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Tchefuncte Middle School

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December 2014

Yellowstone Forest Ranger Visits 4th Graders

Yellowstone National Forest Ranger Alison Paul visited with Ms. Bonnie Stokes’ and Mrs. Michele Cassidy’s fourth grade classes at Tchefuncte Middle School. She is pictured here with students (left to right) Serena Zhu, Ranger Alison, Ariel Hill, Kay Kergosein, and Gracie Harless. 

Drama Group Performs

The After School Drama group at TMS recently performed “How to Eat Like a Child” to raving reviews.


November 2014

Veteran's Day

Mason Lombardo, a sixth grade student at Tchefuncte Middle School, and his grandfather, Woody Rihoux, a World War II veteran, attended a reception at TMS following a Veteran’s Day Assembly for the whole school and honored guests who have served or currently serve in the armed forces.

Tchefuncte Receives Celebrating Success Award

Tchefuncte Middle School was honored by Superintendent W. L. "Trey" Folse, III with a Celebrating Success Award for the school's recent recognition at a National Blue Ribbon School for Excellence.

Blue Ribbon Celebration

Tchefuncte Middle School held a celebration in recognition of their 20 years of excellence and being designated as a 2014-15 Blue Ribbon School. Mayor Don Villere and many past principals, assistant principals, and staff members attended a whole school assembly. Staff members, past and present, received blue ribbon pins, and the students were all treated to ice cream. We are looking forward to our next 20 years!

Pictured from left to right:  Oliver Rosenau, Kendall Jourdan, Kay Kergosien, Mayor Don Villere, Amelia Barrileaux, Matthew Truehart, Ethan Nunez, and Jolie Ferguson

Talented Art Students Receive Awards

Tchefuncte Middle School Talented Art students taught by Ms. Gay Gladney received awards at the 3-Rivers Student Art Exhibit November 15 and 16, 2014.

Congratulations to the following students pictured left to right:
Ava Grace Reynaud, 4th grade, Honorable Mention
Gracyn Kimbrough, 5th grade, 2nd Place
Weatherly Hall, 5th grade, 3rd Place
Annelise Stewart, 6th grade, 1st Place
Daniel Lelorier, 6th grade, Honorable Mention
(not pictured) Katherine Maitre, 4th grade, 2nd Place


October 2014

Black & Gold Day

Blue Ribbon School Celebration

Tchefuncte Middle School celebrated being honored as a Blue Ribbon school with honored guests and staff. Pictured from left to right are Trey Folse, Superintendent; Beth Heintz, School Board President; Mitch Stubbs, Principal; Cheryl Arabie, Assistant Superintendent; and Tom Heier, Assistant Principal.


Students Present Native American Research Projects

After studying a unit on Native Americans, Ms. Gina Gipson's fifth graders at Tchefuncte Middle School presented research projects about the tribe of their choice. Each project included a 3-d visual aid as well.

From left to right, bottom row to top row: Bottom: Dallas Barnett, Powell Hamaker, Brianne Leedy, Shelby Bundy, Katelyn Jambon, Samantha Philpott. Second Row: Justin Luper, Brook Everhardt, Ronnie Bourgeois, Dominick Mancuso, Natalie Spears, Taylor Sledg. Third Row:Tad Druery, Gracyn Kimbrough, Evan Flaherty. Top Row: Austin Heard, Joseph Deidrich, Anna Claire Vitrano, Carlee Hebert, Helena Whalton, Riley Ellefson

Brandon Marquez Wins T-Shirt Design Contest

Tchefuncte Middle School held a T-Shirt Design contest for their Gator Fest, which will be held Saturday, Nov. 1st, from 4:00 – 9:00 pm at Mandeville High School’s track. The winner of the contest is Brandon Marquez. His design will be featured on the official 2014 Gator Fest t-shirt. Come out to our Gator Fest to see the t-shirts and enjoy some fun! Pictured with Brandon is Mitch Stubbs, Principal.

Student Government Officers Elected

2014-2015 Student Government Association officers were elected at Tchefuncte Middle School.  
Pictured bottom left to right: Kaye Maisano, Historian; Cullen Goscienski, President; Matthew Truehart, Parliamentarian. Pictured top left to right: Emry Estes, Corresponding Secretary; Axel Henderson, Flag Service Manager; Caroline Aertker, Vice President; Raedan Stephens, Recess Equipment Manager; Krishna Hariprasad, Recording Secretary.


