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The end of senior year is the culmination of over 12 years of hard work and is an important time in the lives of our students and their families. Our School System is dedicated to providing the guidance and support to help our seniors and their families navigate this challenging situation with the goal of all students having the opportunity to graduate. We’re proud of our STPPS Class of 2020 and the strength and resilience they have demonstrated. We are all in this together.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Congratulations to the St. Tammany Parish Public School System Class of 2020! We are proud of each of our seniors. While we know this spring semester has not gone the way we would have imagined, we are committed to honoring you and your family's hard work as a member of the Class of 2020.

When will graduations take place?
We are hoping to have in-person graduations later in the summer, if and when it is determined to be safe. We know graduations are an important milestone, and we want to celebrate our Class of 2020 and their success to the best of our abilities and capabilities. If we are unable to hold in-person graduations because of safety precautions, we are working on plans for virtual graduations.

We learned that SLU will not be allowing any ceremonies until after July 31st, 2020, at the earliest. We are planning with principals to hold modified graduations at the end of June at the school facilities. Specific dates and further information will be provided as soon as possible. Thank you to our student and parents for your patience as we work to figure out the safest options for the celebrations.

When and how will seniors receive their diplomas?
Once diplomas are received from the Louisiana Department of Education, they will be printed. Information about the distribution of diplomas will be provided directly by the school.

Will my senior receive course credit for the last semester of school?
Yes. Seniors can earn course credit for courses for which they have demonstrated proficiency. Schools may determine if senior students have demonstrated proficiency in the grade-level content or courses to award credit by calculating a final grade for each course. The highest end-of-quarter grade a student has received in each course will serve as the 4th quarter grade. When available, schools may also use a proficiency exam passing score to help in determining that a student has met proficiency.

How will the 4th 9 weeks and second semester grades be calculated for seniors?
The highest end-of-quarter grade a senior has received in each course will serve as the 4th quarter grade. For example, if a student in World History received a B the first 9 weeks, a C the second nine weeks and a C the third nine weeks, their grade for the fourth nine weeks would be a B since that was the highest end-of-quarter grade received. That 4th quarter grade would be used in the calculation of the second semester grade.

Will seniors receive a letter grade or a Pass/Fail for courses?
We are letting students and parents decide which option is the best for each individual senior. This option will become available once your child receives the official School System report card. Report Cards will be mailed by the end of April. After reviewing grades, there are many possible implications to consider prior to requesting the Pass/Fail option. Pass/Fail options are not calculated into the Grade Point Average for the purpose of the Taylor Opportunity Program for Students (TOPS). Parents and students should review the potential implications of a Pass/Fail credit option by reviewing information at these sites:

How will rank in class be determined? 
There will be no changes in how rank in class is determined. Rank in class determination will remain the same as prior years, as outlined in the current 2019-2020 Pupil Progression Plan, which is located on the district website.

What if a senior has not passed or demonstrated proficiency in a grade-level content or course?
For students that have not met minimum levels of proficiency to pass a course, schools will provide alternative learning options to complete unfinished learning and demonstrate proficiency. This may include online courses or course packet options. The Louisiana Department of Education has advised that students currently failing a course will have the opportunity for the final grade to be submitted by August 31, 2020. Once it is determined that a student has met all graduation requirements, the student will be issued a diploma.

If a senior is having to complete online learning, do schools have to check attendance daily?
The state has suspended provisions requiring schools to check daily attendance for the remainder of the current school year.

How does the waiver of attendance requirements impact graduating seniors?
The state has waived mandatory instructional minutes and compulsory attendance requirements in order for students to achieve graduation without the necessary seat time. However, seniors must have the appropriate number of course credits and grades normally necessary for graduation.

What if a senior is enrolled in a dual enrollment course with a college or university?
Students who are enrolled in dual enrollment college classes should follow the guidelines and instructions set by the college or university. The Louisiana Board of Education has advised that the Board of Regents is bringing a policy recommendation forward in April 2020 that will allow a student to continue the course via distance learning options through the higher education institution and earn credit when the course ends, choose to opt for an “In Progress” designation and have until August 31, 2020, to complete the course and earn credit, or opt for an “Administrative Withdrawal” and exit the course with no credit and nothing posted to the official college transcript. If a student chooses a Pass/Fail option for a dual enrollment class, it will be used for the school grade and the university transcript, and may impact a student’s future college GPA and scholarship eligibility (this option does not apply to students enrolled in Northshore Technical Community College or Nunez Community College courses). If a student chooses an “In Progress” designation and the student does not complete the course, this may result in a failing grade and negatively impact TOPS scholarship eligibility and college GPA. An “Administrative Withdrawal” request must be submitted by the date determined by the post-secondary institution. These options should be coordinated and determined through each student’s Individual Graduation Plan. 

Southeastern Louisiana University
At this time, students should continue working through their course syllabus completing assignments online. Dual enrollment course materials must be accessed online at Students should continue to check their SLU email.  If a student chooses to withdraw from the dual enrollment course, the withdrawal date for spring-only and year-long classes has been moved from April 3 to May 26.

