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May, 2013


Original Theater

Little Oak Middle School’s sixth grade talented theatre students recently put on an original production entitled “The Somewhat True Tale of Robin Hood”.  The production was directed by Mrs. Abbey Murrell, talented theatre teacher at Little Oak Middle School.


Left to Right: Nicole Vanderklis, Kaya Dundar, Jessica Smith, David Stubbs and
Gabrielle Young


Left to Right: (Back Row) Jessica Smith, Gabby Bateman, and Emily Clarke. Front Row-
Emily Baudier, Alexis Horton, and Nicole Vanderklis


David Stubbs


Annual Career Day

Little Oak Middle School sixth grade students recently took part in their annual Career Day.
The purpose of this activity is to educate sixth grade students on various career choices. Several guest speakers from the community presented information to the students on careers that may interest them as they continue through junior high, high school, and college.

Each presenter focused on his or her specific career. They also informed the students of preparations and educational requirements that may be necessary in order to pursue the specific career. The presenters share with the students their regular daily activities that are a part of their profession.


Left to right Tyrease Terrell and Marleena Robinson act out a legal scenario led by Scott Cannon, Attorney at Law


Left to right Lieutenant Colonel Kevin Green demonstrates flight aviation with sixth grader, Zevon Sharpe


Left to right Abby Herdliska and Nicole Vanderklis try on police security attire during Ben Taylor’s presentation


Martial Arts Instructor, Jude Grayson presents a closing ceremony, which focused on positive thinking and finishing strong.



Alligator Tales

Sheriff’s Deputy, Howard McCrea, came to visit the fourth grade students at Little Oak Middle School recently. The students learned about our state reptile, the alligator, while having the opportunity to hold a live baby gator! They learned that alligators lay their eggs in grass, they can lay 52 eggs at a time, and that one can leap half of its body's length! Dr. McCrea also brought an adult gator for the children to view! The children left the presentation with an actual scale from an alligator and lots of interesting facts!

Dr. McCrea speaks to a group of fourth graders about alligators.

Fourth grade teacher Yvette Roseberry poses with a baby alligator.

Fourth grader Johnny Casco handles the alligator gently.

McKayla Ticker and Ben Brown observe the mouth of a large gator.



April, 2013


Principal of the Year

Mrs. Amy V. DiCarlo, Principal of Little Oak Middle School in Slidell, was recently named “Middle School Principal of the Year 2013-2014” for St. Tammany Parish. The faculty and student body celebrated the event on Friday, April 12, by naming the day “DiCarlo Day” in honor of their Principal. Students wrote poems and letters to Mrs. DiCarlo thanking her for her wonderful leadership at Little Oak. The students also made banners and posters, which adorned the school walls. The faculty celebrated after school with a reception in honor of Mrs. DiCarlo, who has served as principal of Little Oak Middle School for nine years. The PTA posted a beautiful banner outside of the school entrance for all to see.

From left to right are Principal, Amy DiCarlo, looks on as Joshua Richardson, Sam Tiblier, and Tiffany Rubin prepare to read poems and letters during announcements.

Assistant Principal, Amie Guttuso, holds the intercom as sixth grader, Dalton Lovitt, reads an acrostic poem entitled “Mrs. DiCarlo” during the morning announcements.

Students pose with Mrs. DiCarlo and present her with a bouquet of fresh flowers.
On the back row are Tiffany Rubin, Sam Tiblier, Madeline Musselman, John Himes, Kaitlyn Keppler, and Dalton Lovitt. On the middle row are Emma Christoffer, Principal Amy DiCarlo, Janusz Wojcik, and Kaitlyn Simmons, and on the bottom row are Mia Hall and Cameron Walters.

Principal, Amy DiCarlo and Assistant Principal, Amie Guttuso enjoy the festivities.



