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May, 2012


Food Service Awards

From the May, 2012, Food Service Banquet
Outstanding Food Service Program & Outstanding Student Nutrition Advisory Council


Band Concert

Here are some photos from the recent Band Concert in the gymnasium.



AR Special Breakfast

Little Oak Middle School students who met or exceeded their Accelerated Reader goals for the entire school year were treated to a special breakfast in their honor.  The students enjoyed hot beignets while they visited with administrators and friends. The students also received certificates from Chesterfield’s, a local restaurant.

Left to right are Meredith Hoff, Jolie Grimes, and Victoria Denham

Left to right are Hannah Kessler, John Patorno, and Anastasha Wallace

Principal Amy DiCarlo speaks to the students about the importance of reading.


Handwashing Demonstration

Thanks to a grant awarded by the Slidell Memorial Hospital Foundation, children at Little Oak Middle School received a lesson on the importance of hand washing on May 11, 2012.

SMH healthcare providers completed a short discussion on the importance of correct hand washing.  The children learned to wash their hands effectively by using soap, water and friction for 15-20 seconds.  Students practiced by singing their “ABCs” one time or “Happy Birthday” two times while washing and reviewed the three times when it’s ALWAYS necessary to wash: after using the restroom, before eating and after playing with animals.  Following the discussion, a product called GlitterBug was applied to their hands.   When used with an ultraviolet light, GlitterBug simulates how quickly and broadly germs can be spread in a short period of time.  The children observed before and after views of their hands.  

Christi Chagnard, RN from Slidell Memorial Hospital presents to the students about the importance of proper handwashing.

Christi Chagnard, RN from Slidell Memorial Hospital presents to the students about the importance of proper handwashing.



Career Day

Little Oak sixth grade students recently attended Career Day on Thursday, May 10.  The students took part in presentations by men and women in various occupations.  Students were given basic instruction on each job profession, and they had the opportunity to ask questions.  The day concluded with a motivational speech from Mr. Jude Grayson, owner of Rick Weems Karate. 

Presenters also included:  Mrs. Sabrina Audibert, Slidell Athletic Club Yoga Instructor, Mr. John Harrison, St. Tammany Parish Schools-Channel 13, Captain Peace Marvel, Kim Benedict, RN, Ben Taylor, Homeland Security, Michael Thiel, Fire District Number 1, Jennifer Blanchard,  Instructor-Delgado Community College, United States Coast Guard Members, Mr. Scott Cannon, Attorney at Law, Daniel Chauvin-SWAT Team Member, and Bryan Massery-Biologist, St. Tammany Mosquito Abatement.

Sixth grade student, L J Leonard suits up in Coast Guard gear.  He is shown with two members of the Coast Guard

Mr. Jude Grayson demonstrates taekwondo for the students

Mrs. Sabrina Audibert demonstrates yoga for the students

Mr. Ben Taylor discusses his occupation with the students, Homeland Security


Volunteer Luncheon

Little Oak Middle School recently held its Volunteer Luncheon on Thursday, May 3.  Volunteers were treated with performances by the Little Oak Chorus  students and Bell Choir Students.  Several parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles attended the luncheon.  It was a great time!

Little Oak’s fifth grade chorus under the instruction of Mrs. Rachel Hoff

Little Oak volunteers enjoy the luncheon. Left to right are Cindy Cannon, Tami Barclay, Kathleen Hardouin, Tricia Pons, and Karen Clarke.


Superior Beautification

Little Oak Middle School’s Beautification Committee recently earned a superior rating!  The school took part in many activities including cleaning the school grounds, planting new gardens, and recycling projects.  Fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Julie Ricca, heads up the Beautification Committee.  A few of the student committee members are in the attached photograph.

Students from left to right are (Front Row) Santiago Zabala, Katie Allen, and Kate Rotolo, (Back Row)  Corrine Knight, Kaylynn Stoltz, Zach and Adam Roy


Peer 2 Peer

We have a program at our school for the past couple of years called Peer 2 Peer. It evolved out of a few students from a regular ed class volunteering in the Reduced Number-Class.

Due to a Pilot Program with LSU-HSC L.A.S.A.R.D. , the program has evolved dramatically.
These students are trained to work with students regarding social skills with students with Autism and related disabilities. We nick name it P2P to look like text code ;)
The P2P students are now integrated into a Resource Class, M.A.E. class and playground, each donating their recess time to help others.

