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June, 2013


Awards Day














Student of the Year

May, 2013


Student Effort Wins Finalist Award


The finalist for this year’s Superintendent’s Award for Outstanding Character and Citizenship is a Lancaster Elementary student and her group named “Little Citizens – Big Change.” Three students representing the group and Principal Susannah Welch were congratulated by Superintendent Folse.

He explained that it all started when seven-year-old second grade student Jence Simms decided to sell lemonade and use the profits to help “make a difference” in the world. With the help of a friend in the fifth grade, the lemonade stand raised $130, and they decided to donate the profits to the Humane Society of Louisiana to help neglected horses.
When Jeff Dorson, the executive director of the Humane Society, received the donation and the explanation of how it came about, he thought it was a great idea to pursue throughout the state. That original effort blossomed into a new annual fund-raising program by the Humane Society called “LemonAID Ambassador for Animals.” As a result, more than 100 children across the state participated this past year.

Since then the local students’ group has grown in membership and helped raised funds for Hurricane Isaac victims, held an Earth Day yard sale, and delivered Christmas dinners with the Covington Rotary Club. Many more projects are planned. For more information, one can visit

“The Superintendent’s Award was created to honor people and programs that showcase outstanding character and citizenship,” Superintendent Folse explained. “I think we all can see that, starting with the elementary and working all the way through high school, it is important for all our students to be well-rounded and aware of the rewards of community service,” he said.


From left to right are Superintendent W. L. "Trey" Folse, III, Assistant Principal Andrea Himel, Principal Susannah Welch, students Lauren Hebert, Jence Simms, and Julia Marcus, David Blasini with the Capital One Commercial Banking Group, and Denis Schexnaydre, Vice President and Northshore District Manager for Capital One Bank.


Lancaster Elementary students Lauren Hebert, Jence Simms, and Julia Marcus were finalists for the Superintendent's Award for Outstanding Character and Citizenship in St. Tammany Parish.  These students are members of the nonprofit organization "Little Citizens-Big Change" that was created to help people in their community. Pictured from left to right are Lauren Hebert, Jence Simms, and Julia Marcus.


4-H Achievement Day

Lancaster Elementary 4H club members enjoyed a fun day of events at the 2013 4H Achievement Day. The event was at Magnolia Park in Franklinton, Louisiana. Students worked very hard and placed in many event categories. Lancaster received an Honorable Mention award for Most Outstanding 4H Club.

The following are our event winners: Outstanding Record Book -4th grade; 1st Place – Laura Sulzer; Outstanding 4H Members –Gabriella Gioia, Bridget Seghers, Sarah Kennedy and Aubrey Olin; Foods Illustrated Talk - Teams 2nd Place: Gabriella Gioia and Aubrey Olin; Forestry Illustrated Talk – Teams 1st Place: Gabriella Gioia and Aubrey Olin; Photography Illustrated Talk Individual 2nd Place: Luci McCaleb; Public Speaking – 1st Place: Bridget Seghers; Insect Identification – 1st Place: Bridget Seghers; Dairy Judging - 1st Place: Sarah Kennedy; Livestock Judging - 3rd Place: Sarah Kennedy; and Fishing Rodeo – Teams 2nd Place: Bridget Seghers, Sarah Kennedy, Laura Sulzer and Luci McCaleb.


Pictured from left to right are ( Top Row) Tony Monk Jr., Bridget Watson, Bridget Seghers, Luci McCaleb, Aubrey Olin, Tatum Bonura, Gabriella Gioia, Laura Sulzer, and Sarah Kennedy. On the bottom row are Ashlynn Anderson and Simon Rucker.


Accelerated Readers


Students in Mrs. Amy Gates's reading class received the highest points in the Accelerated Reader program for third grade students at Lancaster Elementary School.  Pictured from left to right are  Parker Mayberry, 283 points, and Jackson Barnes, 257 points.