NFL Play 60

Fourth grade students at Little Oak Middle School recently took part in the NFL Play 60 event on Tuesday, April 16.  Jamie Moore, a representative from the Saints Youth Program, led the activities for the students.  The students took part in relay racing, distance throwing, high jumping, and tackling events. 


Fourth grade student, Emily Gabbett, makes a tackle.


Jamie Moore speaks to a group of fourth graders about the importance of
exercise and proper diet.



Little Oak Middle School students recently took part in the St. Jude Math-A-Thon. The students completed math problems and received sponsors and donations for each completed problem.
The school collected a grand total of $8,822.00. Little Oak Middle has participated in the St. Jude Math-A-Thon for over ten years, and the student body has raised $136,739.00 toward this wonderful and deserving cause. The school sponsor, as well as the students who collected the most for Math-A-Thon this year are shown in the attached photographs.

Avery Miller, a fourth grade student, collected $915; Cody Pomes, a fifth grade student, collected $600; and Vanessa Morgan, a fourth grade student, collected $622.
Patricia Craddock, fourth grade teacher at Little Oak, serves as the Math-A-Thon school sponsor.

Pictured above from left to right are Avery Miller, Teacher Patricia Craddock, Cody Pomes, and Vanessa Morgan.

What a great job our student and parents have done to help this worthy cause! We are so proud of everyone's effort and participation!


Just Dance Party

Little Oak Middle School students who met or exceeded their Accelerated Reader goal for the third nine weeks recently took part in a "Just Dance Party". The students enjoyed dancing to their favorite songs, and they got a lot of exercise while doing so! The school received three WII Game Systems, along several games, from the NFL Play 60 program. The student body took part in this program previously this school year. Teachers Julie Ricca and Beth Priestly were on hand to enjoy the festivities, as well as the school administrators. Everyone had a great time!

Fifth Grader Alyson Vivien enjoys the festivities!

From left to right Fifth graders Jacob Falterman and Chase Cannon lead the dancing group with one of their favorite songs!


Friday Fun Night

Little Oak Middle School students celebrated Friday Fun Night on March 22! Students enjoyed dressing in their camouflage clothing. The theme was “Louisiana Sportsman”. Students enjoyed dancing and playing games with their peers.

In the above photo are from left to right Vanessa Morgan, Grace Reidenauer, Fourth Grade Teacher Terry Barrilleaux, Avery Miller, Kaitlin Polit, Collin Ganus, and in the front is Stephen Bateman.

In the above photo, Mattie Leland, Austin LaCoste, Hannah Hall, Teacher Terry Barrilleaux, Andy Garcia, and Austin Knight

February, 2013


Read Across America

Little Oak Middle School students celebrated “Read Across America Day” on Friday, March 1.  This event is held throughout the United States on March 2, and usually coincides with the birthday of Dr. Suess, Theodore Geisel, who is known for writing a multitude of famous children’s books. The students celebrated the event by participating in various reading, writing, and art activities, all centered around a Dr. Suess theme.  The classes that participated included Mrs. Dundar’s fifth grade class,  Mrs. Cormier’s fourth grade class, Ms. LaBorde’s class and Mrs. Lorance’s class, both of which include fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students.

Principal, Amy DiCarlo, assists student Jason Fernandez during a reading activity.

Fifth grade teacher, Terri Dundar, poses with students Jakala Batiste, Sierra Yates, and Gary Holmes while they brainstorm their creative ideas.

Students Javarie Collins, Jerelle Decoux, and Michael Calamari create their Dr. Suess hats during craft time!

Students Tyler Davis and Marquell Ford enjoy a variety of Dr. Suess books with the help of teacher Mrs. Lorance.

Assistant Principal, Amie Guttuso, assists students Rochelle Thornton, Javarie Collins, Bryce Edwards, and Andrew Hebert with a writing activity.

Students Scott Jordan and Christopher Oahlmann (left to right) display their chosen Dr. Suess book for the writing activity.

