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May, 2012


Spring Athletic Awards

Congratulations to the following Fontainebleau Jr. High students who were honored at the spring athletic awards held on May 7th.

Boys Volleyball – Chase LeMaire, Defensive MVP & Connor Isbell, Offensive MVP

Track – (left to right) Front Row:  Jordan Lacoste, Track & Field MVP; Maddie Cerise, Field MVP; Alivia Johnson, Track MVP; and Connor Becnel, Track and Field MVP. Back row:  Sean Spiess, Track MVP and Deonte Sorapuru, Field MVP

Girls softball & Boys baseball – Haley Fremin, MVP; Brittney Freeman, Hustle Award; Austin Lambertson, MVP; and Abby Shannon, Hustle Award.


Mystery Photo

Fontainebleau Jr. High 8th grader Riana Braselman submitted a picture to Current Science weekly reader to be used as a mystery photo in their contest.  Riana’s photograph of coins in a fountain was used and as a result, she won a t-shirt and $50.00. 

Students of the Month

Congratulations to 8th graders, Christian Thibodeaux, Paige White, Blair Kent, and Connor Becnel, for being chosen as the April & May Students of the Month at Fontainebleau Jr. High.  All students are in honors classes and maintain a 3.7-4.0 GPA while participating in various sports, the National Junior Honor Society, and their church youth groups.  Christian is an FJH band member.  Paige and Blair are members of the broadcast team, Canes Crew, Math club and track teams.  Paige also played soccer and softball at school and is a cheerleader for FJH.  Blair also played volleyball for the Canes.  Connor played soccer, ran track and was also a member of the High Impact Club.  Pictured left to right are Christian, Paige, Blair, and Connor.

Hurricane Highlights

Opening Ceremonies

From left to right are Assistant Principal Kelly Grunditz, Assistant Principal Shannon d’Hemecourt, School Board Member Roanne Tipton, Superintendent W. L. "Trey" Folse III, Principal Tim Schneider, School Board member Ron Bettencourt, Fire Chief Merrick Tassin, Eileen Scoriels (RHT/TRT), Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction Cheryl Arabie, and Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources Pete Jabbia.

Principal Dr. Tim Schneider

April, 2012


Students of the Month

Congratulations to Fontainebleau Jr. High 8th graders, Cailyn Bobo and Seth Homes, for being chosen as the March Students of the Month.  Both are members of the National Junior Honor Society and maintain high GPAs while participating in honors classes.  Cailyn is involved with her church youth group and in her spare time likes going to movies and hanging out with friends.  Seth is also a member of the Canes, soccer, volleyball, and track teams.  He also enjoys hanging with friends outside of school.


Cane Cash Day

Every third Thursday of the month, Fontainebleau Jr. High holds a Cane Cash day where students can use one Cane Cash dollar to purchase a treat.  As part of FJH’s Positive Behavior Program, cane cash dollars are given to students for following the Fish Philosophy.  This month, a raffle was held instead and students could use as many of their cane cash dollars as they wanted to take chances on winning a gift certificates to local establishments.  Pictured with their prizes are Timothy Lampo, Riley Christopher, Alan Cuff, and Kim Jenkins. 

I-Canes Tour Raffle

Congratulations to Fontainebleau Jr. High 7 th grader, Grace Gallagher, for winning a Kindle Fire in the recent I-Canes Tour Raffle. I-Canes tour is held prior to LEAP testing as a fun way to reinforce skills learned throughout the year.  Students are split into groups and travel from classroom to classroom, spending 90 minutes at each of 4 stations (ELA, math, social studies and science) doing hands on investigations.  Students receive tickets from teachers for participating, and they may use the ticket to purchase a mid-morning and/or mid-afternoon snack or place it in a box for a chance to win a Kindle Fire. 

March, 2012


Regional Science Fair

Congratulations to the following Fontainebleau Jr. High students who placed at the Regional Science Fair held at Southeastern Louisiana on March 9th.  Pictured left to right are Adam Ohlmeyer, Honorable Mention for Microbiology; Mason Hornsby, 3rd place in Earth Science; Matthew Bryant, Navy Award in Energy/Transportation; Julia Racine, 2nd place in Plant Sciences, and Kristen Boese, 1st place in Environmental Science.  Kristen’s and Julia’s projects moved on to the State Science Fair at LSU.  All students are in Mrs. Rabalais’ gifted classes.


