth grade teacher, was honored with an award for being selected as the Louisiana Civil Air Patrol Teacher of the Year. Mrs. Rhea received this award for teaching aerospace and inspiring students to become pilots, scientists, and astronauts. Pictured are Heidi Rhea, left, and Laura Norsworthy, Principal.


Gummy Bear Science

Mrs. Sullivan's Class Gummy Bear Science: Measuring from head to foot! Mrs. Elizabeth Sullivan's fifth grade class at Tchefuncte Middle School recently measured gummy bears for a tasty science experiment. Pictured from Left to Right: Barrett Champagne, Jenna Stiles, and Syndney Allen.

September, 2011

United Way

Tchefuncte Middle School students in Gina Loomis's 6th grade class pose with their collection bags under the United Way banner for their grade level competition called 'Biggest Loser." These students are helping with the annual United Way fund drive for St. Tammany Parish. Kneeling, left to right: Chris Dalton, Ben Shallenberger, Porter Langdon, and Justin Sandoz. Middle row, left to right: Sam Rowan, Carsyn Poole, Brett Leveille, Grant Robicheaux, Michael Housey, and Claire Davis. Back row left to right: Christian Riddle, Ross Nunez, Paul Autin, Ryan Stephens, Carrie Lloyd, and Kayla Martinez.


Tchefuncte Middle School 6th graders from Sandra Jourdan's room have teamed up with Pontchartrain Elementary first graders from Catherine Kinabrew's room to become "buddies". The students will interact with each other about once a month where they will play learning games, read books, and write stories.

Pictured left to right are Mia Evans, Kendall Jourdan; back row Cordelia Dotson, Kyra Wilson, and Piper Dunbar.

Pictured left to right are Shane Storey, Hunter Menendez, Malcolm Johnson, Reid Jourdan, and Gregory Kogos.

Keep Mandeville Beautiful

The Tchefuncte Middle School Builders Club participated in "Keep Mandeville Beautiful" on Saturday, September 17th. Over 25 bags of various types of trash were collected by over 35 students who participated. The students focused on community service as they cleaned near both schools and along Hwy. 22. Pictured L-R: Malorie Mcintyre, Khamri Alexander, Mikayla Brumfield, Vivienne Cookmeyer, Annie O'Connor, Carsyn Poole, and Bella Wintz.


Golden Gators

Tchefuncte Middle School’s “Golden Gators” were chosen for the month of September. They were nominated by their teachers for their outstanding leadership qualities, positive attitude, and excellent behavior. These students are role models for their peers.

In the fourth grade the following students were chosen: Bottom row (left to right): Sofia Garza Caraccia, Alyssa Ozwalt, Gentry Spinks, Emily Sherman, Taylor Russell, and Kaitlynn Margavio. Top row (left to right): Nicolas Cooper, Alexandria McClain, Lizzie Knight, Caroline Bonner, Alexis Pike, and Grace Johnson.

In the fifth grade the following students were chosen: Kneeling (left to right): Ben Shallenberger, Jack McCloskey, Mya Oliveire, Amelia Day, and Molly Grover.
Middle row (left to right): Zachary Surla, Alexis Campbell, Hannah Gremillion, Sarah Hooper, Casey Wischan, and Khamri Alexander. Top row (left to right): Michael Lemmond, Michael Hardgrave, Alli Farr, Taylor Druery, John Wallace, amd Tre-Vell Hills.

In the sixth grade the following students were chosen: Bottom row (left to right): Gabe Naughton, Blake Gonzales, Carson Andries, Joshua Hasselbeck, Tyler Smith, and Derek Allen. Middle row (left to right): Jack Bidlemann, Avery Butler, Cheyenne Rowe, Tino Stogner, Jackson Tournillon, and Jackson Rhodes. Top row (left to right): Louis Butler, Drew Thompson, Timothy Gomes, Maleah Haley, Rachel Fontan, and Caleigh Marek.

Flag Raising

Mattie Napier and Mr. Tom Heier, Assistant Principal, raise the flag at Tchefuncte Middle School. The newly elected members of the Student Government Association are responsible for raising and lowering the flag each day.

Prehistoric Caves

Tchefuncte Middle 6th Grade Classes explored prehistoric caves in France, Spain, and Venezuela, virtually, of course. After our study of prehistoric man, students captured lively images with tempera and pastels, including our very own “Cave of Hands.” Pictured are students: Colin Moser, Ben Shallenberger, Zack Easterling, Sydney Walker, Kayla Martinez, and Sophia Sterbis. Teachers: Ms. Michelle Cassidy, Ms. Gina Loomis, and Ms. Carolyn Carney.