Louisiana Day

Third Graders at Lancaster recently participated in their very own Louisiana Day. The students rotated through six different Louisiana related stations. Some of the activities included a presentation from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Educational Programs about Endangered Species, an art lesson with the Blue Dog, Zapp's Potato Chips, and a guest speaker from the Lake Ponchatrain Basin Maritime Museum in Madisonville.


Ms. Holliday's 3rd Grade Class aer pictured with Catherine Lynch from the Maritime Museum. Sitting on the front row, from left to right are Noah Arceneaux, Cameron Catalano, McKenna Ward, Hannah Diaz, Jeannette Ralph, and Noah Soule. Sitting on the next row are Christopher Whitecotton, Bryce Coe, Laci Layton, Lauryn Gambino, Cate Delacruz, Reece Poillion, Skylar Martin, Alexandra Mutavdzic, Kareem Johnson, and Brandon Lovas. On the back row are Ian Goodly, Savannah Adams, Maddie Maher, Jada Barker, Mia Pittman, Mrs. Thurston, Jake Gilson, and Ms. Dana Holliday (Teacher).


Lancaster Presentation

Students at Lancaster Elementary listened to Mr. Chris Garcia, grandson of Joseph B. Lancaster, as he spoke of the history behind the school's namesake and St. Tammany Parish.

Pictured from left to right are (back row)  Katherine Bilac, Chris Garcia, and Lizzy Revere. On the front row are Daisy Schoepflin, Simon Rucker, Reece Scott, and Stewart Blum.


April, 2013


PBIS Celebration



Modeling Fractions

Lancaster Elemetnary students in Mrs. Sarah Al-Juraid's math class were studying fractions and used Demi Dealminana's birthday to model fractions in her birthday cookie cake.


Lancaster Elementary Receives
USDA Gold Medal of Distinction

Lancaster Elementary Principal Susannah Welch, center, and Cafeteria Manager Beverly Fleming, right, are shown receiving a framed certificate from James Abraham, Program Specialist, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Food and Nutrition Service, giving the school a Gold Award of Distinction designation in the USDA HealthierUS School Program. The presentation took place April 17 at the Treen Instructional Technology Center. The school was recently notified that it had earned the recognition in a letter from First Lady Michelle Obama congratulating them on their accomplishment.


Celebrating Testing

Students at Lancaster Elementary School enjoyed an afternoon celebration to mark the end state testing. Pictured from left to right are Kaylee Drucker, Grace O'Berry, Mia Angelo, and Madison Livaccari.

March, 2013


Sailing Among the Stars

Students and families enjoyed an evening of art, music, and poetry at Lancaster's Sailing Among the Stars event on March 12, 2013.


Contemporary Arts Field Trip

Lancaster Elementary School students, Jude Condon and Grayce Raybuck, perform an interpretive dance while on a field trip to Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans.



Body Walk Exhibit

On March 4 and 5, 2013, students at Lancaster Elementary School were “digested” through the human body by means of a special exhibit. More than 850 students toured the Louisiana Body Walk, a traveling exhibit that visits elementary schools throughout Louisiana. Through a hands-on approach, the Body Walk teaches children healthy habits, such as choosing nutritious foods, by showing them how their choices affect their body.


Lancaster Chosen For
International Meals Project

Lancaster Elementary Takes Part in First International School Meals Day

Lancaster Elementary School was one of 28 schools across the United States to take part Friday in an international effort for students to share ideas about school lunch. The project gave schools in the United States an opportunity to connect with schools in the United Kingdom and many other countries around the world to participate in the first ever International School Meals Day (ISMD).

The students of Fifth Grade teacher Retta Fenerty at Lancaster interacted with students at a school in Scotland via a Skype connection, asking them questions about their school meals and answering questions about menus, snacks, and food sources. “My kids are very excited about it,” she said. The students created a Powerpoint presentation about their lunchroom and menus and sent it to the class in Scotland, which in turn sent a Powerpoint presentation to Madisonville with their school lunch information. “We watched it yesterday and learned a lot,” Ms Fenerty said.