Science Fair Online

Congratulations to (pictured left to right) Andrew Spinks, Elise Hernandez, Kristen Boese, and Julia Racine, Fontainebleau Jr. High students in Mrs. Diane Rabalais’ gifted science classes, for being chosen as a semi-finalist team in the I-Sweep National online Science Fair competition.  The students used a power point format to put their science fair project online and as a result, will receive a $100.00 check, T-shirt, and a certificate/medal for being named a semi-finalist.


Space Center Visit

On March 2nd, 100 8th grade students from Fontainebleau Jr. High traveled to Houston Space Center for an overnight space camp. Students worked in groups and participated in activities such as designing and constructing a small robot to move around on "Mars" & pick up "Martian" rocks, and designing and constructing a device to help land a spacecraft (a raw egg) on the surface of "Mars" (from a 3 story building) without breaking and having a lower price tag than other groups. They also attended a briefing by NASA personnel to learn about the present and future status of our space programs, viewed an IMAX film about the International Space Station, visited Mission Control, Astronaut Training Facilities and Rocket Park, and used simulators and other interactive exhibits. Students were chaperoned by FJH personnel, Jane Gallardo, Cindy Boylan, Diane Rabalais, Michele Pennington, Margaret Piazza, Deborah Booker-Doyle, Amiee Fitzmorris, Nancy Rhodes, Patrice Turner, and Jennifer Morrison.

Pictured inside the space center are Madison Rossignol, Brittney Freeman, Cailyn Bobo, McKenna Stewart, Emily Bird, and Alexis Zulli.

Heroes of the Month

Congratulations to 8th graders, L.J. Ballast and Caroline Nihart, for being chosen as Fontainebleau Jr. High’s Heroes of the Month for February. Both students are members of the National Junior Honor Society and soccer teams. L.J. also plays baseball for the Canes and is an officer in the High Impact Club while maintaining a 3.8 GPA in honors classes. Outside of school, he is a member of the Stars Baseball Academy travel team. Caroline maintains a 3.8 GPA in gifted classes and is also a member of the Canes volleyball team. In her spare time, she plays for the Mandeville Soccer Club Lakers.


February, 2012

Jerseys for Jeremy

FJH collected $545 for the recent Jerseys for Jeremy fund-raiser!

Pictured above are Viktoria Bealer, Tanner Borskey, Morgan Lewis, Alina Vaccaro, and Josh Manuel.

Fall Athletic Awards

Congratulations to the following Fontainebleau Jr. High students for being honored at the Fall Athletic Awards Ceremony held on February 16th. 

Football:  Ishaq Celestine, MVP; Sam Gartman, Offensive MVP; Kyle Babin, Defensive MVP; and Brandon Akkawi, 7 th grade MVP.

Girls Volleyball:  Savannah Heath, Defensive MVP; Alexis Herty, 7 th Grade MVP; Alexis Zulli, MVP; and Noelle Ibos, Offensive MVP.

Boys Basketball:  Logan Wareham, Leadership Award; Sam Gartman, MVP; and Roy Ford, 7 th grade MVP.

Girls Basketball:  Whitney Ward, MVP and Bailey Scott, 7 th Grade MVP.

Boys Soccer:  Seth Homes, Most Improved Player; Connnor Becnel, Defensive MVP; Christian Moroney, Offensive MVP; and James Bridges, MVP.

Girls Soccer:  Bailey Tadlock, Offensive MVP; Sadie Dickinson, MVP; and Caroline Nihart, Defensive MVP.

Heros of the Month

Congratulations to Fontainebleau Jr. High 8th graders, Stephen Kelly & Jordan Cross, for being named January Heroes of the Month.  Both students maintain 4.0 GPA while participating in honors and gifted classes and are members of the National Junior Honor Society.  Stephen is also a member of the High Impact club and played on the basketball team.  During his spare time, he loves to play basketball.  Jordan participates in the Math club and outside of school loves to play soccer and draw.   


Wins Autographed Football

Congratulations to Fontainebleau Jr. High 8th grader, Holly Bouchon, for winning the Drew Brees autographed football raffled off by FJH’s Canes C.R.E.W. (Canes Respecting Everyone’s Worth). The Canes CREW is a club at school that recognizes differences in peer groups, helps the special needs students, and tries to show appreciation to all the overlooked workers at the school. The members of that club do whatever is necessary to make their school community better for everyone who walks through the front doors. All proceeds from the raffle will be directed towards bettering the school community. Canes CREW moderators, Lonna Winslow and Anne Authement, would like to thank everyone who participated in the raffle.