Arianna Plummer, teacher Connie Cormier, and Gabrielle Nipper (left to right) pose for a photo.

Principal, Amy DiCarlo, with students Jason Fernandez and Katlynn Warfield enjoy listening and interacting with the Dr. Suess story as fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Cormier reads to the group.

Left to right: Back Row-Reagan Boehm, Mason McGuire, Kreisha Parham, Gabrielle Nipper, and Devin Schuler. Middle Row-Christopher Oahlmann, Scott Jordan, Tavian Brim, and Montell Hatch . Front Row-Merrick Maheia, Marleena Harrison, Liam Leaveau, and Joseph Sykes.



Black History Month

Little Oak Middle School students took part in various activities throughout the campus during the month of February in honor of Black History Month.  Several students read biographies, which highlighted famous African Americans and their contributions to society.  Many classes decorated bulletin boards honoring February as Black History Month.

Students from Mrs. Dundar’s fifth grade class read biographies during morning announcements- Left to Right: Kreisha Parham, Rashaad Goines, Miranda McCawley, Jakala Batiste, and Alyssa Ramirez.

Mrs. Roueche’s fifth grade class made circle wheels to portray famous African Americans.

Students from Mrs. Roueche’s class proudly display their work. From left to right are Aliyah Alabsa, Corey Williams, Alan Bui, and Azarea Daniels.

Mrs. Cormier’s fourth grade class displayed a “Dreamers and Achievers” bulletin board.


100th Day of School

Students in Ms. Barrilleaux’s math classes celebrated the 100th day of school by making hats with 100 items attached.  The students have been working on this project since the beginning of school in August.

Ms. Barrilleaux’s students show off their creations!

Sarah McGill and Brittany Mason complete their Mardi Gras float as part of their 100 th day measurement project.

Garrett Garay and Cain Knight display their project.

Mattie Leland displays her 100 th Day Hat!

Hannah Hall smiles proudly as she displays her creation!

January, 2013


Honor Choir

Ten students in fifth and sixth grades recently represented Little Oak Middle School in the Louisiana Music Educator's District IX Elementary Honor Choir. A total of seventy-five fifth and sixth grade elementary and middle school students from schools all over southeast Louisiana participated in the audition-only group. This is the third school year that the elementary choir has been in existence. The choir performed on Saturday, January 26th at 2 p.m. at Ponchatoula High School in Ponchatoula, Louisiana, under the direction of the clinician, Mr. Karl Harrod, choral director at Harry M. Hurst Middle School in St. Charles Parish.

Students pictured are (front row left to right) Gillian Montgomery, Carley Elliers, Emily Clarke, Katie Grubbs, and Andrea Adkins. Back row, left to right, are Madi Bolin, Royce Clinard, Mrs. Rebecca Hayes (Chorus Director), Kaya Dundar, Andrew Dicke, and Chris Barron.


Science Club Meets

Attached are photos from a recent Science Club Meeting, which included a presentation from Dr. Buzbee, a retired physicist.

A Sixth grader enjoys filling balloons with chemicals to discover a reaction that really "pops".

At a monthly science club meeting, guest speaker, Dr. Buzbee, challenges Little Oak Middle Science Club members to investigate the properties of chemical reactions with a variety of hands on experiments too messy for the classroom!  Science Club Coordinator, Debbie Schellinger, brings students closer to science by inviting the experts in for demonstrations as she opens doors to the use of STEM -based concepts.  Dr. Buzbee is both an expert in Chemistry and Physics.  Students really enjoy the freedom of making a mess outdoors!

Gabby Young is using chemicals to demonstrate the existence of Hydrogen ions in a conductivity lab.  Behind her, Alaina Bollete reacts to a balloon popping.



Body Systems Study

As a concluding project to the study of human body systems, students worked in teams to create life-sized, detailed drawings of each of the systems.  Students in Mrs. Roueche’s fifth grade class were able to see the importance of all body systems working together in order for our bodies to function efficiently.

