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May, 2012

Bully Program

Cypress Cove Elementary students in the classes of Ms. Phuong Normand, Ms. Rhonda Kuhlmann and Ms. Melanie Herring recently performed a program on how to handle a bully.  Directed by music teacher Ms. Carol Cline, the play included songs, dances and acting by a variety of swamp creatures.

Pictured from left back row: Ryan Bennett, Elaina Melerine and Jackie Thigpen. Bottom row: Brooklyn Atkinson, Reagan Newman, Jordan Brooks and Ana Clare Corcoran.

Back row: Landon West, Zack Moore, and Elijah Harrison. Middle row: Riley Gunn, Julia Spies, Luke Briggs, and Cooper Greer. Front row: Ethan Buras, Alana Perrin and Ahmad Allen  

March, 2012


All About Louisiana

Students in Ms. Deanna Cantin's and Ms. Christie Ilg's classes at Cypress Cove Elementary School in Slidell recently performed a program all about Louisiana.  Directed by music teacher Ms. Carol Cline, the presentation included songs and a rap about Louisiana history.

Pictured from left are Bruce Thomas, Thuy-An Nguyan, Leya Gordon, Jordan Bourgault and Paul Miano.

Pictured from left are Andrea Blain, Lincoln Jolly, Wilson Hou and Alexis Messina.

Good Character Award

Cypress Cove Elementary School proudly presents March Good Character Award for First Grade and T-1. Back row: Julia Spiess, Megan Sutton, Thomas Baker, Parker Saxton, Taylor Vignes, Mackensie White, and Becca Williams. Middle row: Joey Hudgens, Faith Lobrano, Emily Schneider, Christie Chambers, Kaydence Hoffman, and Campbell Noblett. Front row: Brandy Bannon, Paul Miano, Bryce deMahy, Dylan Rackstraw, and Kaleb Colwart.

Cypress Cove Elementary School proudly presents March Good Character Awards for Kindergartenand Pre-K. Back row: Damian Crowe, Elijah Palao, Lauren Hidalgo, Amelia Graham, and Aubrey Schaff. Middle row: Katelyn Beckham, Kennedy Warning, Kendall Remerow, Mia Gumpert, Rachael Marsh, and Katherine LeBlanc. Front row: Caleb Hutchinson, Gabriella Pembo, Samee Licciardi, Tony Carbo, and Emily Nguyen.


Music in the Schools

Students from Cypress Cove Elementary in Slidell will be featured on PBS channels across the nation in a concert to celebrate Music in the Schools Month. The concert wasstreamed live over the internet on Thursday, March 8, 2012. The Concert for Music in our Schools Month showcases the value and importance of music education, and features a variety of songs and styles from all over the country. Under the direction of Music Teacher Carol Cline and first grade teachers Deanna Cantin, Rhonda Kuhlmann, Phuong Normand, and Amy Price, Cypress Cove students were selected to present their version of the song, "Discussin' Percussion" in October 2011.

Pictured from left: ( 1st row) Olivia Boggs, Nathan Willis, Elizabeth Kinchen, Jordan Bourgault, Ryan Bennett, Jordan Brooks and Wilson Hon. (2nd row) Maria Cousins, Julia Spiess, Kira Stevens, Reilly Fastring, Darby Middleton, Andrea Blain and Eliska Perron. ( 3rd row) Brennan Huse, Bruce Thomas, Lincoln Jolly and Emma Bents.


Cypress Cove student Briana Parham warms up on the bongo drums before performing "Discussin' Percussion"

Special Program

Students in Mrs. Charlene LoGiudice's class at Cypress Cove Elementary recently performed a special program for their fellow students, faculty and parents.  Directed by music teacher Mrs. Carol Cline, the children performed songs and acted out skits that showed how to have good character and be a good role model for others.

Getting ready to perform from left to right are Kyle Sevin, Matthew Milici, and Michael Bright.

Syrus Harris, Taylor Vignes, and Jeffrey Tiffany, Jr.


February, 2012


Jerseys for Jeremy

The Slidell Evening Lions Club recently presented a $1500 check to Ann Hebert with the Jeremy Hebert Defibrillator Fund at a special “Jerseys for Jeremy Day” ceremony at our school. The donation will be used in their mission of placing an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) in every school in the parish. An AED is a medical device that helps restore a normal heartbeat when someone is experiencing “sudden cardiac arrest.” Pictured at the presentation, from left to right, are Jason Dyer and Ann Hebert with the Jeremy Hebert Defibrillator Fund, Parish Athletic Director Larry Favre in back, and Slidell Evening Lions Club members Fred Birmingham, Scott Dutton, and Jack A. Hutchison.