Boys Soccer Wins Title

The Fontainebleau Jr. High Boys soccer team finished their season by defeating Boyet Jr. High 7-0 to capture the Junior High large district title.  Their overall record was 7-1.  Team members are (front) Sam Camarda, Sean Spiess and Nick Miller.  Kneeling:  Justin Gaudet, Carson Theriot, and Quin Mullen.  Standing:  Joe Richardson, Mr. Jesus Gutierrez, Noah Ruby, Reagan Hill, Braiden Beam, Alejandro Deleon, Connor Becnel, Christian Moroney, Seth Homes, Nathan Pearl, James Bridges, and Mrs. Sonia Maltais-McGuire.  L.J. Ballast is being held by teammates. 


Student of the Year Nominees

The following 8th grade students were named as Fontainebleau Junior High Student of the Year Nominees.  After the application and interview process were completed, Kendra Watterson was chosen to represent FJH as its 2011-12 Student of the Year and was also chosen as a semi-finalist for the district.  Congratulations to all the students. 

Sitting:  Colton Scariano, Joseph Cannizzaro, Alan Comardelle, Matthew Bryant, Nathan Pearl, Stephen Kelly, Matthew Myrtue, Kendra Watterson, Caroline Nihart, Allison McPhate, Catarina Kim, Lindsay Heffker, Sofia Downing, Christian Moroney, Abby Shannon, Connor Becnel, James Bridges, Julia Racine, Arlette Perez, and Rachel Moynan.  Standing:  McKenna Stewart, Emily Theriot, Monica Growden, Alexis Schultz, Savannah Heath, Samantha Santiago, Hannah Norman, Shelby Caffarel, Christian Thibodeaux, Catherine Scallon, Madison Rossignol, Brittney Freeman, Hannah Blanchek, Breanna Holland, Sadie Dickinson, Paige White, Cody Marshall, Hannah Campo, Rebecca Bruno, Cole LeJeune, Leaf Ballast, Braeden McCutchan, Adam Ohlmeyer, Ray Poche, Justin Cantrelle, Victoria Johnson, Elizabeth Duhon, Jordan Cross, and Ashley Crespo.  Missing from picture is Cailyn Bobo.
Click on the image for a larger picture.

Honor Jazz Band

Congratulations to the following Fontainebleau Jr. High students who participated in the Jr. High District Honor Jazz Band held at Fontainebleau High School on Saturday, February 4th:  Colton Scariano, Lauren Fogg, Connor White, Austin Kelly and Brian Maassen.

Etiquette Lessons

On January 24th, Ms. Laurie Brannon’s Home Economics classes at Fontainebleau Jr. High visited Benedict’s Plantation. The students were given etiquette lessons during their six course meal from Brian Ebel, Sales Manager/Special Events Coordinator, and then toured the plantation to learn about its history. Shown enjoying their lunch are (left to right) Ms. Brannon, Brianna Williams, Mychal Coakley, Emily Barron, and Jennifer Bandy.

Science Fair Winners

Fontainebleau Jr. High held its science fair on February 2nd.  Congratulations to the following students who placed.  All 1 st place winners will move on to the regional competition to be held at Southeastern Louisiana University in March. 

1 st place:  Sitting:  Braiden Beam, James Bridges, Christian Moroney, Mason Hornsby, Brian Maassen, and Matthew Bryant.  Standing:  Arlette Perez, Regan Sellers, Kayla Richard, Drew Spinks, Kelen McWhorter, Ely Rodriguez, and Julia Racine.  Missing from picture is Adam Ohlmeyer.

2 nd place:  Matthew Myrtue, Maddy Casabat, Camille Wetekamm, Austin Kelly, Jacob Daniel, and Clay Fonseca.  Standing:  Monica Growden, Alivia Johnson, Caroline Nihart, Jazmyn Green, Youngone Kim, Ray Poche, Hailey Campo, Kristen Boese, Ford Lambert, Jennifer Mayer, and Alison Curl.

3 rd place:  Sitting:  Kendra Watterson, Elise Hernandez, Devin Caffarel, and Jennifer Bahle.  Standing:  Tevia Schroeder, Muhammed Yousif, and Madison Pounds.  Missing from picture is Brennan Forrest.