After a brief phone call i'd made over Christmas break with the coordinator of Special Olympics (Charlie Courville) requesting the Peers to volunteer at any S.O. location, he recommended an S.O. event to possibly be held at our school. Thus, after a few meetings, the student run program evolved!

"Little Oak Middle Peer 2 Peers students who are trained to help develop social skills and friendships with students with Autism and related disabilities sponsored their
First annual Special Olympics event On April 26th, 2012.

Peer 2 Peer Kaitlyn Birkhoff and Brandon Wulf coach Athlete Myron Hood in his electronic chair

Peer 2 Peer now collaborates with Special Olympics as Project Unify which will assist the Peer 2 Peer program through potential funding.


April, 2012


Little Oak Middle School students recently participated in the St. Jude Math-A-Thon in order to raise money for St. Jude’s Hospital.  The Math-A-Thon drive was sponsored by Patricia Craddock, a fourth grade teacher at Little Oak Middle School.  In all, Little Oak raised $10,739.29  this year.  Little Oak Middle School has participated in the Math-A-Thon since 1985.  To date, the school has raised $127,917. 52!  The student who raised the most money this year was Victoria Soehnlein, a fourth grader at Little Oak.  She raised $1,475.00. 

The students in the attached photo from left to right are Victoria Soehnlein, Ms. Patricia Craddock-sponsor,  Jade McGill, and Aliyah Alabsa.



Special Olympics

Little Oak Middle School Students took part in their first annual Special Olympics Event on Thursday, April 26. Students in the “Peer 2 Peer Group”, under the leadership of Guidance Counselor, Melissa Copeland, led the event. The Peer 2 Peer students are trained to help develop social skills, as well as friendships with fellow students who have Autism and related disabilities. The Peer 2 Peer students organized the games and events, and they also served as team coaches.

Students in the attached photos are:

Left to right are Marleena Harrison, Kyle Sheeley, Reagan Boehm, Jake Patrick (front), Shane Kennedy, and Coach Mallory Suberville

Left to right are Peer 2 Peer Student Regina Watson , Peer 2 Peer Coordinator, Melissa Copeland, and Peer 2 Peer Student Alexis Gierlings

Left to right are Benny Galatas, Kristie Reis, and Coach Madison Waggoner


Fun With Acrobatics

Once standardized testing concluded, Little Oak Middle School students were treated to a fun acrobatic performance that included many stunts and tricks.  Acrobats Carol and Willy Waltens performed balancing acts, and many other stunts for the students to enjoy!  Some of the students joined in and tried out their own acrobatic talent!

Carol Waltens balances on a wooden board and roller, as her partner, Willy Waltens looks on.

Fourth grader, Hannah Pool, does a great balancing act!



Earth Day

Students in Little Oak Middle’s Science Club took part in cleaning up the school grounds on Friday, April 20, 2012 in honor of Earth Day.  The science club includes students in the sixth grade, and it is led by Debbie Schellinger, a sixth grade science teacher.  Mrs. Schellinger and her students are in the photos below.


Across the Border

Students at Little Oak Middle School geared up for testing week by taking part in a cultural dance presentation entitled “Across the Border”.  Performers from Javier’s Dance Studio put on an excellent show that was enjoyed by all!  Several students took part in the presentations, including Arian Juarez, Javier Juarez’s son.  Arian is a fourth grader at Little Oak Middle.

Performers from Javier’s Dance Studio

Chyenne Brieske, Patricia Craddock-Fourth Grade Teacher, and Javier Juarez

AR Goals Achieved

Students at Little Oak Middle School recently celebrated achieving Accelerated Reader Goals for the third nine weeks of school.  All students who met or exceeded their reading goal were treated to a Popsicle Picnic!  Students enjoyed an outdoor picnic, and they were also treated to popsicles.  Frogurt’s, a local frozen yogurt and smoothie shop, provided gift certificates for the students also. The picnic took place on Friday, March 30.  Students in grades 4, 5, and 6 participated in the celebration.

Left to right- Sierra Beasley, Alexis Maggio, Resource Helping Teacher Amie Guttuso, Elizabeth Lewy, Mallory Doody, and Annebelle Campbell

Left to right- Elizabeth Lewy, Paraprofessional Lucero Mustafa, Alexis Emmitt, Gabriella Marquez, and Myron Hood

Left to right- Bree Dammon, Kimberlee Singletary, Madelyn Cormier (standing), and Kate Mistretta

Left to right- Breanna LaBorde and Jennifer Monus

March, 2012


Regional Science Fair


Little Oak Middle 4 th and 5 th graders participated in the Elementary Division of the Regional Science Fair at SLU on Thursday, March 8, 2012.

