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December 2014

Lady Patriots Basketball Places 2nd at Strawberry Classic

The Mandeville Junior High Lady Patriots Basketball Team recently placed second in the Ponchatoula Junior High Strawberry Classic. Pictured are: Bottom row: Isabella Ragusa, Gentry Spinks, Jarhonda Menina, Madison Morgan, Allison Ganapamo. Top row: Coach Janice Evans, Maleah Haley, Jaden Picone, Jordan Picone, Braeden Nowakowski, Alex Clesi, Coach Robby Haley.

Life Science Classes Learn Anatomy of a Flower

Mandeville Junior High students in David Hyman’s 7th grade Life Science classes are learning about the anatomy of the flower and recently completed a lab where they dissected a flower and identified the parts.  Pictured are Madison Lonegrass, Rachel Quinliven and Alyssa Glavan.

November 2014

Students Work on Cooking Skills

Mandeville Junior High students enrolled in Family and Consumer Sciences are working on their cooking skills.  Pictured are Sarah Adams and Reese Biggs who are making pancakes as a class assignment.  Lea Laughry is the class instructor.

Life Science Classes Identify Organisms

Mandeville Junior High students in Mr. David Hyman’s 7th grade Life Science classes are studying Domain, Kingdom, Phylum and Class.  They rotated through stations and used a dichotomous key to identify the organism at each table.  Pictured are Nick Simpson, David Hyman, Bailey Fossier and Andrei McKinney.

Girls Volleyball Wins Large Division Parish Tournament Championship

The Mandeville Junior High girls volleyball recently won the Large division Parish tournament championship defeating Boyet Junior High school in the championship match. Bottom (l to r) Ashleigh Byrnes, Florence Dumontet. Kneeling: Mikayla Bidwell, Kelsey Higdon, Elizabeth Kenley, Olivia Sacks, Grace Russell.
Standing:  Coach Janice Evans, Coach Robby Haley, Jasmine Begley, Maleah haley, Cheney Pilie', Breanna Allison, Coach Diane Rodrigue

Patriot Buddies Club Receives Visit from Fire Dept.

Mandeville Junior High’s Patriot Buddies Club received a visit from the Mandeville City Fire Department.   Pictured are Operator Rob Adams, Firefighter Stephanie Hartman, Taylor Russell, Tim Gomes and Captain Rick Mecom.  Lisa Hewett is the faculty sponsor of Patriot Buddies.

October PBIS Employee of the Month

Mandeville Junior High is proud to announce Mrs. Teresa Landrum as the October PBIS Employee of the Month.  Teresa lives the FISH Philosophy daily by choosing her attitude, being there, and making someone’s day!  She received a small token gift and a reserved parking spot in front of the school.  Teresa is pictured with the school’s Principal, Ms. Mary Ann Cucchiara.

PTA Presents Whitney Bank with Corporate Sponsor Certificate

Mandeville Junior High’s PTA recently presented Whitney Bank with a certificate for becoming a Corporate Sponsor.  Whitney has also started “Bank Day” at Mandeville Junior High to encourage students to start saving money. Pictured are Emma Johnson, Trish Picone and Donna Cancianne, the Old Mandeville Whitney Bank Branch Office Manager.

PBIS Student of the Month for October

Mandeville Junior High announced Jackson Deus as the MJH PBIS Student of the Month for October.  PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Interventions and Support which promotes positive behavior and school climate.  Mrs. Rhonda Ware is the PBIS Chairperson.


October 2014

Students Learn About Animal Shelter Volunteer Opportunites

Cindy Blauche from the St. Francis Animal Shelter came to Mandeville Jr. High to speak to the students about volunteer opportunities.  Pictured are members of the MJH National Jr. Honor Society, Taylor Hooper, Rachel Fontan, Ms. Cindy Blauche, Caleb McKay and Lucas Colegrove.  National Junior Honor Society is sponsored by Teri Kliebert and Tiffany Roberts Zito.

Lunch Time Volleyball Tournament

Mandeville Jr. High  recently held a  lunch time volleyball tournament for Physical Education students.  Shown in the picture are members of the winning team.   Kneeling: Christopher Nicklas, Nick Simpson, Trace Sheehan. Standing: Mikayla Bidwell, Callie Freshley, Krista Prescott, Sarah Lucido, Isabella Herbert, Sevanah Howard, Jaden Picone, Reagan Bundy, Lauren Ivy.