January, 2012

Honor Band Members

Congratulations to the following Fontainebleau Jr. High band members who were selected to the 2011-12 District IX honor band.  Front row:  Rachael Coyne, Kristen Mayfield, Ashley Leehans, Lauren Fogg and Matthew Braselman.  Back row:  Austin Kelly, Alan Comardelle, Amanda McLoughlin, Jordan Abadie, and Brian Maassen. 

Reflections at District

The following Fontainebleau Jr. High students’ PTA Reflections entries placed at the St. Tammany Parish district level.  left to right:  William Barrios, Award of Merit, Literature; Riley Wiemelt, Award of Excellence, Music; Catarina Kim, Award of Excellence, Literature; Hannah Campo, Award of Excellence, Choreography; Janelle Skow, Award of Merit, Literature; Hannah Blanchek, Award of Merit, Literature; and Emily Campbell, Award of Excellence, Music.  Absent from picture is Taylor Saucier, Award of Merit, Photography.  All those who received an Award of Excellence will have their entries forwarded to the state PTA for competition. 


Safety Poster Contest

Congratulations to the following Fontainebleau Jr. High students whose PTA Safety and Poster Contest entries were chosen at the school level and forwarded to the district level for competition.  Pictured left to right are Catherine Scallon, Grace Jines, Ashley Barousse, Jacob Kallet, Riana Braselman, Rachel Moynan, Jordan Cross, and Sydney McDonough.


Reflections Contest

Congratulations to the following Fontainebleau Jr. High students who won at the school level for the PTA Reflections Contest.  All entries have been forwarded to the district level for competition.

Visual Arts:  (L-R) Morgan Lewis, Juliana Laurent, Savannah Heath, Cailyn Bobo, Brittney Freeman, Haley Fremin, Jordan Abadie, and Janelle Skow.

Literature:  (L-R) Josh Manuel, Hannah Blanchek, Patrick Addamus, Catarina Kim, Madison Rossignol, William Barrios, Sheldon Guillory, and Mason Moore.

Photography:  (L-R) Bennett Walleck, Spring Ivy, Sofia Downing, Rebecca Bruno, Taylor Saucier, Windsor Adcox, and Abby Shannon.

Choreography:  Hannah Campo

Music:  Catarina Kim, Emily Hynes, Ethan Lafont, Emily Campbell, Youngone Kim, Lauren Schroeder, Lane Campo, and Riley Wiemelt.


December, 2011

Hospital Bellringers

On Friday, Dec. 9th, the Fontainebleau Jr. High chorus and bell choir, under the direction of Mrs. Sharon McNamara-Horne and assisted by student teacher Ms. Baylie Stillwell, performed Christmas songs for staff and patients at Lakeview Regional Hospital.  Pictured are some of the bell choir members:  Victor Flint, Henry Dang, Jacob Daniel, Olivia Sanchez, Bailey Hutzler (partially hidden) and Mrs. McNamara-Horne.

Talented Music Concert

Fontainebleau Jr. High’s Talented Music students recently held a Christmas concert at St. Tammany Parish Hospital for staff and patients.  Students performing were (back row) Matthew Delcambre, Lane Campo, Lauren Schroeder, Youngone Kim, Catarina Kim, Kayley Terminie (partially hidden), and Ms. Christy West, teacher.  Front row:  Riley Weimelt, Hannah Blanchek, Sally Duhon, Jonas Kety, Emily Campbell, and Emily Hynes.  Missing from picture is Ethan Lafont.

Chocolate Rewards

Fontainebleau Jr. High students who sold $200 or more of chocolate in their fall fundraiser were invited to participate in a two hour Games2U event at school on the morning of December 12th.  Top sellers pictured are (left to right) kneeling:  Julia Frank, Baylie Clarke, Mason Serna, Laurenz Moore, Jordan Serna, Connor White, Shane Hunter, Kayla Richards, Samantha Collins, Coleman Levy, Ruhullah Ashiru, and Don Ardeneaux.  Standing:  Samantha Richardson, Kalli Albi, Amelia Brumfield, Alyssa Kelly, Cameron Gonzales, Samantha Arbella, Olivia Richardson, Emma Reeder, Lauren Fogg, Jennifer Bahle, Eric Strain, Jeff Poulliard, Justin Cantrelle, Ethan Lafont, and Ryan Martinez.  Missing from picture are Alyssa Fladmo, Nicholas Gautreau, Bernadette Saizon, Blake Segari, Peyton Walle, Mirella Diaz, and Jordan Lacoste. 