Left to right: Bethany Vinet, Evelyn Payne, Sarah Colley, and Georgia Karam

Left to right: Gaven Stein, Bailey Stock, Jada Irvin, and Dustin Collins

Left to right: Carson Lore, Jordan Maggio, Blake Lee, and Kevin Rea


December, 2012


Nursing Home Visit

Little Oak Middle School students recently took part in their 4th Annual "Generation Connection-Celebrating the Holidays" event.  The students visited with senior citizens at some of the Slidell area retirement and nursing home facilities.


SNAC (Student Nutritional Advisory Council) Club members and Kindness Club members took part in the event.  Little Oak's Bell Choir shared in the festivities by providing music for the seniors to enjoy.  Live Oak Assisted Living Center and Camellia Gardens Living Center were among the facilities visited. The students shared songs of the season, big smiles, and gifts, which were donated by each homeroom class at Little Oak.  

The event was led by Mrs. Rebecca Hayes and Mrs. Terri Burt, Choir/Bell Choir Instructors, Mrs. Kimberly Hinson, School Counselor and Kindness Club Moderator, and Mrs. Janet Farrell, Cafeteria Manager and SNAC Club Moderator.  

By taking part in this event, the students learn to give of themselves by sharing their time, gifts, and talents with others.  They certainly brought much happiness to the seniors during the holiday season.


Reflections Context

Little Oak Middle School students created masterpieces for the PTA Reflections Contest, and their work has gone on to the St. Tammany District PTA for further judging!

Students in the attached photograph submitted entries that went on for further judging. The names are listed below:Front Row: Kyle Stewart, Nicole Vanderklis, Sarah Doll, and Kolbe Haab. Back Row: Trey Bramley, Carley Chase, Janusz Wojcik, and Victoria Melerine.


Student Authors Celebrated

Little Oak Middle School encourages students to demonstrate their writing abilities through participation in various writing activities. Creative Communication, an organization run by teachers and educators, offers students the opportunity to have their writing materials published. Students are selected by participating in an essay writing contest. Creative Communication is very selective in the submissions they accept and not all entries are accepted for publication.

The librarian at Little Oak, Mary Reneau, believes there is a potentially famous author awaiting in one or several of her students. She feels that all they need is inspiration to guide and mold them into wonderful authors. She initiates student participation in the writing contest each year and the response is uplifting. These students are now published authors and the anthology in which their work appears is on display in the school’s library. The faculty and staff are very proud of our outstanding student authors!

Students photographed from left to right are back row: Ana Quirk, Trey Bramley, Victoria Hill, Gracie Rutz, and Kallen Hurt. On the front row are Joi Olgetree, Lauren Indorf, Lexie Livaudais, Nicole Vanderklis, and Allison Murphy.

November, 2012


Campus Clean-Up

Students and faculty members recently came out to clean up Little Oak's campus.  The group spruced up the campus by planting new flowers, cleaning out gardens, and cutting back trees. Teachers Julie Ricca, Allison Bolin, and Emily Sehon were on hand to led the clean up efforts.  



Spider Research

Fourth grade students in Mrs. Ricca's class recently worked in groups on Fall themed projects.  They researched various aspects of spiders and shared their results.  The students also used the thesaurus to find synonyms to describe pumpkins they brought to class.


October, 2012



Monsters, Inc.

Students at Little Oak Middle School recently celebrated their first nine weeks Accelerated Reader goals by kicking back with some nachos and the movie “Monsters Inc.”  All students who met or exceeded their goal were invited to attend the party.  The students had a great time, and they enjoyed the opportunity to relax with their peers!

Left to Right are Joey Cook, London Seale, and Abby Attaway

Left to Right (back row) Katy Clymer, Victoria Myers, Taylor Archie, Kennedy Green, Ally Erminger, and Kade Cunningham. Left to Right (front row) are Mikayla Price, Caitlyn Garcia, Victoria Denham, and Lauren Indorf


Bus Driver Appreciation

Little Oak Middle School recently held its Bus Driver Appreciation Luncheon on Thursday, October 18. 