Black & Gold Day


Spirit Week

Mandeville Junior High Student Council recently sponsored a spirit week.  One of the activities was a Sports Jersey Day.  Students, faculty and staff participated by wearing  jerseys from various sports and different organizations.  Pictured in their jerseys  are Nina Colegrove, Elena Endriss, Grace Johnson, Ella Millet, Jordan Eure, Reese Collura, Ryan Martinez, Ian Ocmond, Elizabeth Knight, and Emily Pinson.  The faculty sponsors of Student Counil are Sharon Bennett and Mary Ruli.

Gem Mining

Mandeville Junior High students enrolled in Earth Science enjoyed  a  gem mining adventure with an on campus field trip.  Pictured are students from Mr. Jonathan Holly’s class, Alexander Lelorier, Hayley Roberts, Austin Bonfontanti and Johnnie Tinker. Students were able to handle a variety of types of rocks and compare the features of each.

Rachel's Challenge

Mandeville Junior High welcomed Rachel’s Challenge to school on Oct. 14th.  Larry Scott, uncle of Rachel Joy Scott, the first student killed in the 1999 Columbine shootings came to Mandeville Junior High to speak to the student body.  MJH hosted a daytime assembly for students and a nighttime assembly for parents.  The presenter focused on a message of kindness and treating people with respect. The Friends of Rachel or FOR Club, was formed several years ago after Rachel’s Challenge first came to MJH five years ago.  Pictured are some of the members of the FOR Club, Vischan Perrin, Mary Jo Gilley, Caroline Budd, Reza Najdi and Alek Burge.  The faculty sponsor of the FOR Club is Lisa Bourgeois.

Annual Pirate Day

Mandeville Junior High students enrolled in Mrs. Karen Griggs Louisiana History classes held their annual “Pirate Day.”  Pictured are Ben Walker, Ryan Larmeu, Jenna Stiles, Taylor Green, Caleb McKay, Bailey Smoorenburg, Jakob Tweedel, Nathan Gunn and Geoffrey Angelle.


September 2014

Channel 13 Visits Broadcast Class

Kevin Mumphreys, a Multimedia Specialist from St. Tammany Parish School Board’s Channel 13 visited with Teri Kliebert’s Broadcast I class at Mandeville Jr. High.  Mr. Mumphreys demonstrated the use of editing software to produce video programs.  Pictured in the back row are Elizabeth Knight, Chloe Lemus, Emma Johnson, and Kevin Mumphreys.  Pictured in the front  row are Reagan Bundy, Alexa Volk, Jordan Williams, and Madison Antrainer.

Student Council Members Plant Gardens

Mandeville Junior High students who are members of the Student Council have been busy sprucing up the campus by planting gardens.  Pictured are Left to right Zack Judson, Lucien Maloney, Lennox Sykes ,Sevanah Howard, Ben Walker and Justin Trammell.  Student Council's faculty advisors are Sharon Bennett and Mary Ruli.

Student Council Officers

Mandeville Junior High held Student Council Elections for officers.  The 8th grade officers are Treasurer Mathew Sumera, Secretary Aubri Miller, Parliamentarian Ryan Larmeu, President Jenna Stiles and Vice President Jakob Tweedel.  The Student Council faculty sponsors are Sharon Bennett and Mary Ruli.

Football Team Holds Saints Ticket Raffle

Mandeville Junior High’s football team held a raffle for a pair of Saints season tickets.  The winner was announced at the last home game.  The winners of the tickets were John and Jaqueline Winston, the parents of Isaac Winston.  Pictured are Principal, Mary Ann Cucchiara, John Winston and the football team’s Head Coach, Bobby Nelsen.

September Employee of the Month

  Mandeville Junior High is proud to announce Janice Evans as the MJH September Employee of the Month.  Janice lives the FISH Philosophy daily by choosing her attitude and being there for others.  She received a small token gift and a reserved parking spot.  Janice Evans is the school's Athletic Director, PE teacher and coach of numerous sports.   Janice Evans  is pictured with the school’s Principal, Mary Ann Cucchiara.