Winter Dance

Pictured left to right are Fontainebleau Jr. High students Madison Rossignol, Janie Dick, Hannah Blanchek, Maygan Gonzales, Melissa Wickham (partially hidden), Catarina Kim, Gabriella Thurber, Jazmyn Green, Jordan Lacoste, Grace Jines, Windsor Adcox, and Caroline Nihart enjoying their winter dance held on Friday, December 9th.


November, 2011

Students of the Month

Congratulations to Kendra Watterson and Matthew Bryant for being chosen Fontainebleau Jr. High’s Students of the Month for November and Cody Marshall and Catherine Scallon, Students of the Month for October.  Kendra and Matthew maintain a 4.0 GPA while enrolled in gifted classes and are members of the National Junior Honor Society and Publishing Club.  Kendra is also a member of the  Math and Library Clubs.  Outside of school, she devotes much of her time volunteering in her community.  Matthew loves to hunt and participates in many skeet, sporting clays and target shooting tournaments.  Catherine and Cody maintain 4.0 GPA in honors classes and are also members of the NJHS.  Catherine belongs to the Builders, French, Math, Yearbook & High Impact Clubs.  Outside of school she is an altar server at her church , babysits and plays on a local Mandeville Soccer Club Team.  Cody is an avid baseball player, having been a part of the Stars Baseball State Runner up team and participates in the FJH High Impact Club.  Pictured left to right is Watterson, Bryant, Marshall, and Scallon.

Thanksgiving Class

Ms. Amy Bennett's Class looks forward to Thanksgiving.


Three Rivers Festival

Fontainebleau Jr. High had 20 works of art from Mrs. Adair Watkins's classes entered in the Three Rivers Art Festival. Congratulations to the following students who won honors: 7 th graders Maddi Cerise, 1st place, and Jessica Song, 7th - 8th grade Michelangelo Award; and 8 th graders Emily Theriot, Honorable Mention, and Alina Vaccaro, Honorable Mention.


October, 2011

Volleyball Undefeated

Congratulations to the Fontainebleau Jr. High Girl’s Volleyball team for finishing their season as the undefeated district champs with a 6-0 record (12-1 overall). During the season, the Lady Canes won their own tournament and also won the end of the season parish tournament. Pictured with the 1st place Parish trophy are (sitting) Julia St. Pierre, Blair Kent, Noelle Ibos, Savannah Heath, Margaret Foster, and Nikki Lewis; (kneeling) Alexis Herty, Caroline Nihart, and Leslie Ballist; (standing) Coach Scott Cammack, Victoria Girau, Nia Silvas, Emily Campbell, Mary Bergeron, Jordan Lacoste, Rachel Moynan, Abby Shannon, Mallorie Talley, Bailey Scott, Alexis Zulli, and Coach Deborah Booker-Doyle.

Boo Fest Skeletons

Mrs. Adair Watkins’s Art II classes at Fontainebleau Jr. High are pictured with the skeletons they made for the Boo Fest house at Lakeview Hospital.  Pictured with the students is Mr. Joe Zimmerman from Audubon Physical Therapy, community partner house sponsor.  The theme was “Make No Bones About It, This Joint is Jumpin’.”  Students from the FJH Canes Crew and Mrs. Amy Bennett’s class also helped with the house decorations.  Pictured are front row:  Viktoria Bealer, Savannah Heath, Morgan Lewis, Jessica Song, Mia Maniscalco, and Tanner Borskey.  Middle row: Madeline Snyder, Thomas Chamberlain, Cameron Gonzales, and Mr.  Zimmerman.  Back row:  Michael Bergeron, Alina Vaccaro, Emily Theriot, and Josh Manuel.  In addition to helping make the skeletons, Emily Theriot, Savannah Heath, and Jessica Song volunteered at the Boo Fest handing out candy all day.

Learning About Electrons

Mrs. Jane Gallardo’s 8th grade classes at Fontainebleau Jr. High were recently learning about electrons in science class.  In order to demonstrate how a “negative” can’t stand to touch another “negative,” Mrs. Gallardo allowed students to touch a VenderGraaf generator ,which sends electrons into the body causing the hair to stand on end. Pictured is Hayden Lake.

Flag Fabricated

Mr. Eric Danby’s Talented Art classes at Fontainebleau Jr. High completed a flag made entirely from construction paper chains that will be used during the Veterans Day Program scheduled for November 8 th.  Pictured working on the flag is Savannah Heath.

