How To's

How to Download
the App

  1. Go to the Apple App Store or Google Play

  2. Search "St. Tammany Public Schools"

  3. Select "Get" then "Install"

  4. You will need to know your Apple or Google account password

  5. After it has installed select "Open"

How to Customize your Calendar and Menu Views

  1. Select the Calendar or Menu icon

  2. By default you will see the district level calendar and menus

  3. Select "Change" in the top right hand corner

  4. Select which school menu or calendar you wish to view

Set up Push Notifications

  1. Select the Notifications icon

  2. Click on the wheel in
    the top right corner

  3. Select “Follow Schools”

  4. Select the school(s)
    you’d like to receive notifications from

Notifications you’ve selected to receive will pop-up on your phone or tablet. They will also be visible when you open the app and click on the Notifications icon.