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May, 2012



Food Service Award

From the May, 2012, Food Service Banquet
Louisiana School Lunch Week Second Place
Outstanding Student Nutrition Advisory Council Award


Being Proud Concert

The Madisonville Jr. High Chorus went to several schools with an great performance.  The theme was basically anti-bullying with an emphasis on being proud of yourself.


The Fourth Grade Audience presentation

Shown is the performance at Lancaster Elementary on Friday.  Choir director is Becky McLain.

April, 2012


Sailing Among the Stars

Mrs. Caroline McGee's 4th grade class worked diligently to prepare for Sailing Among the Stars Art Night. They worked with several different mediums including wooden sticks, Indian art, torn construction paper, and warm and cool color art. The students really enjoyed working on these projects and letting their creativity flow! Pictured left to right are Alyssa Glavan, Katherine Bilac, Savannah Huffstetler, Emma Helton, and Steven Vogel.

Recyling Project

Mrs. Trudy Millet's, Mrs. Charlotte Milton's, and Mrs. Taiea Paulsell's students from Lancaster Elementary participated in a recycling activity by collecting 1,073 plastic shopping bags in one week. Students counted the bags by grouping them into tens and hundreds. Pictured are Alexandra Mutavdzic, Caroline Dominique, Jenna Arieux, Aydon Kerr, Esther Blum, and Bryce Trumble with Susannah Welch, Principal and Andrea Himel, Assitant Principal.

March, 2012

Fitness Meet Winners

The Lancaster Physical Fitness Team was well represented at the St. Tammany Parish Physical Fitness Meet. Aubrey Olin placed 1st in the girls' 600 Yard Long Run and Mia Angelo placed 1st in the Pull-Ups and Curl-Ups. Mia also qualified 3rd top girl of all St.Tammany Parish schools and will compete at the State level at LSU in late April.

Pictured left to right:  Aubrey Olin, Mia Angelo, Brian Gowland, and Trevor Avocato

Lancaster Elementary student, Mia Angelo, competed at the St. Tammany Parish Physical Fitness meet.  She is pictured with 1st place medals for Pull-Ups and Curl-Ups and a 3rd place trophy for Overall Parish Athlete.

Water Works Sample

Matthew Becker in Mrs. Charlotte Milton's second grade class at Lancaster Elementary School prepares to take a water sample during a recent visit to Mandeville's Public Works Department.

Graphing the Saints

Geaux Saints! Mamae Ely's class at Lancaster Elementary had a fantastic time learning the different types of graphs using the Saints for inspiration. Zach Vanderbrook, Macy Businelle, Payton Amacker, and Cassidy Guidry are shown displaying our line, bar, pictograph, and pie graphs. Our class used such information as Drew Brees's total completed passing yardage, number of touchdowns, number of field goals, and win and losses of games to create the graphs.

Snacks for Troops

Lancaster Elementary students shown delivering Healthy Snacks for Troops to MSgt Aaron Anderson.

NAC Members

Lancaster's first Nutritional Advisory Council

February, 2012


Jerseys for Jeremy

Wendy's Night

Students, staff, and community members enjoyed Lancaster Elementary's Wendy's Night.



Valentines Delivered

Student Council President, Mason de la Houssaye, delivered Valentine's Day cards to residents of Forest Manor.


Playground Dedicated

A new playground area was dedicated at Lancaster Elementary School in Madisonville February 3, with several special guests on hand for the occasion. The playground project was a joint effort among several groups, and many parents, students, School System officials, and community representatives took part in the ribbon cutting ceremony for "J.B.'s Cove."

Among those attending the ribbon cutting for the new playground at Lancaster Elementary in Madisonville February 3 were, from left to right, Samantha Snyder, Supervisor Roxanne Lagarde, Phyllis Stephens, Shannon LaBorde, Kristine S. Bourgeois, Eve Warner, Michael Delahoussaye, Angie Delahoussaye, Superintendent W. L. “Trey” Folse, III, Mindy Perry, Shane Hodgson, Turrelle Monk, Principal Susannah Welch, Assistant Superintendent William Brady, Grant Delahoussaye, Assistant Principal Andrea Himel, Esther Blum, Alex D’Arcourt, and Assistant Superintendent Cheryl Arabie.