The video session was scheduled to begin early at 8:15 a.m. Lancaster time in order to visit with the class in Scotland at the end of their school day, due to the time difference. Principal Susannah Welch and Cafeteria Manager Beverly Fleming were on hand during the session to answer any technical food service questions.

The Scottish children wanted to know if fizzy drinks were allowed in school, and if food items were purchased “fair trade.”

When one of the Scottish children asked a Lancaster student what was their favorite snack , she answered, “Goldfish,” which brought puzzled looks and laughter from the Scotland class, until Ms. Fenerty explained that the goldfish in question were actually cheese crackers. The Lancaster students were also asked if they get to eat beefburgers (hamburgers) everyday for lunch, and which do they think is better: Burger King or McDonalds?

The event was a way to connect U.S. classrooms with students across the Atlantic to discuss topics like healthy eating habits and nutrition education. Lancaster Elementary School was selected as one of the schools because it is a HealthierUS School Challenge Award winner and is leading by example when it comes to promoting nutrition, physical activity, and nutrition education, the program director stated.

“We are very excited to be chosen to participate in International School Meals Day,” said Principal Welch.



National School Breakfast Week

Lancaster Elementary stressed the importance of school breakfasts the week of March 4, complete with a visit by the Body Walk traveling educational exhibit. It featured a 55 minute tour about the benefits of eating right and exercising regularly.

The “Body Walk” exhibit gave young visitors an overview of the different parts of the body, how they worked together, and the importance of lifestyle habits that build strong healthy bodies and develop active minds.

The theme for National School Breakfast Week was “Be a Star With School Breakfast,” and decorations at Lancaster included versions of a spotlight stage background, guitars, boomboxes, 45 rpm records and even star studded red carpets. All week long, parents and grandparents were invited to visit with their children for breakfast, and prizes were given away.

Students were encouraged to come to school Friday dressed as their favorite star.
The cafeteria staff at Lancaster even made life-sized cardboard cutouts of themselves, attached them to the wall and decorated them to represent well-known female music celebrities. “My staff is really into this,” said Beverly Fleming, cafeteria manager.

In a separate activity on Friday, the school will be one of 28 schools nationwide to take part in a new International School Meals Celebration, which included a Skype video conference session with a school in Scotland.


Literary Week


Local author, Kim Hill, author of the book The Adventures of the Traveling Boots, visited the second graders at Lancaster Elementary during their literary week. Her story took the kids to notorious places around the United States like Washington, D.C. , Yellowstone National Park, and New Orleans! Mrs. Hill not only read the story, but also explained the steps of how a book is created. The students enjoyed her visit and hearing such a great story.

Pictured on the front row from left to right are Gage Garcia, Gauge Drakeford, Abby Schumacher, Jason Konsavich, and William Croft. On the back row from left to right are Owen Wickware, Makayla Bonura, Faith delaHoussaye, and Britt Rideau.

Local author, Cornell Landry, also read to students at Lancaster Elementary School during Literary Week.

February, 2013


Substitute Appreciation Day

Substitute teachers at Lancaster Elementary School were treated to a special lunch on Substitute Appreciation Day to recognize their hard work and dedication.



Cooking Class Pizza

Students enjoyed making pizza and cookies during their Community Education cooking class.


Lancaster Play Performed
At Central Office

Dozens of students from Lancaster Elementary School and Madisonville Elementary School presented a play February 21 that was written by their Talented Theater Teacher Christyn R. Elliot. Based on excepts from the newly-published book “Now and Always: A Louisiana Love Story,” the play was performed on the Atrium stage at the C. J. Schoen Administrative Complex just prior to the monthly School Board meeting. The book, written by Christian Garcia, contains letters written between the first St. Tammany Parish Superintendent of Schools Joseph Bradford Lancaster and his bride-to-be Amanda Doerr in the early 1900’s. Five of Lancaster’s grandchildren were in attendance at the presentation, and they participated in part of the production and met with the children afterwards.