Spirit Week Winners

Mandeville Junior High’s Student Council sponsored a Spirit Week at the school.  Each day a different activity was held for students to participate in and show their school spirit.  Daily winners were drawn.  Pictured are a few of the winners from Crazy Sock Day, Dylan Day, Haley Wrenn and Adam Haste.  The MJH Student Council’s faculty sponsors are Sharon Bennett and Mary Ruli.


American Revolution Battle Simulation

Mandeville Junior High students enrolled in Rebecca Miller and Kari Hart's 7th grade American History classes participated in an American Revolutionary battle simulation.  Here are a small band of "Patriots" waiting to "ambush" a group of "British soldiers."  Pictured are Haas Flauss, Cassidy Lyons, Erin Suhm, Angelina Chauvin, Colette Mouton and Sean Spencer.


Brown Foundation Service Learning Event

Mandeville Junior High eighth grade students enrolled in Talented Art went to the Brown Foundation Service Learning Event.   The school  received a grant from the Brown Foundation to create bowls to donate to the Empty Bowl Project.  Representatives from the school’s service learning partner, the Samaritan Center also attended the event.  Students explained their project and demonstrated stamping techniques.  Pictured are Destiny Grass, Mrs. Melissa Grass and Sydnie Rada.  Mary-Elaine Bernard is the Talented Art Teacher at Mandeville Jr. High and is in charge of the project.


Broadcast Students Learn to Create Slideshows

Mandeville Junior High students enrolled in Ms.Teri Kliebert’s Broadcast I class spent some time with Mrs. Inkie Landry, from the school district’s Instructional Technology Department,  learning advanced techniques to use for creating slides for slideshows. Pictured in the front are (L-R) Elizabeth Knight, Sabrinah Hernandez, Alexa Volk, Madison Antrainer, Jordan Williams.  Pictured in the back are Teri Kliebert, Emma Johnson, Chloe Lemus, Inkie Landry.

Students Take Ice Bucket Challenge for Team Gleason and ALS

Mandeville Junior High held an Ice Bucket Challenge to support TEAM Gleason and the ALS cause.   Pictured are students who were the highest donors to the Mandeville Jr. High ALS Bucket Challenge.(L-R) Claire Daigle, Bryan Zelenlock, Zachary Whitley, Aubrie Daigle, Dante Moley, Grace Johnson and Ryan Martinez.


American History Students Have Hands on Lesson Using Candy

Mandeville Junior High students enrolled in Ms. Kari Hart and Mrs. Rebecca Miller’s 7th grade American History classes demonstrated the concept of Taxation Without Representation by using pieces of candy to represent money. Pictured are Christian Faler, Dorian Weber, Callie Freshley, Caroline Bonner and Avery Konopka.

August Employee of the Month

Mandeville Junior High is proud to announce  Jodi Newman as the August PBIS Employee of the Month.  Jodi lives the FISH Philosophy daily by “Being There” for others!  She received a small token gift and a reserved parking spot.  Jodi Newman is a 7th grade math teacher who is part of the Hospitality Committee and is the school’s Webmaster. Pictured (L-R) is Mrs. Newman with the school’s Principal, Mary Ann Cucchiara

Former NFL Player Visits

Mandeville Junior High students in Amy McIntosh’s Language Arts classes received a visit from former New England Patriot player, Harold Shaw.  Mr. Shaw spoke about the importance of education and his career in the NFL.  Pictured (L-R) are Sean Spencer, Mrs. Amy McIntosh, Olivia Henderson, Harold Shaw, Madison Lonegras and Carson Andries.


August 2014

"Numbers About Me"

Mandeville Junior High students enrolled in Tonya Thompson’s math classes showed their knowledge of numbers in projects called “Numbers About Me.”  Students had a variety of choices in which to show numbers and their personal biographies.  Pictured in the front from left to right are Maggie Babin, Lindsey Benson, Harrison Gerber, DJ Frederick.  In the back is Ms. Thompson, Lennox Sykes, Jackson Deus, Kate Atchinson, Angelina Chauvin, Collin Jacks, Jordan Picone


New Teachers for 2014 - 2015

Mandeville Junior High welcomes new faculty members, Tiffany Vogt, Shelly Kennedy, Shane Baham, Jon Holly and Rebecca Miller.













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