The LOM winners are pictured as follows: Front Row (left to right): Kyle Stewart 2nd place; Logan Doody 2nd place; Taylor Nettle 3rd place. Back Row (left to right): Ansley Seymour 3rd place; Madison Bowman 3rd place; Paul Hanley  - Honorable Mention; Gracie Rutz – Honorable Mention; Payton Subervielle 1st place; and Chris Barron 1st place.

Junior Division

Little Oak Middle 6th graders and Boyet Junior High 7th and 8th graders participated in the Junior Division of the Regional Science Fair at SLU on Friday, March 9, 2012.

All 1st and 2nd place regional science fair winners will advance to the State Science Fair to be held at LSU later this month.

The LOM & BJH Regional Science Fair Winners are pictured as follows:

Left to right: Michael Stokes (BJH), 2nd place in Physics; Noah Roheim (BJH), 3rd place in Animal Science; Alex Barron (BJH), 3rd place in Physics; Paola Colmenares (LOM), 2nd place in Earth & Planetary Science; Nicholas Foster (BJH), 2nd place in Microbiology; and Cody Armand (LOM), 2nd place in Animal Science.

All Boyet Junior High participants of the Regional Science Fair are shown as follows:

Left to right: Michael Stokes, Noah Roheim, Alex Barron, Nicholas Foster, and Russell Fabre.

All LOM participants of the Regional Science Fair are shown as follows:

Left to right: Paola Colmenares, Hannah Smith, Mallory Doody, Delana Lorance, Cody Armand, Jordan Rinaudo, and Peter Fabre.

Science Fair Winners

The 2012 Little Oak Middle School/Boyet Junior High Science Fair on January 27 was jointly sponsored by the PTA from both school. The fair provides a forum to foster scientific interest and excellence in our society's next generation.

Best In Show for Little Oak Middle & Boyet Jr High: (left to right)
Little Oak Middle: Chris Barron, Mallory Doody, Delana Lorance;
and Boyet Jr. High: Nicholas Foster.

Little Oak Middle 4th grade winners: (left to right) Front row: Aaron Rodriguez, Blake Shubert, Taylor Nettle, Logan Doody, Kyle Stewart, and Kaylie Wilson. Back row: Mason Erickson, Maylaysia Newyton, Mollie Mascaro, Isabella Masson, Portia McMillan, and Will Brockhoff.

Little Oak Middle 5th grade winners: (left to right) Front row: Gracie Rutz, Chloe Lopez, Madison Bowman, Gracie Brandhurst, and Payton Subervielle. Back row: Kaylyn Stoltz, Ansley Seymour, Grace Sonnier, Paul Hanley, Abby Attaway, and London Seale.


Little Oak Middle 6th grade winners

Left to right - Front row: Corin Knight, Hannah Kessler, Dominick Lala, Isabella Schlosser, Derek Guo, and Claire Picou. Back row: Kate Mistretta, Kaitlyn Birkhoff, Cody Armand, Malachi Brown, Paola Colmenares, and Samuel Campbell.


Boyet Jr High 7 th grade winners

Left to right - Front row: Madison Williams, Luke Perez, Laura Carrasquilla, Jordan Bradley, Timmy Christman, and Josh Gaff. Back row: Mark Hidalgo, Kayla Baudier, Elizabeth Landry, Carley Oliver, Mary Davis, and Conner Campbell.


Boyet Jr High 8th grade winners

Left to right - Front row: Anthony Algeciras, Mason Calico, Summer Alabasha, Noah Roheim, and Michael Stokes. Back row: Kerry Dangerfield, Sean Scoggin, Matthew Myers, Stephen Kessler, Kylie Ritter, Charlotte Wingate, and Alex Barron.

Special Awards

Businesses and professionals in our community also sponsored special awards to winners from each school, Little Oak (L) and Boyet (B), as follows (but not pictured):

Best in Show (Qinetiq North America): Chris Barron, Delana Lorance and Mallory Doody (L) and Nicholas Foster (B).

Best Project involving Dental or Oral Health/Hygeine (Dr. David Hildebrandt): Gracie Brandhurst (L) and Allison Comeaux and McKenzie Turpin (B).