Three of Joseph B. Lancaster's descendants at the play talk with Principal Susannah Welch, at right.




Black History Month

Students in Mrs. Amy Gates' class at Lancaster Elementary School created murals in honor of Black History Month. They researched famous African Americans and made presentations to their peers. On the back row are Kenedie Kuyper, Daisy Schoepflin, Wyatt Imes, Cayden Norris, Connor Mitchell, and Hannah Diaz. On the front row, from left to right, are Maxwell Hastings, and Bryan Keith Preer.

After reading the book "Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt" by Deborah Hopkinson, students made their own freedom quilt. From left to right in picture are Sarah McField, Jessica Adubato, and Maggie Borstel.



Colonial America

Lancaster Elementary students in Mrs. Gina Inman's fifth grade class got into character as they learned about Colonial America. Students had to act like their character while making presentations to the class.

Pictured from left to right are  Grace O'Berry, Grace Traina, Katherine Bilac, Bailey Scelson, Megan Zitzmann, and Lauren Stoddard.

Pictured from left to right are Cameron Clifton, Mackenzie Fletcher, and Ethan Chilton.


January, 2013


NFL Kids Day Experience

Over 200 fourth and fifth grade students from Lancaster Elementary School attended the NFL Kids Day Experience on January 30, 2013. Pictured from left to right are Tristan Dumas, Michael Gispert, Nathaniel Wrobel, and Caleb Delacruz.


Young Authors Contest

Four students from Lancaster Elementary School recently submitted their poems and/or stories to the Young Author's Contest. These students, from Mrs. Sarah Meyer's 5th grade gifted class, included Julia Marcus, Grace O'Berry, Grace Traina, and Mason dela Houssaye. Both Mason dela Houssaye and Grace Traina placed in the contest, with Mason dela Houssaye winning a spot in poetry and Grace Traina winning 1st place, Parish Wide, for the 5th grade non-fiction category. Both will be honored at an upcoming Award's Ceremony, and Grace's entry will go on to compete at the state level. Young Author's Contest entries: Julia Marcus, Grace O'Berry, Grace Traina, and Mason dela Houssaye.


100th Day of School

Students at Lancaster Elementary School celebrated the 100th day of being in school this year. 

Pictured from left to right are Laura Sulzer, Cassidy Guidry, and Kelsey Boudreaux.

We Survived 100 Days in Third Grade! Ms. Dana Holliday's students at Lancaster Elementary School created "survival" t-shirts to wear on the 100th day of school. This was just one of the many fun activities the students enjoyed as they reached the 100th day of school. Top Row (left to right): Noah Soule, Alexandra Mutavdzic, Jake Gilson, Noah Arceneaux, Christopher Whitecotton, Ian Goodly, Kareem Johnson, and Brandon Lovas. Middle Row: Skylar Martin, Savannah Adams, Mia Pittman, Maddie Maher, Reece Poillion, Bryce Coe, and Jeannette Ralph. Bottom Row : Hannah Diaz, McKenna Ward, Jada Barker, Lauryn Gambino, Cameron Catalano, and Laci Layton.


Cookies and Canvas

On Saturday, January 19th, Lancaster Elementary hosted a Cookies and Canvas Painting Event at school. Students and parents came to paint and enjoy time together with one another while getting in the spirit of Mardi Gras


Published Authors, Again

Mrs. Sarah Meyer's 5th grade gifted class recently became published authors, yet again! They created a class book of their very own tall tales and illustrated each page. Students, shown here holding the 57 page hardcover book titled, TEENY TINY TALL TALES OF 2012, are as follows:

Front Row: Cameron Euper. Next Row: Mia Angelo, Julia Marcus, Grace Traina., Bridget Seghers, Madison Livaccari, and Sydney Sorbet. Next Row: Jacob Christ, Grace O'Berry, Christian Crais, Loren Pounds, Luci McCaleb, Alexander Phillips, and Brock Adams. Back Row: Marshall Smith, Mason dela Houssaye, and Barrett Hodgson. Missing from photo: Matthew Fink.


