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March, 2012


Awards Banquet

ASMS students were honored at the St. Tammany Parish PTA Children's Awards Banquet on Friday, March 9 for their participation in the Reflections and Safety Poster Contests. Receiving awards for their entries were: Timothy Snow, David LeBlanc, Hailey Diaz, Alexandra Dupre, Lucy Fonseca, Jasmine Brown, and Andrew Bryant .

Our student photographers , Timothy Snow and Emile Durio, were honored at the Children's Awards Banquet at Tchefuncte Middle School. Not pictured is Brittney Smith.

Haliey Diaz and Alexandra Dupre were recognized for their talent in Musical Composition.

February, 2012

Jerseys for Jeremy


Honor Band

Some very talented students at Abita Springs Middle School were recently selected for Honor Band. These young musicians are under the direction of Mr. Justice Buras, who is Band Director and classroom music teacher at Abita Springs Middle. Students selected for Honor Band this year are pictured with Mr. Buras are (left to right) Alexandra Dupre, Mia Liberto, Devyn Pierce, Lee Lambert, and Marley Bogran.


Science and Social Studies

Many fourth, fifth, and sixth grade students at Abita Springs Middle recently participated in the schoolwide Science and Social Studies Fair. Students entering the competition were judged on their research report, project board, and oral presentation. The highest scoring students were awarded first place blue ribbons and were invited to participate in the Regional Science and Social Studies Fairs at SLU in Hammond.

Social Studies winners are pictured left to right, front row: Kaelyn Taylor, Sophie Chauvin, and Laken Adcox; back row: Stephen Gebbia, Brittany Bennett, Sierra Moseley, Blake Calcote, and Lee Lambert.

Science Fair winners: left to right, front row: Anthony Brocato, Joue't Curtis, Emma Frost, Jonathan Diaz, and Chris Jarrell; back row: Jordan Vicknair, Kaitlyn Moore, Andrew Bryant, Adam Wise, Hailee Frost, Carra Cintron, Cristin Grimsal, and Isabelle Landry.

January, 2012


Student of the Year

Abita Springs Middle School is proud to announce their nominees for Student of the Year for 2011-2012. One fifth grade student from each homeroom class was nominated based on academic achievement, community service and involvement, citizenship, and leadership.
The nominees this year are pictured left to right: Andrew Bryant, Eden Breazeale, Christian Bobo, Alexandra Dupre, Quinnay Walker, and Madison Kirkfield. The student selected as the 2011-2012 ASMS Student of the Year is Christian Bobo.


Reflections Winners

Winners of the PTA Reflections Contest at Abita Springs Middle School were recently determined and announced. Pictured and named are the winning students in the Photography and Film/Video categories.

Photography Intermediate Division:
Front Row (L-R): Sophia Nuzzolillo, Brady Romaire, Timothy Snow, and Alexa Theriot.
Back: Alexandra Dupre, Emile Durio, Emily Ernest, and Melena Estrade.

Photography Middle Division:
Front Row (L-R): Patrick Short, Brittney Smith, and Lauren Wicker.
Back: Cade Guillory, Jacob Hatcher, Mia Liberto, and Alexandra Randazzo.

Film/Video Intermediate Division: Shannon Amos at left and David LeBlanc.

Students at Abita Springs Middle School recently participated in the PTA Reflections Contest. Winners were determined and announced. Pictured and named are the winning students in the Visual Arts and Literature categories.


Visual Arts Intermediate Division:

Front Row (Left to right): Miranda Gendusa, Blaine Williams, and Corie Richardson.
Back: Andrew Bryant, Gage Jorgensen, Jonathan Laguaite, and Dawson Krauss.
Not pictured: Ian Ocmond

Visual Arts Middle Division:

Front Row (Left to right): Lee Lambert, Tieler Garsaud, and Alyssa Diaz.
Back: Samantha Pfeifer,  Cole Willie,  Abed Samarah, and Austin Folse.


Literature Intermediate Division:

Front Row (Left to right): Hayley Melerine, Emily Brown, and Alyssa K. Hall.
Back: Qidi Xu, Callie Dufrene, Shane Gros, Lucy Fonseca, and Amanda Phillips.


Safety Poster Winners

Safety Poster Winners - sponsored and selected by ASMS PTA


December, 2011




November, 2011



Veterans Day Event

Students at Abita Springs Middle school put on a special performance for the student body on Veterans Day and for parents and guests later the same evening.

Sixth grade students, under the direction of music teacher, Mrs. Annie Young-Bridges, and the ASMS Band, led by director, Mr. Justice Buras, performed several patriotic songs to honor our country and its heroes. 

A special treat was a solo by fifth grade student, Devyn Pierce, accompanied by Lee Lambert, sixth grader. 


Anti-Bullying Rally

        Abita Springs Middle School kicked off an Anti-Bully campaign in November. Students and teachers pledged to "Take a Stand" against bullying, and to "Lend a Hand" to those in need. Students learned that not only bullies hurt others, but bystanders who do nothing to prevent bullying are also at fault. In addition to classroom lessons, discussions and videos, there were a number of events on campus to increase student awareness of bullying and encourage reform.

        After several weeks of Anti-Bully Education, a celebration was held on Friday, November 18th. Students and staff wore blue B1 shirts, which they received in exchange for pledging to be Bully-Free. The morning of the 18th started with the Mandeville Fire Department helping students and staff form a huge peace sign. The firemen took an aerial photo of everyone standing together as one in peace.

