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November 2014

Celebrating Principal of the Year Gary Marlbrough

Chahta-Ima Elementary celebrated Principal Gary Marlbrough on Friday, November 7, 2014. Students from all grade levels performed songs or poems for him. St. Tammany Parish President Pat Brister was among the special guests who included Superintendent Trey Folse, Assistant Superintendent Cheryl Arabie, school supervisors Julie Matte and Beth Laine, and school board representative Willie “Coach” Jeter. Brister made a proclamation honoring Marlbrough and his efforts on behalf of St. Tammany Parish students. Pictured (L-R) Willie “Coach” Jeter, Parish President Pat Brister, Gary Marlbrough, Superintendent Trey Folse.

Black & Gold Day

Students Recognized with Character Trait Award

Chahta-Ima students showed respect for those around them in the month of October. Students who did an exceptional job were recognized with a character trait award. Pictured are: F(L-R) Roman Loera, Spencer Siles, Asia Davis, Deven Bernard, Malik Burns, and Eliyana Daughtry. M(L-R) Drake Tyson, Marques Zenon, Kayden Bickham, Logan DeSoto, Michael Fontenot, Robert Jones, and Greg Cusimano. B(L-R) Mikah Williams, Mikayla Touchet, Anna Blenet, Gavin Farrell, Kaylee Rogers, and Christian Fisk. Not pictured: Leila Casnave.

October 2014

Dictionary Donation

The Bayou Women’s Republican Club recently donated a brand new, personal dictionary to every Chahta-Ima Elementary third grader. Thanks for supporting our learning! Pcitured are: F(L-R) Adrian Vincent, Savanna Ducre, and Nadia Villagomez; B(L-R) Madelon Nohra, Dale Neale, and Pat Johnson.


Read for the Record

Rhonda Spiess, librarian at the Lacombe Branch of the St. Tammany Parish Library, visited Chahta-Ima Elementary to encourage the students to participate in Read for the Record. Pictured are (L-R): William Anthony, Rhonda Spiess (as the rabbit), and Reagan Roberts.


September 2014

Character Trait Award Winners

Chahta-Ima students showed great self-control in the month of September. Students who did an exceptional job were recognized with a character trait award. Pictured are: F(L-R) Laila Smith, Curtis Newton, Bailey Hecker, Reagan Roberts, Acadia Fradera, Trenton Fisk, and Liam Taulbee. M(L-R) Alana Landor, Julian Adams, Cherish Jackson, Rory Dominick, Xi Williams, and Cody Pichon. B(L-R) Hunter Mullen, Owen Smith, Lauren Lopez, Savanna Ducre, Mattie Bruckhart, and Brandon Parker. Not pictured: Mason Lane and Cameron Fricke.


August 2014

Agendas Donated

The Saint John of the Cross Knights of Columbus in Lacombe distributed student agendas they donated to Chahta-Ima third grade students. Thanks for helping the students stay organized! Pictured are: F(L-R) Max Keller, Joseph Shea, Milena Randolph, and Gavin Bech. B(L-R) Butch O’Neal, Mike Davis, Darryl O’Meallie, Sal Shepherd, and Merlin Schwab.


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