Southern Plantations

Fifth grade students in Mrs. Retta Fenerty's class at Lancaster Elementary Schoool created models of southern plantations.  Pictured from left to right are  Selena Weimer, Paige Paysse, Bradley Bowers, and Jack Kenney.



Student of the Year

Fifth grade student Ellie Latiolais was selected as Lancaster Elementary School's Student of the Year.  Ellie is pictured with her homeroom teacher, Mrs. Gina Inman.


Afterschool Care Creations

Lancaster Elementary School student, Patrick Thompson, enjoys building new creations during afterschool care.


December, 2012


Christmas Performance

The Second Grade gives its Christmas Holiday Performance.


Principal for the Day

As a reward for their fundraiser selling efforts, Chloe Shartle served as Principal and Riley Kokemor served as Assistant Principal for the day at Lancaster Elementary School. The new leadership team inventoried computers, assisted with announcements, and helped with recess duty among other administrative tasks during the day. Pictured from left to right are Riley Kokemor and Chloe Shartle.


Dads Breakfast

Lancaster Elementary students enjoyed special time with their dads at the PTA Dads' Breakfast. Pictured from left to right are Cate Delacruz, Scott Delacruz, and Caleb Delacruz.


Bicycles Extreme

Top selling fundraiser students at Lancaster Elementary School were treated to a spectacular extreme bike show. The students and staff were on the edge of their seats throughout the entire performance. Pictured on the back row from left to right are Dan Sieg, Christian Knight, William Croft, Seth Klinger, Riley Kokemor, and Lane George. On the front row from left to right are Tori Suter, Rece Morman, Phoenix Schaefer, Chloe Shartle, Emma Puissegur, and Morgan Kane.

Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the faculty and staff of
Lancaster Elementary School


Culinary Kids Field Trip

Students in Mrs. Taeia Paulsell's second grade class at Lancaster Elementary School were making a Kringle while on their field trip to Culinary Kids. The Kringle is a traditional Danish Christmas dessert that the students learned about as a part of their studying traditions throughout the world during the winter holiday time. Pictured Left to Right are Sherri Reece, Lilly Smith, Jessie Reece, Grayce Raybuck, Jence Simms, and Gina Raybuck.


Food Bank Collection

Lancaster Elementary School's Student Council collected food for the Covington Food Bank for the holidays. Pictured from left to right are the Student Council officers who helped with the collection - Logan Bankston, Paige Paysse, Ashley Gros, Grace Traina, Taylor Broddick, and Simon Rucker.

November, 2012


Lancaster Play Presented

A play portraying the life and accomplishments of Joseph B. Lancaster, the first Superintendent of Schools in St. Tammany Parish, was recently presented by our Talented Theater students. The students of Ms. Christyn Elliot read excerpts from a book recently published by Christian Garcia telling of the courtship and marriage of Lancaster and his wife Amanda as told in numerous letters exchanged between them over several years. The play offered key historical facts from the period as well, reminding the audience of what St. Tammany Parish was like in late 19th and early 20th century.

Students dressed in costume entertained their parents with the numerous exchanges of dialogue which included references to the politics, progress, and challenges of life in western St. Tammany. The play tells of his work as an attorney, state legislator and judge.

Three granddaughters of Lancaster, Melie Garcia Freret, Liz Garcia Smith, and Edith Garcia Eason, were in the audience and enjoyed the special presentation. Three years ago, the Lancaster family participated in the groundbreaking ceremonies as well as the grand opening ribbon cutting for the new school last year. The play was adapted from the book “Now and Always: A Louisiana Love Story,” which not only showcased the letters, but also offered the results of extensive historical research and photographs on subjects mentioned in the letters.