January, 2012


Survival T-Shirt

Mrs. Jerrilyn Swett's third grade class at Lancaster Elementary School in Madisonville recently celebrated the 100th day of third grade. As part of their celebration, students decorated a t-shirt that read "I Survived 100 Days of Third Grade." Pictured in their t-shirts are, left to right, Heater Alfortish, Sholanda Bookhardt, Austin Carter, Mackenzie Hufford, Dylan Hebert, Brennan Lalonde, Ben Latiolais, Quill Barrera, Sam Clapp, Zachary Cottrell, Gabby Crais, Markus Yancey, Christina Pace, Shelby Thompson, Camden Ventura, Diego Bonnett, Gavin Acosta, Kelsey Waltman, Skylar Gordon, Gaige Lavigne, Kallen Mutavdzic, and Amanda Vorhoff.

100th Day of School

Students at Lancaster Elementary School celebrated the 100th Day of School on Friday, January 20, 2012. The fun and zany secretary, Paige Ford, called 100 random students to the office on the 100th minute of the school day. Each student was given a Frosty coupon as a special treat. Students and teachers throughout the school participated in many different activities during the day. Pictured on front Row: Camden Babineaux. On the middle row, from left to right, are Nathan Allen, Matthew Kinler, and Jeannette Ralph. On the back row, from left to right, are Victoria Carmon, Paige Ford, and Rachel Sturdevent.

The first 100 Days in Third Grade! Ms. Dana Holliday's third graders at Lancaster Elementary School participated in a variety of activities on the 100th day of school. The day kicked off by wearing their "Survival" t-shirts they created in class the day before. The students also drew illustrations of what they would look like at 100 years of age. They all felt 100 days smarter! Standing (left to tight) are Jake Adaire, Kinley Glass, Corey Haydel, Jaylyn James, Makayla Zeigler, Andy Fletcher, and Bridget Watson. On the middle row, left to right, are Nicholas Satterlee, Althea Sinon, Hunter Munch, Savanna Gerrets, Morgan Kane, Brynn Tabora, and Jake Lammon. Sitting from left to right are Cash Hargrove, Collin Betzer, Sarah Kennedy, Zachary Pittman, Camden Williams, and Sydney Thompson.


Character Dress Up

Students in Mrs. Paulsell's second grade class at Lancaster Elementary participated in a character dress up day.  Students read a book and dressed up as the main character. They also shared the book and their costume with the class. Pictured from left to right are Mary Elizabeth Glass, Nadia Hitzman, Aidan Whitestone, Kylie Fisher, and Reece Humphries.

Animal Clues

Students from Mrs. Millet's class at Lancaster Elementary created animal reports using a shoebox without naming the animal. They gave clues about their animal such as habitat, animal group, predators and a description of the animal. Pictured from left to right are Noah Soule, Caroline Dominique, Cate Delacruz, and London Massey.

Teachers Board Certified

Lancaster Elementary counselor, Melinda Hobgood and fourth grade teacher, Tiffany Jourdan received recognition as National Board Certified Teachers. This certification was an extensive, yearlong process. Pictured from left to right are Andrea Himel (Assistant Principal), Melinda Hobgood, Tiffany Jourdan, and Susannah Welch (Principal).


December, 2011


Happy Holidays Photo

Seasons Greetings from the faculty and staff at Lancaster Elementary School


Punt, Pass and Kick

Fourth grader Taylor Broddick represented Lancaster Elementary School in the 32 New Orleans Saints Team Championship for the Punt, Pass, and Kick contest held at the Superdome on Monday, November 28, 2011. Taylor competed against contestants from Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida. Her tremendous effort earned her a second place finish along with autographed Saints memorabilia from Joe Horn. Pictured from left to right: Assistant Principal Andrea Himel; Taylor Broddic; and Principal, Susannah Welch.