September 2014

Builders Club Works to "Keep Mandeville Beautiful"

Tchefuncte Middle School’s Builders Club worked hard to “Keep Mandeville Beautiful”. They participated in the trash pickup and beautification efforts as a service project for their community.
Pictured are: Bottom row (l to r) – Ethan Hooter, Drew Boyd, Nick Barreto, Luke Fontan, Ryen Campbell, Jacob Erlicher, and Emma Bermudez; Center row (l to r) – Gabe Gros, Rex Kilpatrick, Ainsley Cook, Cameron Wilson, Madeline Bermudez, Madi Dejean; Back row (l to r) – Michelle Lavergne (Advisor), Kyle Hooter, Mackenzie Reynolds, Angelina St. Romain, Emmie Stonis, Chase Bermudez, Caroline Ybos, Cameron Juno, Tiffany Hewson (Advisor).

Builders Club Elects Officers

Tchfuncte Middle School’s Builders Club elected officers at its first meeting. They are: Co-Presidents Caroline Wollfarth and Madi Dejean, Vice President: Sawyer Pendry, Co-Treasurers Madeline Bermudez and Spencer Reid, and Secretary  Perry Nunnery.  The  club’s  first field trip will be on September 20, 2014. They will be doing a service project called “Keep Mandeville Beautiful”.  The Builders Club is looking forward to a great year of community service!
Officers are pictured back row from left to right: Spencer Reid, Caroline Wolfarth, Perry Nunnery; front row from left to right: Sawyer Pendry, Madi DeJean, Madeline Bermudez.

Constitution Scavenger Hunt

Tchefuncte Middle School students in Mrs. Ceres Kitchen’s and Mrs. Elizabeth Sullivan’s fifth grade classes completed a scavenger hunt of the Constitution on Constitution Day. Pictured in Photo 1 from the left are Clara Flynn and Abby Rase. Pictured in Photo 2 from the left are Krishna Hareprasad and Tristin Vigor.

6th Graders Present "The Code of Hammurabi"

Mrs. Carolyn Carney's sixth grade social studies classes at Tchefuncte Middle School recently presented the play, “The Code of Hammurabi".  Ancient Babylonian culture came alive as the students portrayed farmers using the code to settle a dispute.

(L-R): Brandon Black, Kurt Wanner, Georgia Jones, Bryan Becnel, Emily Sacks, Lucca Ferrante, Axel Henderson, Gage Miller, Annelise Stewart, Logan Bankston, Lindsey Carrick, Camille Butcher, Adelyn Bailey, Gabby Oos, Aidan Brown, Jake Holincheck, Alex Molaison.

Front (L-R): Geoffrey Mast-Belko, Caden Costa, Grady Brechtel, William Bules Back (L-R): Meghan Drane, Garrett Lauterbach, Emma Sonnier, Brandon Marquez , Katie  Colgan, Kristen Campbell, Jeremy Saacks, Austin Peak, Hunter Kergosien, Celeste Allen and Catherine Clark.

Yearbook Signing

Tchefuncte Middle School held a “Yearbook Signing” to distribute 2013-14 yearbooks and allow time for signing by friends and staff. Pictured is Mrs. Tammy Jennings, 5th grade teacher and yearbook editor, signing a yearbook for 5th grade student, Sebastien Escobar-Mesa.


Let the Circus Begin!

Let the circus begin! Tchefuncte Middle School is off to a great start with “The Greatest Show on Earth”. Left to right – Theresa Currie, Librarian; Mitch Stubbs, Principal; and Chris Casale, Librarian Aid

Administrators Take the Plunge for ALS Awareness

Tchefuncte Middle School’s Mitch Stubbs, Principal (left) and Tom Heier, Assistant Principal (right), took the plunge headfirst into icy water to show their support for ALS. The entire student body cheered them on.

August 2014

New Teachers Welcomed

Tchefuncte Middle School is happy to welcome the following new teachers:Left to right – Kathy Baker, Val Estoque, Yolanda Seiber, Elaine Norris, Lauren Fauquier, Chelsea Ford, and Gina Gipson

Learning Under the Big Top

Principal Mitch Stubbs (left) and Assistant Principal Tom Heier (right) welcome students to the first day at Tchefuncte Middle School where we are “Learning Under the Big Top”.



School Year 2013-2014







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