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Pat Farris, Supervisor
985-898-3376    Pat.Farris@stpsb.org

Melissa Hoover, Secretary
985-898-3371    Melissa.Hoover@stpsb.org

Robin Hollingworth, Field Manager
985-898-6460    Robin.Hollingworth@stpsb.org

Angela Jackson, Field Manager
985-898-3234    Angela.Jackson@stpsb.org

Cherie Sharp, Field Manager
985-898-6434    Cherie.Sharp@stpsb.org

Judy Rayburn, Field Manager
985-898-3263 judylynn.rayburn@stpsb.org

Trina Germany, Special Programs Accountant
985-898-6433    Trina.Germany@stpsb.org

Jeff Davis, Maintenance Foreman
985-966-3091    jeffrey.davis@stpsb.org