Bones Studied

Students in Mrs. Swett’s third grade class at Lancaster Elementary recently investigated the bones found inside of an owl pellet as part of their science curriculum.  Students were placed in pairs for the investigation and had to pick apart the owl pellet to discover the tiny bones that were the remains of various rodents. Students then compared these bones to the bones in the human body to kick off their unit on the human skeletal system. Pictured are Markus Yancey and Shelby Thompson.

Creating Powerpoints

Students in Mrs. Kay Burns's reading class at Lancaster Elementary use the new computer lab to create PowerPoint presentations on the elements of fiction. Pictured from front to back: Zac Borja, Tatum Bonura, and Jordan Stein.

November, 2011



Digging Up Bones

Lancaster Elementary teachers, Mrs. Amy Gates and Mrs. Nicole Roberts, teamed up with their classes to do a play on paleontology called " Digging up Bones". The play speculated on several theories of dinosaur extinction and was performed in the library to friends and family. Pictured from left to right are Andrew Perrilloux, Grace Traina , and Julia Marcus.

Fuel Up To Play 60

Faculty, staff, and students at Lancaster Elementary participated in the Fuel Up to Play 60 "Black and Gold" School Milk Contest. Their efforts in drinking more milk and getting more exercise earned them 2nd place in the contest. The school will be awarded $3,000 to spend on a physical activity initiative and a nutrition inititative. Pictured from right to left are Ashlyn Schneida, Ian Walls, and Gage Sherlock.

Veterans Day

Lancaster Elementary celebrated Veterans Day with choir performances, recognition of veterans, and student essays and poems.  Students invited veterans from their families and community to join them on this special day.  Fourth grader, Brock Adams is pictured here reading his essay titled, "Have You Thanked a Veteran?". 

Other Veterans Day photos

Bus Evacuation Drill

Assistant Principal, Andrea Himel, and bus driver, Bobby Milton, help students from Lancaster Elementary with their bus evacuation drill.  Pictured on top: Blayne Benefiel. Bottom from left to right, Andrea Himel, Bryce Benefiel, and Bobby Milton.


October, 2011

Fontainebleau State Park Visit

Ms. Holliday's Third Graders greatly enjoyed a field trip to Fontainebleau State Park. They experienced 3 different stations where they were engaged in nature related concepts. They were able to fish for critters in the pond, explore the shore, and identify animal bones.  Ranger Steven tested their knowledge of different animal bones and their features. The students greatly enjoyed the field trip.

Pictured above are, bottom row (left to right), Sarah Kennedy, Morgan Kane, Brynn Tabora, Kinley Glass, Makayla Zeigler, Camden Williams, Bridget Watson, Jaylyn James, Sydney Thompson, and Jake Adaire. Middle Row (Left to Right): Corey Haydel, Ethan Sepulveda, Cash Hargrove, Zachary Munro, Zachary Pittman, Andy Fletcher, Hunter Munch, Jake Lemmon, Collin Betzer, and Ryan Leonick. Back: Ranger Steven and Ms. Holliday.


Red Ribbon Week

Students at Lancaster Elementary showed their support for being Drug Free during this year's Red Ribbon Week held October 24-28, 2011.  Mrs. Antoine's class refused to be "tied-up" with drugs! Back row, left to right, Alexia Peterson, Gianna Lorino, Connor Henry, Mrs. Lindsay Antoine, Gage Sherlock, and Morgan Fitzsimons ; Front row, left to right, Mason Tusa, Jonathan Pacaccio, Jami Douglas, Jeanne Whitaker, Mia Russano, and Cameron Leonard.

Beautification Gardens

Jack and Noah Arceneaux donated their time to help beautify Lancaster Elementary School. They helped their parents weed, spread mulch, and decorate the flower gardens at the entrance and throughout the school grounds for fall. Pictured from left to right: Noah Arceneaux and Jack Arceneaux

Administrator for a Day

Students at Lancaster Elementary had the opportunity to be the Principal or Assistant Principal for a day. Their duties included making morning announcements, inventorying computers, and monitoring recess duty. The students enjoyed their day with Mrs. Welch and Mrs. Himel.

Pictured from left to right 2nd graders Kasey Gottschalk and Claire Gagnard, with Principal Susannah Welch. Claire would now like to be an administrator when she grows up!