Good Character Kids

Cypress Cove Elementary presents their Valentine Good Character Awards for February for First Grade and T-1.

Back row: Kaitlyn Lacoste, Emma Bents, Lilly Gonzalez, Tyler Sharp, Carson Dohm, Gunnar David, and Riley Gunn. Middle row: Deannah Bryant, Madelen Aguirre, Brianna Smith, Peyton Couste, James Miller, and Gabriella Levert. Front row: Anthony Scott, Reagan Varnado, Shelby Bates,  Shelby Schrills, and Eliska Perron.

Kindergarten Good Characters

Cypress Cove Elementary presents their Valentine Good Character Awards for Kindergarten for February.

Back row: Gabriel Hernandez, Mikayla Glendening, Mia D'Amelio, Camille Jones, Ian Kelly, amd Daniel Ard. Middle row: Jaelyn Graham, Isabella DesOrmeaux, Olivia Carpenter, Caiden Colwart, and Merrissa Shelby. Front row: Nicholas Cochran, Sophia Condon, Lucas Buchanan, Gabriella Smith, and Morgan Englehart.

Making Bread

Cypress Cove Elementary First Graders enjoyed learning how to make bread. Robin Blakeman. cafeteria manager, showed students how to shape and form their dough ball. The children had fun making and eating the hot bread.

January, 2012

First 100 Days

Cypress Cove Elementary School celebrates 100 days of school. Students participated in many activities concentrating on counting, sorting, writing, graphing, and collecting 100 items. Our favorite activity is shown in these pictures of the students dressing like they were 100 years old. All names are from left to right.

Katie Ward, Kennedy Ordoyne, and Aydan Gill


Syrus Harris, Michael Bright, and Riley Mendoza


Rylie Coyle, Kylie Lederer, Jaelin Eumont, Amya Lewis, Rebeccah Adkins, and Carter Ducros


Caden Barnhill, Nicholas Bennett, and Jeffrey Tiffany, Jr.




Good Character Kids

Cypress Cove Elementary School recognizes First grade and T-1 January Good Character Kids.

On the back row: Faith Claunch, Emma Vujnovich, Brooklyn Murray, Sarah Peters, Erica Lambert, and Luke Biggs. On the middle row: Trey Wall, Tyler Serigne, Emily Mackleh, Gabby Guesnon, Kennedy Ordoyne, and Nathan Willis. On the front row: Cameron Cambre, Madison Elsensohn, Samantha Perque, Alexandra Schiro, Zachary Taft, and Rebeccah Adkins.

Cypress Cove Elementary School recognizes Kindergarten Good Character Kids for January. On the back row: Gianna Gross, John Morris, Xyiryekk Baruela, Dominigne Sema, Ashley Lon (1st. grade) and Morgan Mills. On the middle row: Emerson Bradley, Lilly Cameron, Brooke Rivero, Angelle Bordelone, Callie Penta, and Lauren Johnson. On the front row: Ashton Ball, Haley Hebert, Preston Miano, and Dalton Bullock.

Reflections Contest

Cypress Cove Elementary PTA Reflection Contest Winners 2011-12. Back row, left to right:  Lincoln Jolly, Samantha Cohn, Mark Cohn, Piper Hall, Davyn Cheramie, Julia Spiess, Ryan Bennett, and Thomas Baker. Front row, left to right:  Robert Kahrs, Nhi  Nguyen, Sofia Clark, Ella Cheramie, Calla Penta, and Olivia Wallace.


December, 2011



Good Character Awards

Cypress Cove Elementary presents Santa's Good Character boys and girls for Kindergarten and T-1: Back row: Nevaeha Williamson, Kyle Williams, Preston Cash, Skylar Walsh, Rachel Graham, and Molli Ann Anti. Middle row: Bailey Beals, Rudy Toranto, Keeley Stewart, Gabe Reguiera, Taylor Alphonse, and Marshall Davis. Front row: Seth Bounds, Grace Randall, Tyler Rushing, Karina Flores, and Ignacio Gudino.

Cypress Cove Elementary presents Santa's Good Character boys and girls for First grade: Back row: Kavon Vaughn(K), Hassan Mustafa, Garrett Shannah, Kar'Nyah Wright, Elaina Melerine, Devin Kennedy, ans Kennett Kastner. Middle row: Amya Lewis, Jaden Ruiz, Matthew Nguyen, Leya Gordon, Kate Harvey, and Bridget Adeola. Front row: Chance Gill, Larrell Reed, and Fausto Posadas.

Coloring Boxes

Pictures of Deanna Cantin's students coloring mailing boxes for the soldiers.