The play originally premiered at the Talented Arts Program’s Festival held at the Koop Drive Tammany Trace Trailhead on October 27, and was presented again at the Family Learning Night activities held at the school November 15.


Stone Soup Shared

After reading the story "Stone Soup," Mrs. Charlotte Milton's second grade class at Lancaster Elementary shared a pot of stone soup.  "Soup from a stone. Fancy that!"  Students pictured are Patrick Hall, Madison Stephens, Kate Marks, and Bradley Lazario.


Putting a CAP on Drugs

Students at Lancaster Elementary School showed their support for Red Ribbon Week by "Putting a CAP on Drugs."  Pictured from left to right are Kayla DiBenedetto, Morgan Waites, and Karley Parr.


Family Learning Night

Families at Lancaster Elementary School were "Wild About Learning" at this year's Family Learning Night.  Students and their families participated in engaging learning stations throughout the school.


Veterans Day

Lancaster Elementary School honored veterans at a special program on November 9, 2012.


Red Ribbon Week

Louisiana State Troopers visited Lancaster Elementary School during Red Ribbon Week to discuss the importance of making good choices and being drug free.

Back row from left to right:   Troy Williams, Trooper Mark Fontenot, Grace Jouandot,  Reece Santangelo, and Trooper Nick Manale. Front row from left to right:   Landyn Bazile, K-9 Teka, and Presley Lang

October, 2012


Fall Festival

Lancaster Elementary School's PTA held its annual Fall Festival in October.


Red Ribbon Week

Sarah and Olivia McField, fifth grade students at Lancaster Elementary, showed their support for being drug free during Red Ribbon Week.


Pictured from L to R:  Sarah McField and Olivia McField


IPad Awarded

Hastings Savage, a Lancaster Elementary student, was awarded a brand new iPad from the Covington Kiwanis organization through a partnership with Families Helping Families. Kathy Smith of Kiwanis worked together with Families Helping Families' director, Sue Ellen Stewart and Lynda Bradley. Hastings will learn to use the iPad to assist him with school work as well as to expand his creativity and communication skills.

Pictured from L to R: Kenneth Savage, Hastings Savage, Principal Susannah Welch, and Sharon Savage.


Getting Crafty

Lancaster Elementary School students enjoyed working on crafts in their after school Community Education class. 

Pictured left to right are Presley Lang, Reece Santangelo, and Clare Gagnard.



Germ Cave

Students at Lancaster Elementary School learned the importance of proper hand washing as they visited the Germ Cave.  They were able to see how germs spread through contact and through the air.

Pictured Left to Right: Christian Goodley, Beth Heintz (School Board Member), Abby Wirtz, Baleigh Benefiel, and Aubrey Lane.

Lancaster Elementary students recently got a “first hand” look at how germs get around when the LSU Agricultural Center’s “Germ Cave” paid a visit to their Madisonville area campus on October 19. Pictured above, Karen Walker, a nutrition agent with the Ag Center, welcomes the kids into a dark tent where, with the help of special lighting and glow-in-the-dark hand lotion, they conducted a scientific experiment that illustrated how germs travelled from hand to hand and from surface to surface. School Board Member Beth Heintz and Principal Susannah Welch took part in one session.


Character Dress Up

Lancaster Elementary students had the opportunity to participate in Story Book Character or Famous Person in History Dress  Up Day on October 31, 2012.  Pictured are contest winners from L to R:  Andrew Perrilloux as Peter Neilsen, Clare Gagnard as Fancy Nancy, and Gabby Gioi as Amelia Earhardt.


Talented Festival

Lancaster Elementary talented theater students enjoyed participating in the St. Tammany's TAP (Talented Arts Program) Festival held at Koop Drive. Pictured from left to right are Elizabeth Revere, Grace O'Berry, Lillian Powell, Sydney Sorbet, and Will Kelley.