Robotics Module

Pictured are Catherine Scallon and Alyssa Kelly, 8th graders at Fontainebleau Jr. High, working on the robotics module in the school’s Tech Lab.  Both students are in Mrs. Jane Gallardo’s science class.

Windjammers Win

The Fontainebleau Junior High Windjammers competed in the St. Tammany Parish Fair and won first place in their division.  Team moderator is Mrs. Jamie Mouton and members are pictured here with their trophy and check for $100.  FIRST ROW: Taylor Robinson, Gabby Dufrene, and Spring Ivy.  SECOND ROW: Lauren-Taylor DeJohn, Hannah Martin, Hanna Campo (Captain), Bella Caminita, Madison Rossignol, and Camille Wetekamm.  THIRD ROW: Emily Bird, Catarina Kim, Shelby Caffarel, Alexis Schultz, and Emily Mouton. 


September, 2011

Heroes of the Month

Congratulations to Fontainebleau Jr. High 8th graders, Cole Lejeune and Abby Shannon, for being chosen as September Heroes of the Month.  Both students maintain the “A” Honor Roll while enrolled in honors classes and are members of the Math Club and National Junior Honor Society.  In his spare time, Cole loves to play golf, fish, and hunt.  Abby is a member of the Canes Crew and High Impact Club and participates on the volleyball, basketball, softball and track teams.  In her spare time, she loves to play sports and plays on a traveling volleyball team.

Abraham Lincoln Bio

Students in Mrs. Lura Aucoin’s 8th grade ELA classes at Fontainebleau Jr. High recently read a short biography on Abraham Lincoln. In response to the biography, students wrote a biographical poem from Lincoln’s perspective and also created a unique pictorial collage depicting various facets of Lincoln’s personality. Pictured are Austin Liggio and Ryan Petroff.

Patriots Day

In honor of Patriot Day, Fontainebleau Jr. High invited first responders from the Mandeville Fire District 4 to join them for lunch on Friday, September 9, 2011. As the firefighters and EMTs enjoyed lunch with the students, they were treated to a song by the Advanced Choir led by Mrs. Sharon McNamara-Horne, and later were given the opportunity to view the stepping stones that were painted by students in honor of the 10 year anniversary of 9/11.

Chief Merrick Tassin imprinted his hands into one stone while the firefighters signed their names on another. The painted stones depicted symbols of first responders, such as a fire truck, policeman’s badge, and an ambulance as well as the World Trade Center buildings and an American Flag. In the next few months, the stones will be placed in a remembrance garden to be created at school.

Pictured are students from Mrs. Bennett’s class who wrote letters to the fireman thanking them for everything they do for our community. Front row: David Fulton, Steven Zuluaga, Aaron Rhode, Taylor Bommarito, Haley Jones, Lizzy Dupart, and Chase Davenport. Back row: Eileen Scoriels (RHT), Holly Bouchon, Firefighter Toney Brown, Operator Kenny Goodrow, Shannon d’Hemecourt (Assistant Principal), Operator Josh Jordan, Operator Elliot Ory, Amy Bennett, and New Orleans Firefighter Wesley Thibodeaux (father of 8th grader, Christian).

Food Drive

Pictured with some food items collected this year are Fontainebleau Jr. High National Junior Honor Society Members, Christian Thibodeaux, Hannah Campo, Haley Fremin, Catherine Scallon, Abby Shannon, Jordan Cross, and Olivia Najolia. The NJHS spearheaded the school food drive in conjunction with the Covington Junior Corps 9/11 Food Drive to help benefit the Covington Food Bank. The FJH community collected over 500 food items.

NJHS Officers

Congratulations to the following 8th grade students who were elected as Officers of the Fontainebleau Junior High National Junior Honor Society for 2011-12. L-R: Brittney Freeman, Historian; Blair Kent, Secretary; Whitney Ward, President; Paige White, Vice President; and Abby Shannon, Treasurer.

Heroes of the Month

Congratulations to Alan Comardelle and Savannah Heath, 8th graders at Fontainebleau Jr. High, who have been chosen as the August Heroes of the Month. Both students maintain a 4.0 GPA in Honors classes. Alan participates in the band, Builders Club and National Junior Honor Society while Savannah is a member of the Canes volleyball and track teams. Savannah also participates in the VIA volleyball club and volunteers with her church youth group.

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