Best Project on Rocks, Gemstones, or other Natural Materials (Sylvia's Designs): Isabella Schlosser and Paola Colmenares (L) and Alexander Burgers and Garrett Head (B).

Outstanding Biology Project (Dr. Diana Clavin): Kaylyn Stoltz (L) and Summer Alabasha (B).

Best Project in Meteorology or Earth Science (Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command): Delana Lorance and Mallory Doody (L) and Alexz Hattier (B).

Best Project on Oceanography (Naval Oceanographic Office): Samuel Campbell and Malachi Brown (L) and Javon McGill (B).

Outstanding Project on Exercise and/or Fitness (Gymnastics Plus!): Kayla Shubert and Sierra Beasley (L) and Madison Williams (B).

Best Study on Vision, Light, or Optics (Slidell Optics): Matthew Bratton (L) and Alex Barron (B).

Best Use of Photography (Paul Wood Photography): Claire Picou (L) and Michael Stokes (B).

Best Use of Color (The Logo Store): Matthew Bisner (L) and Kate Macaluso (B).

Outstanding Physics Project (Slidell Rocks): Kayli Wilson (L) and Alex Barron (B).

Best Project involving Airplanes or Aeronautics (Klass Ink Trophies): Chris Barron (L) and Cameron Robin and Carter Brock (B).

Best Project involving Plants or Flowers (the Barron Family): Hannah Smith (L) and Kerry Dangerfield and Stephen Kessler (B).

Best Project on Water or other Liquids (Fire Away Ceramics): Victoria Denham (L) and Destiny Genelli and Brooke Tjulander (B).

Best Use of Computers and Computing Technology (Blue Stream Services): Mickayla (5) Jasmin and Cameron Walters (L) and Mary Davis (B).

Outstanding Engineering Project (Raytheon Projects): Peter Fabre and Jordan Rinaudo (L) and Michael Stokes (B).

Outstanding Project on Sports or Sports Equipment (Smith's Sporting Goods): Logan Doody (L) and Payton Williams and Billy LaSalle (B).

Outstandiing Study on Food or Food Products (Crème de la Crème Bakery): Derek Guo and Nathan Ngo (L) and Josh Graff and Timmy Christman (B).

Outstanding Study on the Effects of Pollution (Environmental Enterprises USA): Chris Barron (L) and Luke Perez (B).

Best Project on Temperature (Baskin Robbins): Kaitlyn Birkhoff and Kate Mistretta (L) and Cody Call (B).

Outstanding Chemistry Project (Crescent City Color): Corin Knight and Hannah Kessler (L) and Kerry Dangerfield and Stephen Kessler (B).

Outstanding Project on Medicine and/or Health (Dr. Elizabeth Stevenson): Kyle Stewart (L) and Nicholas Foster (B).

Best Use of Graphic Materials (Southern Blues Screenprinting): Delaney Dick and Jenna Schmidt (L) and Kayla Baudier and Laura Carrasquilla (B).

Best Study on Music, Dance, Rhythm, or Harmony (Christy Music): Jasmine Reavis and Cameron Clark (L) and Conner Campbell (B).

Best Study on Animals or Animal Behavior (Slidell Veterinary Hospital): Payton Subervielle (L) and Noah Roheim (B).

The Top Judges Award (the fair coordinators): Matthew Bratton (L) and Allison Comeaux and McKenzie Turpin (B).


Smoothie Option

Little Oak Middle School students now have a refreshing lunch option-Smoothies!  Our sixth grade students are enjoying this nutritional and deliciously fruity option!

February, 2012


Jerseys for Jeremy


Parade Jump Rope Team

Little Oak Middle School’s jump rope team-“The Firecrackers” marched in Perseus, a local parade, which took place in Slidell on February 5. 

Left to right - Peyton Burckel, Parker Burckel, with their mom, Amy Burckel, fifth grade teacher at Little Oak

Rebecca Tillman, Maria Blain, Olivia Humphrey, Grace Murders, and Jessica Smith



Black History Month

Little Oak Middle School students celebrated Black History Month throughout the month of February. Students selected a famous African American and researched important facts about his/her life. The students then wrote a short biography, and each student read their biography during the morning announcements for the whole school to enjoy. The above photo includes a few of the students who shared biographies during the month: Left to right are
Madeline Bolin-(Octavia Spencer), Makeena Plaisance-(Mahalia Jackson), John Himes-(James Earl Jones), Britney Betram-(Pele’), Rebecca Klepfer-(Natasha Whatley), Cameron Madine-(Muhammed Ali), and Blake Costello-(Jackie Robinson).