Little Citizens, Big Change

Students from Madisonville area schools and members of the non-profit organization Little Citizens Big Change raised money for charity by painting and selling one-of-a-kind pumpkins. The students chose to donate the money that they raised to local victims of Hurricane Isaac.

Pictured from left to right are Bailey Finnan (MES), Jence Simms (LES), Brooke Williamson (LES), Camille Hebert (MJHS), Sydnie Hebert (MES), Lauren Hebert (LES), and Britney Williamson (MES). Not pictured are Julia Marcus, Grace Traina, Lucy McAleb, Miley Finnan, and Isabel Paleaz.



Restaurant Re-opening

Lancaster Elementary School's students, staff, and families were invited to participate in activities planned for the Grand Re-Opening of Wendy's restaurant in their area. Participants were treated to a great meal and enjoyed their time together. Donations from the event were given to Lancaster Elementary. Pictured from left to right are Susannah Welch, Principal and Don Hurrell, Wendy's Division Vice President.



Balloon Globes

Students in Mrs. Charlotte Milton's and Ms. Courtney Rickett's 2nd Grade Class at Lancaster Elementary created balloon globes to help them learn about continents and oceans. Students standing left to right Abby Esneault, Aeryn Anderson, Reese Sipos, and Lilli McCaleb . Kneeling are Bella Arnold, Colby Rich, and Natalie Neie.


Legacy School Garden

Students in Mrs. Jerrilyn Swett's third grade class at Lancaster Elementary recently planted three vegetable gardens on the school campus thanks to the Legacy School Garden program. The third graders teamed up with local boy scout members to construct and plant the gardens. Students planted lettuce, broccoli, and cabbage and are excited to watch their plants grow into healthy vegetables to eat! Students pictured are working on planting their lettuce crop! Pictured left to right are Lance Anthony, Brennan Cabral, Bella Guarino, Jenna Deane, Baleigh Benefiel, and Zachary Parker.



Punt, Pass, Kick Winners

Punt, Pass, Kick winners from Lancaster Elementary School from left to right  Taylor Broddick, Abigail Boudreaux, Jordan Fisher, Justice Groom, and Trevor Avocato.



4-H Wins First Place

Students from Lancaster Elementary's 4-H Club won 1st place in their categories at the St. Tammany Parish Fair this year! From Left to Right the students are Riley Helmstetter, Bridget Seghers, Brandon Sproles, Tatum Bonura, Laura Sulzer, and Jami Douglas. Congratulations to all!


Land Elevation Studied

Mrs. Kayce Cummings's 3rd Grade Class studied Louisiana's Land Elevation and created a
3-D Relief Map showing the various land elevations in our state.  Students labeled important landmarks and developed a key for the different land elevations.  Many special thanks to the parents who helped contribute to this project by sending in the home-made clay.  Pictured from left to right are Matthew Kinler, Nathan Mermilliod, Jesse Bertucci, and Caroline Dominique.


Fall Fest

The second annual Lancaster Fall Fest will take place on Saturday, October 27, from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the school at 133 Pine Creek Drive, a few miles west of Madisonville off Hwy. 22. There will be carnival games, food and beverages, arts and crafts for sale, a video games trailer, human hamster ball, classroom basket raffle, Velcro walls, inflatables, and a photo booth.

Stacey Bloecher with the Lancaster Elementary PTA and Principal Susannah Welch show off some of the baskets to be raffled off during this year's Fall Fest.



A Visit to the Germ Cave

Students recently got a “first hand” look at how germs get around when the LSU Agricultural Center’s “Germ Cave” paid a visit to their Madisonville area campus on October 19.

Karen Walker , a nutrition agent with the Ag Center, dressed in a lab coat, brought the kids into a darkened environment and, with the help of special lighting and glow-in-the-dark hand lotion, conducted a scientific experiment that illustrated how germs travelled from hand to hand and from surface to surface. School Board Member Beth Heintz and Principal Susannah Welch took part in one session.