From left to Right are Dana Rester and Trish Champagne enjoying the event!


Friday Fun Night

Students at Little Oak Middle School recently enjoyed a night of food, fun, music, and games at Friday Fun Night.  The theme for this party was “Crazy Hair.”  This is a school-wide function sponsored by Little Oak’s PTA.  The students had a great time!

Fourth grader, Sarah Vanderklis, shows off her crazy hairdo!

Sixth teacher Rebecca Besch and her son Trey Besch, enjoy the festivities!

Jacob Treadway smiles for the camera!


Fair Booth Display

Here are photos of Little Oak Middle School’s Parish Fair Booth entitled “Celebration Tour of Our Louisiana.”  The booth won First Place in the middle school division, and the booth was also named “Grand Prize Winner ” in the middle school division. 

Many students participated school wide.  The booth focused on the five regions of Louisiana-Sportsman’s Paradise, Crossroads, Cajun Country, Plantation Country, and Greater New Orleans.  Students created artwork, poetry, models, graphs, charts, and research projects which emphasized these 5 regions.  The students learned a lot of great information about our state!



Cookie Islands

Fourth graders at Little Oak Middle School created Cookie Islands. Each student created their own distinct island. The activity culminated the unit on mapping and landforms. Students created a 3-D model of their island using edible treats to represent map elements. They then transformed their map elements onto a 2-D map. And of course, they got to enjoy eating their tasty islands! Students in Ms. Barrilleaux, Mrs. Day, Mrs. Dicharia, and Mrs. Venezia's classes took part in the activity.

September, 2012


Ancient Medium of Exchange

Mrs. Carrie Marsh’s fifth grade students at Little Oak Middle School took part in a social studies activity which identified mediums and methods of exchange in the Ancient Empires. Students spent the week studying ancient methods of bartering, and they developed their own product line. They prepared items for trade in the classroom. Students were evaluated based on the marketability of their product, and their participation in the marketplace.  The students had a GREAT time and they developed a deeper understanding about marketing in the ancient times.

Cupcakes and fudge bartered by Christopher Oalmann and Allison Dupree (left to right)

Original comic strips bartered by Alexander Lewis and clay ornaments by Sarah Doll (left to right).

Shell/bead necklaces by Miranda McCawley

August, 2012

Articulation Day

Little Oak Middle teachers took part in their annual Articulation Day on July 31, 2012.  This day is geared toward professional development activities that will help teachers prepare for the upcoming school year.  Teachers received instruction on several topics such as cooperative grouping strategies, whole brain learning activities, and Common Core State Standards.  Over 40 teachers were in attendance, and it was a very productive day for all.

Left to Right: Teachers Amanda Cole, Barbara Poche’, and Terry Barrilleaux work on building a prototype of a bridge as part of their instruction on “A Framework for Science Grades K-12”.

Fourth grade teacher, Nicole Dicharia, provides instruction on team building activities and classroom management.

Fifth grade teacher, Amy Burckel, gives instruction on cooperative grouping strategies, and how to make the most of group work in the classroom.

New Family Orientation

Little Oak Middle School held its annual New Family Orientation on Saturday, July 28, 2012.  This event gives new students and parents the opportunity to visit and tour the school campus.  Little Oak Middle’s administrative team shared valuable information about school policies and procedures.  Over 250 families attended, and School Board Representative, Mary Kay Bellisario, was also present at the orientation.

Resource Helping Teacher, Amie Guttuso, prepares handouts for the parents as they arrive.

Principal, Amy DiCarlo, shares information with parents and students.  Little Oak students, Sarah and Nicole Vanderklis model and demonstrate Little Oak’s uniform.

Parents and students listen attentively as procedures and policies are discussed.



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