Go - Glow - Grow
Nutrition Information


The St. Tammany Parish Public School System nationally-acclaimed "Go - Glow - Grow" Nutrition Education Program is offered to all Kindergarten and first grade students. This program teaches students the importance of healthy food choices. Students learn through tasting parties which foods help them "Go," "Glow," and "Grow."

To reinforce these concepts, the cafeteria becomes an extended classroom as serving line labels identify which menu items are "Go," "Glow," or "Grow" foods.

As we continue to offer healthy menu choices, our students' acceptance of these options validate the importance of this program.



Learning About Nutrition

cypress Cove

Students at Cypress Cove Elementary School in Slidell learn about nutrition by using the USDA My Plate materials. From left to right are Caleb DeHart, Andrew Rodriguez, Robin Blakeman (manager), and Victoria Blackwell.


With two video cameras aimed at her, Robin Blakeman, Food Service Manager at Cypress Cove Elementary School, conducts a food nutrition class for a group of students. The video will be part of a “Cooks for Kids” segment being produced by the National Food Service Management Institute for national distribution. It focuses on Cypress Cove’s award-winning food preparation practices, especially its serving of a regional favorite, a greaseless gumbo. The “Cooks for Kids” program promotes healthy cooking for kids aiming to reduce childhood obesity across the nation. The segment will include interviews with Blakeman, Principal Lisa Dial, and former Food Service Supervisor Sylvia Dunn.

Food Tasting Party Held at Abney Elementary

First grade students of Ms. Cassie Prudhomme at Abney Elementary School recently took part in a "Go-Glow-Grow" food tasting party given by Food Manager Debra Davis. They were led by a fifth grade student helping them learn fun hand signals to represent each food type. The students tasted samples of various "Go," "Glow" and "Grow" foods and received nutrition activity books which reinforce healthy food choices.