University of New Orleans
Dual enrollment faculty are working with their respective university departments to continue coursework through Moodle. Dual enrollment instructors will contact students with more information. Students should continue to check email and/or Moodle accounts for further information from their instructors. The last day to drop courses was Friday, March 20. Final grades were due on May 19, 2020. University information can be found at

Nunez Community College
Dual enrollment faculty are working with their respective college departments to continue coursework through Moodle. Dual enrollment instructors will contact students with more information. Students should continue to check email and/or Moodle accounts for further information from their instructors. The last day to drop courses was April 24, 2020. College information can be found at

Northshore Technical Community College
Northshore Technical Community College is committed to our students and seeing students through to completion of their career and technical education.  We have launched our new Open Campus webpage that provides resources to dual enrollment students during this time off-campus.  We will continue to publish more materials and courses on the Open Campus each week, and dual enrollment students should check email and Moodle accounts for more information from their instructors.  Additional resources and information can be found on our Keep Learning webpage.  The last day to withdraw from courses was Friday, April 3, and final grades were due on Monday, May 18.  Additional updates can be found at NTCC Updates.

Can a senior in a dual enrollment course earn credit in the course and graduate without dual enrollment credit?
If a student has demonstrated proficiency in the high school course content, students may opt to switch the course to a regular high school course and receive credit through the school, without the dual enrollment credit.

What if a student is in an AP class?
The Louisiana Department of Education has advised that in-person exams are cancelled and instead a 45 minute AP exam will be taken online at home. The online exams were given May 11-22.

Will a TOPS Tech Career Diploma student be eligible to graduate if school closures impacted their ability to earn an Industry Based Credential (IBC)?
The IBC terminal graduation requirement has been waived for seniors who will graduate by May 8, 2020. This means if a student did not earn the Industry Based Credential (IBC), they will still be eligible to be awarded a TOPS Tech Career Diploma.

What if a senior is currently pursuing an Industry Based Certification but did not complete requirements as of March 13th?
We will notify students and parents of the option of opportunities to complete industry based certifications this summer.

What if a senior needs a LEAP 2025 high school assessment score to be eligible to graduate?
The Louisiana Department of Education has cancelled the window for the spring LEAP 2025 assessment, and the requirement has been waived for currently enrolled graduating seniors who will graduate by August 31, 2020. This includes graduating seniors with an Individualized Education Program (IEP) under Act 833 who will graduate by August 31, 2020.

What if a senior has not had the opportunity to take the ACT yet?
Seniors are not required to take the ACT as a condition of graduation. ACT exam options are available in June 2020 that can be used for TOPS eligibility.

Will the cancelation of the April 2020 ACT impact TOPS eligibility for fall 2020?
The state administration of ACT has been rescheduled for June 2, 2020. The national ACT test administration has been moved to June 13, 2020. The Louisiana Department of Education has advised that the  ​Board of Regents will ask the Louisiana Legislature to take action to allow a student to qualify for fall 2020 TOPS with the June ACT test date. The Board of Regents will provide updates once action is taken. 

ACT announced additional flexibility for summer testing and test-at-home options that will become available in the fall and winter. Additional information about test-at-home options with remote proctoring will be shared by ACT as soon as it becomes available. ACT has announced National Test Date Flexibility with no rescheduling fees allowing students previously scheduled for the June 13 or July 18 ACT tests to reschedule without fees for the new June 20 or July 25 ACT administration.

Will COVID-19 affect the TOPS scholarship process?
Please visit the following site for more information:

Will a student who has not completed the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) requirement be eligible to graduate?
The financial aid requirement has been waived for graduating seniors who will graduate by August 31. Schools will maintain a list of those students and complete a hardship waiver for any student still needing to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Online and phone support can be accessed by sending a request to

Although FAFSA has been waived as a graduation requirement, students and parents need to confirm FAFSA requirements for TOPS as established by the Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance (LOSFA). The FAFSA is still a requirement for TOPS, and other state and federal financial aid.

In addition to state financial aid programs (e.g. TOPS and LA Go Grant), there are also Federal Student Aid programs that require FAFSA completion, including:

  • Pell Grant
  • Supplemental Education Opportunity Program/SEOG
  • Federal Work Study
  • Federal Direct Loans

Certain scholarships, like the Bill Gates Scholarship, require FAFSA completion. Several institutions even use the FAFSA as a scholarship application. Additionally, in order to be awarded scholarships at many highly selective institutions, a student must complete the FAFSA and the College Scholarship Service Profile.

How will school closures impact senior award ceremonies, prom and senior trips?
Unfortunately senior award ceremonies, prom, and senior trips were canceled due to the pandemic. We know that prom is an important event to seniors. Schools are looking at whether rescheduling prom is a possibility when and if it is deemed safe to gather in large groups. In cases where refunds are necessary, school administrators are working with companies and will notify parents when refunds are available.

When will I receive my cap and gown?
We are working on a plan for distribution and principals will notify parents on details as the information becomes available.

Can I be refunded for my graduation invitations?
Please contact a school administrator through your school hotline to discuss options.

Can I receive a refund on my lunch balance?
Yes. Please fill out this form and return following directions on the form for a full refund of your student’s meal account. If you would like to transfer a senior’s account balance to a sibling’s account for use next school year, please fill out this form and return following the directions on the form.

Are students able to have parents retrieve personal items from the school?
Yes. A parent must call the school hotline and set up arrangements for pickup of personal items.

How can I request a transcript for colleges or scholarship applications?
Students or parents can call their school hotline to speak to an administrator to request an official transcript.

If I have questions, who can I ask?
If you have questions about a specific class, please email your teacher. If you have questions about your Individual Graduation Plan (IGP), please email your school guidance counselor. For other information, please call your school hotline (the main school number) to speak to a school administrator.


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