Weather Fest

Max Smith, a fourth grade student at Little Oak Middle School, attended The Weather Fest on Saturday, January 21, 2012. While at the fest, which took place at the New Orleans Convention Center, Max visited the WDSU station, where he drew and colored a weather picture.   Max’s artwork was shown on the morning news on Wednesday, January 25. 



January, 2012


100th Day of School

Fourth grade students in Ms. Barrilleaux and Mrs. Day's classes celebrated the 100th day of school on Friday, January 20, 2012. The students decorated hats which included 100 items on them! The students were allowed to wear their hats in class to celebrate this special day. Hats were decorated with buttons, beads, and even macaroni! Students in the photo are listed below from left to right - Back Row: Landry Long, Evan Corry, Kayla Barclay, Olivya Humphrey, and Mollie Mascaro. Front Row: Karen Davison, Kaitlyn Johnson, Logan Doody, Ashley Martin, and Madeline Busbee.


A Team Celebration

“A Team Celebration at Little Oak Middle School” recognized the students at Little Oak who received all A’s on their report cards for the second nine weeks.   The students were treated to cupcakes after lunch, and they sat at a decorated table to recognize their accomplishments.  The event took place on Wednesday, January 11, 2012.  Students pictured are listed from left to right below:

Fourth graders-Emily Evans, Kayla Barclay, and Mikayla Price.

Sixth graders-Elizabeth Lewy and Abbey Chase.

Sixth graders-Julian Leaveau, John Paterno, Jennifer Monus, and Anna Yue.

Nacho Rio Party

The students at Little Oak Middle School who met or exceeded their Accelerated Reader goal for the second nine weeks were treated to a “Nacho Rio Party” on Friday, January 13, 2012.  The students enjoyed nachos, and they watched the movie “Rio”.  The students had a great time, and over 250 met their AR goal. Students pictured are listed below from left to right:

Students enjoy nachos and movie

Julia Rodriguez takes her tray back to enjoy the movie

Students line up to receive their nacho trays

-Claire Picou enjoys the festivities

Anna Yue, Jenna Schmidt, Cody Armand, and Emma Groom enjoying the party

Coats for Kids

Little Oak Middle School's fourth grade students took part in a coat collection contest in conjunction with the "Bruce's Coats for Kids" program. The students collected approximately 350 coats, which were picked up for donation to the Bruce Kats Coats for Kids Foundation.

Pictured are a few fourth grade students along with the coat boxes. From left to right are Aaron Rodriguez, Megan Davis, Kershawn Fisher, and Donny Cannon.

Lighthouse Research

Recently the students of Mrs. Ricca's fourth grade social studies class at Little Oak Middle School researched lighthouses across the United States to learn about the various regions of our country. They gathered information using technology, as well as information from written resources. The students then created a brochure advertising their place of interest, and they also created a model of a lighthouse. The children did a great job presenting their projects to the class. They not only learned a great deal about their own place of interest, but they were fascinated by the various lighthouses created by their peers. Some families even took trips over the Christmas holidays to visit lighthouses. One family visited the Jupiter Lighthouse near Miami, while another family visited the St. Augustine Lighthouse. Students pictured above are Thomas Caspillo, Jordan Maggio, and Tyler Dimaggio.

In the above photo, students from Mrs. Julie Ricca's class are shown with their lighthouses. They are, from left to right, Emily Bates, Sydney Tamborella, Nicolette Dowling, and Cody Pomes.


December, 2011

Parts of Speech

Little Oak Middle School’s fourth grade students recently visited the “Parts of Speech Kingdom” at Boyet Junior High School.  The presentation was was developed by Vicci Fairchild’s seventh grade students.  The fourth graders traveled from table to table, and they took part in student centered activities that focused on the parts of speech.   The Boyet students created each unique activity, and they also led the students through the presentation.  They dressed accordingly, in attire fit to suit kings and queens.  The fourth graders really enjoyed the presentation, and they commented how fun it was to learn about the parts of speech in this manner.

Left to right are Boyet student Emily Morris, Fourth Grade Little Oak
students Kali Cookmeyer and Mikayla Price enjoying the activities.

Dominic Allain enjoys a coloring activity.