        On the afternoon of the 18th, a B1 Pep Rally was held at the Abita Trailhead to celebrate our new mission to stop Bullying. Guest speaker, Parish President Kevin Davis, spoke to our students about his personal experiences with being bullied as a child and also as an adult, and the importance of taking a stand to stop bullying.

        The rally was primarily student led. Each grade level performed an anti-bullying skit for their peers. Classroom representatives competed in a silly BullyBee contest, showing off how much they have learned through Peace Education.

        The rally both began and ended with the ASMS band performing and student body singing "Stand Up and B1," a song written especially for the occasion by Band Director Mr. Justice Buras. It was a touching display of student awareness of bullying and committment by all to make a positive change in our school, at home, and in our communities.

        The Anti-Bullying activities included songs, skits, and lessons on how to handle bullying. B1 is a school-wide movement promoting responsible, respectful  students who stand up for their peers and stomp out bullying!

Parish President Kevin Davis was a guest speaker at our Anti-Bullying Rally at the Abita Springs Trailhead. It capped off a special week where students took a stand against Bullying.

School Board President Stephen "Jack" Loup, center, also attended.

Students form a giant Peace Sign as part of the day's events.

The ASMS band performed and student body sang "Stand Up and B1," a song written especially for the occasion by Band Director Mr. Justice Buras.

AR Goals Met

Students at Abita Springs Middle School who met their Accelerated Reading goal for the first nine weeks were rewarded with free dress, including costumes, on Halloween Day. The costumed students in this photo all met their AR goals, and were also the winners of the ASMS Annual Pumpkin Decorating Contest, a fun creative art project open to all students. Pictured from left to right are, Emma Frost, 1st place pumpkin, Laken Adcox, 2nd place winner, and 3rd place winner, Karley Fasullo.

October, 2011

Students of the Month

Students of the Month for October at Abita Springs Middle School were:
Top Row left to right are Eden Breazeale, Janesa Buras, Blake Calcote, Camille Conrad, Erin Damond, and Demi Drolla. On the middle row, from left, are Jacob Norman, Callie Dufrene, Emile Durio, Hailee Frost, Mya Gorrondona, Cristen Grimsal, Zachary Landon, and Caleb Lupo. On the front row, from left, are Betha Young, Sierra Mosley, Casey Stoute, Sean Thomas, Laci Treadway, Tiahja’nae Walker, and Lauren Wicker. Not Pictured is Jonathan Rodriguez.

First Quarter Awards

Abita Springs Middle School recently held their First Quarter Award Ceremony. Students were recognized and awarded certificates for Honor Roll, Principal's Honor Roll, Top Accelerated Reader in class, and Climbers Club. The Principal's Honor Roll certificate was recieved by students who receive all As on their report card. The Principal's Honor Roll students at Abita Middle are pictured L-R, front row: Lauren Wicker, Maci Liberto, Zachary Landon, Emile Durio, Courney McGuire, Adam Wise, Christian Bobo, Quinnay Walker, Alexis Fremin, and Marissa Frazier. Back row: Michael Malbrough, Alexandra Randazzo, Allie Fornea, Mya Gorrondona, Emily Delcambre, Sydney Larousse, Gavin Bordelon, Andrew Bryant, Marley Bogran, Houston Montz, Brittany Bennett, Angelle Darby, and Selena Landry.


Canned Goods Collected

Students from Abita Springs Middle School recently collected a whopping 1,353 pounds of canned goods in honor of the National 9/11 Day of Service commemorating the 10th anniversary of 9/11. The food drive was sponsored by the Covington Jr. Corps of the 21st Century Community Learning Center. Fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Christine Magnuson, and the ASMS Student Council organized the efforts at Abita Middle. Pictured in front of the Covington Food Bank truck loaded with donations are (L-R): Maysin Blum, Tucker Hamilton, Jacob Graf, Michael Malbrough, Brandon Roberts, and Gavin Bordelon.


Students of the Month

Abita Springs Middle School recognized one student from each class as September Students of the Month. The following students were chosen, and are shown in the photo left to right.

Front row: Kaleb Solar, Alexa Theriot, Shawna Terregano, Kaley Vincent, Dammon Warren, Cole Willie, and Chrissa Wilson. Second row: Edna Montes, Peyton Nunmaker, Madison Parker, Zachary Rabalais, Ashley Schilling, and Logan Schouest. Third row: Allie Hebert, Kathryn Jenkins, Alyssa Lewis, and Lacey Marchand. Back row: Chase Clark, Noelle Downey, John Fedele, Kenny Flocke, and Isaac Gray.


August, 2011

Students of the Month For August

Abita Springs Middle School August Students of the Month have recently been recognized. They are pictured left to right - Top Row: Victoria Arnona, Christian Bobo, John Campanella, Elijah Chauhan, Alexis Fremin, Cheyenne Gilchrist, Isaac Gray, and Bryan Ingrassia. Middle Row: Katelyn Jarrell, Richard Jenkins, Michael Malborough, Bailey Mulkey, Skyleigh Neumann, Erica Patterson, and Drew Poirier. Bottom Row: Anjoli Russell, Sydney Senseney, Jonathan Laguaite, Laila Vinti, Selena White, Hunter Whittle, and Adam Wise.


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