November, 2011

Thanksgiving Program

Students in Ms. Kim Clatterbuck's and Ms. Allison Dennis' classes at Cypress Cove Elementary recently performed a Thanksgiving program for the enjoyment of students, parents and faculty. Directed by Music Teacher Ms. Carol Cline, the audience came away with an "attitude of gratitude."

Pictured from left are, on the back row: Travis Briley and Ronald Celius.
On the middle row are Matthew Dallimore, Rachel Simpson and Shelby Casillas, and on the front row are Ramon Langston and Ava Lusk.

Gunner David and Donnie Buley

Ava Sather and Piper Hall

Special Program

Students in Ms. Amy Price and Ms. Gwen Losh's classes at Cypress Cove Elementary in Slidell recently performed a program to honor men and women in the armed services. 

Pictured from left: Alex Bremond, Wilson Price and Justin George

Pictured from left: Brennan Huse, Faith Lobrano and Garett Shamah

Good Character Awards

Cypress Cove Elementary School presents
First grade and T-1
November Good Character Award winners.

Back row: Mallory Saladino, Aydan Gill, Maya Hernandez, Nathan Pelago, Austin Williamson, Darby Long, Michael Bright. Middle row: Neheniah Harrison, Blake Dupuy, Justin George, Brennan Barnes, Brently Marino, Alivia Buley, Joel Tuohey. Front row: Elian Mondragon, Jordan Bourgault, Brooklyn Atkinson, Jordan Brooks, and Olivia Gonzalez.

Cypress Cove Elementary School presents
Good Character Awards for November.

Back row:Allison Quirk, Amelia Baker, Anthony Gusman, Caleb Vickers, Andy Long Year, Aubrey Lawrence, and William Suchow. Middle row: Julia Stein, Orlando Jones, Alex Lynch, Kenda Porter, Amelia Graffeo, and Erin Johnson. Front row: Emme Levy, Melanie Myers, and Delaney Whitener.

October, 2011

Good Character Awards

Cypress Cove Elementary School presents October Good Character Awards for T-1 and First Grade. Back row: Ryan Bennett, Harrison Carroll, Aidan Evett, Lance Smith, Meghan Martin, Courtney Warner, Amy Villarreal, and Gavin Wolz. Middle row: Kenny Wallace, Aubrey Pfeffer, Courtney Clatterbuck, Erin Wyatt, Alexander Clifton, Jaelin Eumont, and Bruce Thomas. Front row: Melvin Pickins, Brooke Louque, and Konner Milligan.

Cypress Cove Elementary presents October Good character Awards for Kindergarten. Back row: Kobe Walder, Ethan Speed, Carson Malasovich, Aryanna Davis, Jake Cavallo, Kelly Zibilich, and Braden Brennan. Middle row: Jordan Broussard, Ava Crawford, Joshua Turek, Emily Borgstede, and Robin Suckow. Front row: Jaely Dorsey, Jesse Larsen, Daniel Hern, and McKenzie Gillpatrick. Not pictured is Robert Wright.

Butterfly Garden Caretakers

Mrs. Lovitt’s Kindergarten kids taking care of the Cypress Cove Elementary butterfly garden.


Reading Presentation

Students at Cypress Cove Elementary in Slidell recently kicked off their annual reading program with a presentation by Ms. Regina Zelden's and Ms. Corrinne Aertker's classes.  Directed by music teacher and St. Tammany Parish Teacher of the Year Ms. Carol Cline, the students performed songs with a sports theme that will be celebrated all year.

Pictured from left: Fausto Posudos, Alexandra Schiro and Shelby Bates.

Jaxon Stuart, Janet Adams, Kloeigh Johnson, and Xavier Smith.

September, 2011



Good Character Awards
for September

Cypress Cove Elementary School proudly presents September
Good Character Awards for T-1 and First Grade. Back Row: Ana Claire Cochran, Olivia Boggs, Anna Grace Stetstrom, Carter Ducros, Christina Jackson, Samantha Jones, Sita Baham. Middle Row: Abigail Parke, Belle Airey, Isabelle McDougle, Taj Woods, Alysen, Langston, Alexa Williams. Front Row: Breana McKee, Donnie Buley, Madison Parker, Hunter Morales.

Cypress Cove Elementary School proudly presents September
Good Character Awards for Kindergarten. Back Row: Noelle Labadens, Janiya Mills, Tadd Carroll, Quwonda Rollins, Ned Campbell, Sophia Dick. Middle Row: Jude Cooley, Gaby Ranch, Gracie Maggio, Grace Malchow, Nhi Nguyen, Francesca Mayeux. Front Row: Emma Benefield, Tianna Williams, Gunner Guidry, Aleksandra Orzechowska, Mariah Harrison (not pictured).


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