November, 2011

Firefighters Visit

To celebrate Fire Prevention Month, Little Oak Middle School’s fourth grade students were treated to a very informative visit from members of Fire District 1. The firemen discussed fire prevention and safety measures with the students. The students also toured the Fire Smoke House, and they got a hands-on look an actual Fire Truck and its capabilities when putting out fires. The students thoroughly enjoyed the presentation!

Fire Prevention Officer Mike Thiel speaks to the students.

Captain Troy Lombard invites the students to tour the house.

From left to right, Fire Operator Jason Gaubert, Firefighter Josiah Strecker, and Captain Nicky Bruno talk to students about fire truck equipment.

From left to right, Firefighter Josiah Strecker, Fire Operator Jason Gaubert, and Captain Nicky Bruno answer questions from students about fire safety.


October, 2011

Parish Fair Booth

Our fair booth won First Place and Grand Prize in the middle school division! Little Oak Middle School wins 1st Prize and Grand Prize at St.Tammany Parish Fair. Titled: Plenty to see...From A to Z! Thanks to the following classes and their teachers for participating:Mrs. Audibert, Mrs. Black, Mrs. Bolin, Mrs. Burckel, Mrs. Poche', Mrs. Ponseti, Mrs. Ricca, Mrs.Schellinger, Mrs. Walters, Ms. Powell and our talented art students-a special thanks to Maddy Cormier for her "extra" help!

LEAP Test Information Meeting

On Tuesday, October 20, 2011, fourth grade parents were invited to Little Oak Middle School to learn more about the upcoming LEAP test, which will take place in the spring. Parents received valuable information about the test, and they learned about  websites that can be used at home to help the students prepare for the test.  Fourth grade teachers shared particular information about the format of the test and what will be expected of the students.

Parents receiving instruction on the particular elements of the LEAP test

Teacher Lori Hessler shares information with fourth grade parents

Teacher Nicole Dicharia shares the format of the math portion of the LEAP test

Teachers Lori Hessler (left) and Nicole Dicharia (right) share information about scoring.

Creative Days

Little Oak Middle held its first Accelerated Reader Reward, “P & J’s Creative Days”. Students who met or exceeded their AR goal for the first nine weeks were treated to a visit from New Orleans authors-Joanne Mehrtens and Pat Roig. Joanne and Pat shared their children’s books with the students, and talked about the writing process. The students also had two surprise guests-Roxanne and Ralph, the cockroach puppets who are the main characters in each of the books. The books are entitled The Beignet That Almost Got Away, Counting Around the Neutral Ground, Clothilde’s MeeMaw Swallows Mardi Gras, and Jockamo Knows Gumbo.

Joanne Mehrtens displays the books to a group of fifth grade students.

Pat Roig (left) and Joanne Mehrtens (right) share information with the students about creating ideas for the books.

Pat Roig (left) with puppets Ralph and Roxanne and Joanne Mehrtens (right).

Pat (left) and Joanne (right)

Front row: Victoria Denham, Mitchell Burks, Je’lynn Cheatham, Brandon Combs, and Meredith Hoff. Back row: Joanne Mehrtens and Pat Roig.

Pat Roig (left) and Piero Berrios (right) take part in an “mime” activity.




Career Day

Little Oak sixth grade students took part in Career Day on May 12, 2011. The students enjoyed presentations on various careers within the community. Some of the speakers included: Allen Little, Chateau Bleu Restaurant; Mary and Bran Dubuisson, Dubuisson Art Gallery; Ben Taylor, Homeland Security; Sabrina Audibert-Teacher and Certified Yoga Instructor; Jerry Briggs-United States Coast Guard; Dr. Jeffrey Wiggins- SLIDELL DENTAL ASSOCIATE, LLC; Kimberly Benedict-Registered Nurse; Dr. Dennis Peyroux-Global Chiropractor Center; Rachael Blanchard and John Harrison-St. Tammany Parish Instructional Technology Center; Ms. Galloway-Slidell Coroner’s Office; and SWAT Team Representatives. Motivational Guest Speakers Included Jude Grayson owner of Rick Weem’s Karate and Sally Ann Roberts-Channel 4 News.


Sally Ann Roberts gives a motivational speech to the sixth grade students.

Jude Grayson speaks to the sixth grade students about discipline and hard work.

Jump Rope Team Photos

Parent volunteer banner holders

From left to right: Kennan Dial, Mary Grace Burkes, Nicole Vanderkis, and Gabbi Mussack.

William Schmolke

Darian Passaro, Kassidy Montalbano, and Emily Tiblier.





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