Air Mass Experiment

Students in Mrs. Laura Kottemann’s fourth grade glass used oil, water and food coloring to make a model to represent a warm air mass and cold air mass. They discovered that the two don't mix, and cold air is denser than warm air. Pictured from left to right are Skylar Theriot, Victoria Jurenka, and Jada Wall.

Congress Studied

Tchefuncte Middle School students in Mrs. Madeline Gill and Ms. Bonnie Stokes’ classes were visited by Mr. John LeBlanc. Students became members of Congress as they worked in committee to create a bill, debate its merits, and vote on its passage. Pictured here are (seated left to right) Susie Knights, Seth Rubin, and Matthew Larsen. Standing are Mr. LeBlanc and his son John Paul LeBlanc.

Builders Club

The 2011-12 Tchefuncte Middle School Builders Club elected officers on August 30th. The officers are President : Camille Dedeaux, 1st Vice President: Christina Kirby, 2nd Vice President: Georgia Trist, Secretary: Amelia Day, Treasurer: Sophia Sturbis. The first service project of the club will be to participate in “Keep Mandeville Beautiful” on Sunday, September 17th. Club advisors are Tiffany Hewson, Michelle Lavergne, and Susan Riche’.

Pictured, left to right : Amelia Day, Georgia Trist, Christina Kirby, Camille Dedeaux, and Sophia Sturbis

Separating Mixtures

Jack Nunez, William Dunford, Erik Thompson, and James Simpson, 6th graders in Ms. Carolyn Carney’s class, are making and separating mixtures in science class. They are also forming hypotheses, planning, and conducting experiments. This includes a little mess and a lot of fun!

Cookie Islands

Mrs. Jessica Venezia’s fourth grade class created their own cookie island. The project was done at the end of their map skills unit. The project had the students create a 3D model of their island. Edible treats represented cities, lakes, rivers, roads, and forests. Students then had to transfer the information from their 3D model to a 2D map. Lastly, they got to enjoy their tasty islands! Front Row (Left to Right): Eric Ponthieux, Preston Jarrell, Max Amaroso, Ridge Berard, Mary Beth Viener, Alexa Volk, and Aja Cousin. Middle Row: Carissa Heston, Rosalie Markesich, Maddy Lonegrass, Olivia Russell, Caroline Bonner, Kaitlyn Baek, and Britton Everett. Back Row: Nathalie McNeil, Glory Noel, Lily Ober, Breigh-Anna Schenck, Dayona Denson, Trace Sheehan, and Mrs. Jessica Venezia.


Fourth grade students in Mrs. Charlotte Couvillion’s class had fun creating “Cookie Islands”. After studying landforms and map skills, they created a 3D model using various toppings. The class then applied their designs to a 2D map. The “icing on the cookie” was to then eat their Cookie Islands.
Top row (left to right): Michael Murzi, Katherine Vice, Ethan Garnett, Alysa Oswald, Carson Wolfarth, and Haas Flauss. Middle row (left to right): Mason Byrne, Kay Gruntz, Jackson Bein, Dabney Howard, Hannah Bordelon, Isabel Esquerre, and Olivia Buise. Bottom row (left to right): Thomas Poyadou, Liz Wolf, Hayley Fayard, Reagan Bundy, and Joshua Marshall.

Ms. Foley Honored

Through the Chevron/Saints Teacher of the Week Program, Darla Foley, of Tchefuncte Middle School, was honored for her outstanding commitment to the development and education of her students during the Saints vs. Texans home game on September 25th. Darla received a certificate of appreciation and a team lithograph football presented by Saints Owner/Executive Vice President, Rita Benson Leblanc, and Chevron’s Public and Government Affairs Representative, Karen Rawls, during the on-field presentation.

The Saints and Chevron appreciate having Darla as a part of our community and applaud her efforts as she continues to educate our children. Pictured left to right are Darla Foley and Karen Rawls.

August, 2011


New Assistant Principal

Tchefuncte Middle School welcomes Mr. Tom Heier as its new assistant principal. He joins the staff and students for a year of “Lights! Camera! Action! Learning Makes Us Stars!” Pictured is Mr. Tom Heier with Mrs. Laura Norsworthy, TMS Principal.

Sixth Grade Visit



Mandeville Jr. High held a 6th Grade Visit for in-coming students from Tchefuncte Middle School and Lake Harbor Middle Schools. The visit included a tour of the school and an assembly in the gym. Shown in this picture are (L-R) Mandeville Jr. High Students, Madeline Brister, Madison Ali Myers, and Lake Harbor Students, Annelise Batte, Allie Perrillous and Melissa Winston.






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