Students at Lancaster Elementary had the opportunity to be the Principal or Assistant Principal. Their duties included making morning announcements, putting together treat bags for Bus Driver Appreciation, and monitoring recess duty. The students enjoyed their day with Mrs. Welch and Mrs. Himel.

Punt, Pass and Kick

Students from Lancaster Elementary School participated in the NFL's Punt, Pass, and Kick contest that was coordinated by PE teacher, Melanie Seghers. Top scoring contestants moved on to the Sectionals that were held at 5th Ward Junior High on Saturday, October 8, 2011. From L to R: Trevor Avocato (1st place 10-11), Taylor Broddrick (1st place 8-9), Payton Hyde (2nd place 8-9), and Lizzy Revere (3rd place 10-11). All sectionals scores will be compared and winners will advance to the competition at the Super Dome.

Lighthouses for Festival

Ms. Holliday's third grade class created lighthouses that will be used during the Wooden Boat Festival in Madisonville Oct. 15-16th. The lighthouses will be decorations at the Captain's Award Reception. Mrs. Catherine Lynch and Jeannie Winters, from the Madisonville Maritime Museum came to our school and provided the materials for the class. A brief history lesson was given about the purpose of the activity and the purpose of lighthouses.

Students kneeling Left to Right: Hunter Munch, Sarah Kennedy, Cash Hargrove, Nicholas Satterlee, Andy Fletcher, Savanna Gerrets, Zachary Pittman, Collin Betzer, Sydney Thompson, & Camden Williams. Students Standing Left to Right: Ryan Leonick, Jaylyn James, Kinley Glass, Makayla Zeigler, Bridget Watson, Corey Haydel, Jake Adaire, Ethan Sepulveda, Brynn Tabora, Jake Lammon, Althea Sinon, & Morgan Kane. Teacher/Members from Museum left to right are Dana Holliday, Catherine Lynch, and Jeannie Winters.

Fairview Field Trip

Lancaster Elementary fourth graders enjoyed Louisiana Wetlands Exploration Day at Fairview-Riverside State Park. They identified Louisiana snakes, learned how to cast a rod and reel, planted native shrubs, and scooped water to examine bugs to test water quality.
Pictured from left to right are Mrs Melancon's students: Summer Trythall, Macy Guidry, Will Kelley, Hadley Lanoux, Julia Marcus, and Bailey Bourgeois.

September, 2011

Flag Presentation

Students from Lancaster Elementary learned about flag etiquette and the history of the American flag during a presentation from members of the American Legion. The American Legion also donated flag for each classroom and an outdoor flag for the school. L to R: (back row): Clinton Lounsbury, David Rice, Betty Rice, James Lacassagne, and Mike Peats. L to R: (front row): Tony Monk, Mackenzie Fletcher, Paige Paysse, Brock Adams, Chloe Perry, and Payton Hyde.

Patriot Day Visitors

Members from the American Legion taught students at Lancaster Elementary appropriate flag etiquette at the Patriot Day Celebration on Friday, September 9, 2011. Pictured: Adults Back Row left to right: Jessica Danos-Navy BU2, David Rice, Elizabeth Rice, Clint Lounsbury, Mike Peats, Ray Hartley, Rick Sunders, James Lacassagne, Cpt. Stephen Honeycutt--Army, Daniel Haydel--Fire District 4. Students Front Row left to right; Skylar Gordon, Grayson Honeycutt, Corey Haydel, and Payton Amacker.

Positive Behavior Recognized

Students at Lancaster Elementary School celebrated positive behavior
and signed the Good Book on Friday, August 26, 2011.
Pictured Top Row: Susannah Welch, Principal
Bottom Row left to right: Second Graders: Matthew Kinler, Katie Faler,
Riley Alleman, Hadi Mustafa, Jaysha Brooks, and Clara Phillippe.

Fourth Grade Good Book

Fourth Grade Student, Emery Duet-Champagne, proudly signed the Good Book at Lancaster Elementary School on Friday, August 26, 2011. Students were chosen by their teachers to sign the Good Book for displaying positive behavior.


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