Coming out of the experience, students couldn’t stop looking at their hands.



Plays Performed

Lancaster Elementary students in Mrs. Jonnie Hebert's 5th grade Social Studies class wrote and starred in plays about kivas. They performed for their classmates by using scripts, parts, and props that they created. Pictured from left to right are Caroline Johnson, Mia Angelo, Luci McCaleb.


Fair Visitors

Two Lancaster students met Superintendent W. L. "Trey" Folse, III at the St. Tammany Parish Fair last Friday during "School Day." They are from left Bridget Seghers and Luci McCaleb.

September, 2012


Tea Party

Mrs. Charlotte Milton's Second Grade class at Lancaster Elementary School shared tea and English muffins after reading the story "Mr. Putter and Tabby Pour the Tea." Pictured from left to right are Lilli McCaleb, Natalie Neie, Remi Vogel, and Kenedie Kuyper.


Microscopic Work

Students at Lancaster Elementary work at the microscope station during a hands-on science lab in Mrs. Kay Burns' 4th grade class. Pictured from left to right are  Brynn Tabora, Bradley Walters, Jacob Gottschalk, and Abby Williams.


Ball Bouncing Experiment

Karli McCormick and Jacob Gottschalk measure the height that a ball bounces on different surfaces during a science lab in Mrs. Kay Burns' 4th grade class at Lancaster Elementary School.


Literacy Work

Mrs. Caroline McGee's fourth grade class is engaged in literacy work stations this year. Lauren Hebert and Nathan Bennett are working on "Read to Someone," practicing comprehension strategies to help them become better readers.


Mysterious Raisin

Students in Mrs. Fenerty's science class studied the "Mysterious Journeys in the Life of a Raisin."  The students observed the behavior of raisins in a solution and made inferences on what they observed.  Pictured from left to right are  Will Kelley, Ma c kenzie Fletcher, and Grace Traina.



Pictured from L to R: Nathan Bennett and Lauren Hebert

Sea Turtle Adoption

Lancaster Elementary sisters, Luci and Lilli McCaleb graciously donated money for the school to adopt a sea turtle through the Sea Turtle Conservancy. Lancaster's adopted sea turtle is named Pearl. Students can track Pearl by visiting the website and until November 1st, they can see how Pearl is doing in the Tour de Turtles by visiting Luci and Lilli also donated the book Do You Know Where Sea Turtles Go to the Lancaster library.

Pictured from left to right are Luci McCaleb, Lilli McCaleb, and Susannah Welch, Principal.


August, 2012



Vocabulary Parade

The fifth grade reading classes at Lancaster Elementary School held a Vocabulary Parade after reading the story "Miss Alaineus" by Debra Frasier. The top three costumes in Mrs. Gina Inman's class were Morgan Waites with her costume for the word "invasion", Emma Helton whose vocabulary costume word was "souvenir," and Mackenzie Fletcher with her costume for the word "access." The classes enjoyed parading down the halls and showing off their creativity through their individual costumes for their vocabulary words.

Pictured from left to right are Morgan Waites, Emma Helton, and Mackenzie Fletcher.

Fifth grade students and teachers at Lancaster Elementary School enjoyed parading around school in their vocabulary costumes after reading the story "Miss Alaineus." Pictured from left to right are Jonnie Hebert, Gina Inman, and Kellie O'Brien.

First Day of School

Lancaster Elementary School students had the opportunity to meet their teachers at Meet and Greet on Tuesday, August 7, 2012.

On the back row, left to right, are Sean McDermott, Tiffany Jourdan (4th grade teacher), and Beth McDermott. In front is Sean Bradley McDermott.

Summer Retreat

Lancaster Elementary School teachers attended their 2nd Annual Summer Retreat in New Orleans, LA. Teachers spent the day engaged in professional development pertaining to the upcoming school year. Pictured from left to right are Dionne Schoen, Gina Inman, and Retta Fenerty.




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